GOP Demonizes Hispanics…Again



Once again, the Republicans are on the wrong side of history.

Many Hispanics believe that the contrived purge of non-citizens from Florida’s voters rolls is aimed at them.

They are right.

When Republicans talk about non-citizens voting, they are not talking about the Irish or Israelis here illegally. They are talking about Hispanics.

Didn’t somebody tell the GOP and their hapless Gov. Rick Scott that Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic group in the United States? Picking on them here, in Arizona, Alabama and other places is just not good politics for the future.

Oh, it fires up their knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing base of pure Anglo Saxons today.

What about tomorrow?

It apparently doesn’t matter that there was never a problem with non-citizens voting in Florida. It doesn’t matter when polls show Mitt Romney and Barack Obama running thisclose and all the GOP cares about is winning.

It apparently doesn’t matter that on the list that the state sent to local elections offices to check, 500 were legal voters and 40 weren’t….out of 11.3 million registered in the state. Look here.

No, this is a manufactured issue aimed solely at Hispanics.

Hispanics will remember which party repeatedly demonized them.

At some point the overwhelming majority of Hispanics are going to say to the GOP adios for good.

7 Responses to “GOP Demonizes Hispanics…Again”

  1. Cubans Are Blind says:

    the Cubans will fall in line behind Romney. They are stupid since Castro is still in Cuba after all those Republican presidents. The Republicans didn’t work out for them, did they?

  2. Sam the Sham says:

    Sorry, Buddy, but your bias is showing. Using the numbers of 40 out of 11.3 million is being purposefully deceptive. The state sent a list of 2700 suspected non valid voters. 500 names were validated, and good for those 500 people, but that leaves over 2100 not cleared. Why is anybody afraid of eliminating invalid voters?

  3. Real Deal says:

    Cubans R’s won’t even consider leaving the R party for the D’s before the Castro brothers die. And party affiliation in most cases depends on what party your parents belonged to. Most people don’t switch.

    If you examine their viewpoints, most Cubans are middle of the road on social issues but conservative on finances. Many could easily be blue dog D’s. After the Castro era they will gain the emotional freedom to figure that out. Not before.

    So it’s interesting that despite the rhetoric R’s have more reason to say long live Fidel than the D’s when it comes to keeping Cuban members. I think they know it.

  4. Obvious says:

    Why is anybody afraid of eliminating invalid voters?

    Sam, the answer is obvious. They’re all going to vote for Democrats, so only the Democrats raise a stink about trying to get them off the voting rolls.

  5. Jack Shifrel says:

    A couple of points need to be made here. First, voting preferences of Cuban Americans has been steadily changing. Younger Cuban American voters are not as dogmatic about voting for Republicans as was the first generation of Cuban Americans & even their children. The Republican position on immigration is not very popular among the younger set. Between that change & the fact that the Hispanic community in Miami-Dade County is increasingly made up of other than Cuban Americans,including large numbers from Columbia, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic, Brazil (I know, they speak Portugese)& Puerto Rico, and you have an explanation as to why Miami-Dade is increasingly Blue. The same is even more true in other parts of Florida, particularly in the all important I4 Corridor, where there is a very large & growing number of Puerto Ricans, while Cuban Americans hardly make up a measurable percentage of the population. Hispanic Americans are an important part of the coalition that will help Democrats carry Florida & the Presidency in November.

  6. Panda Bear says:

    Dear Jack Shifrel:

    “…including large numbers from Columbia, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic…”

    Colombia is the correct spelling!

  7. Jack Shifrel says:

    My brother has his Graduate degree from Columbia University & he told me there are a lot of Hispanics there. Seriosly, I stand corrected