Broward GOP Shake-Up: Chair, Vice Chair Out


Facing opposition to his re-election, Richard DeNapoli said he would not run in December to continue as Broward Republican Party leader.

Richard DeNapoli

DeNapoli wrote in a Facebook post that he was moving out of South Florida to take another job. He also noted that his wife and newborn son spent “many hours alone” because his post as Broward Republican chair.

Vice Chair Colleen Stolberg is also not running again.

DeNapoli’s departure comes as Republicans lick their wounds from the defeats in the November election.  In addition to the sweep by President Barack Obama, local Republicans lost key races.

Losing candidates included U. S. House candidate Adam Hasner, state Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff and Sheriff Al Lamberti.

Some Republicans blamed DeNapoli for the losses.

DeNapoli vehemently denied the charges. His denials were repeated in his resignation note.

His written explanation did not mention his opponents, who were very vocal in stating he did not deserve another term as chair.  It is not known how widespread the opposition to DeNapoli was, but he claimed to have enough votes to win another term.

One candidate who already announced plans to run against DeNapoli:  Karen Harrington, a businesswoman who ran losing races twice against U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DWeston.  A statement from her is posted in Shark Tank, a local Republican blog, here.

Some party activists now believe BREC will be shaken up, with the right wing Tea Party elements pushed to the side.

Also discussed are an extensive outreach undertaken to the local Hispanic and Caribbean communities. There may even be an attempt to make a Hispanic or black a party officer.

The activists also said social issues, such as abortion and gay rights, have to be deemphasized if the party is to move ahead in Democratic-dominated Broward.

Undecided is what happens to the other BREC officers who served with DeNapoli.

And a big question for Republicans is how much noise the Tea Party folks will make during the party election next month.  Two GOP activists told me they fear that a public brawl,  complete with the airing of what some believe are extremist positions, could be detrimental to the party.

Here is DeNapoli’s post explaining his departure:

Fellow Broward Republicans,

First, thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for all of the hard work and sacrifice that each of you made in this 2012 election cycle.  I have been incredibly humbled and honored to serve as your Chairman for these past two years.  It has been a labor of love, and we have all spent countless hours helping our Republican candidates.  I want to say thank you to all of you that have asked me to run for reelection, but I have decided to accept a career opportunity in another part of the state and will not be a candidate for reelection at the December organizational meeting.  This opportunity just came up and it’s the best move for my career and my family.  Colleen will also not seek reelection and has decided to spend more time with her husband and family.

So many of us worked so hard spending countless hours to help elect our Republican candidates, and that’s what made the recent results even harder to bear.  We participated in one of the largest GOP efforts in Broward history – Volunteers logged hundreds of thousands of calls, knocked on tens of thousands of doors, and we helped all of our candidates by handing out over 85,000 palm cards and mailing over 90,000 GOTV mailers.  Though nationally Republicans were overwhelmed by the Obama wave, thanks to your hard work, Mitt Romney got more votes in Broward than John McCain in 2008, even with a changing electorate.

This year’s elections were not a defeat of our core Republican principles.  If Republicans nationally can articulate an optimistic vision for our country’s future that appeals to people across all walks of life, we will see future successes at the polls.  As our RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry said in his recent Sun-Sentinel article, “…optimism is the fundamental principle of conservatism. We believe in the potential for greatness in the American individual….This nation is a foundation, and upon it any person – no matter their race or gender – can build a life filled with opportunity. At our core as Republicans we have ideas that are good for ALL Americans, and now we must work to ensure people hear this loud and clear.”  I am very optimistic about the future of the Republican Party nationally and in Broward county.

When Colleen Stolberg and I ran for Chair and Vice-Chair two years ago, we issued an Eight Point Platform for the Almost Eight Hundred Precincts in Broward County.  In our recent email, we detailed the Platform and how the promises we made were the promises we kept (which I have pasted below).   I hope that whoever comes forward to run for the officer positions of the Republican Party of Broward will continue these successes and improve upon them with new ideas.

Together, we have all built the largest REC in the state of Florida with blockbuster attendance and the foundation for a continued strong Republican Party in Broward.  We saw tremendous fundraising successes over the last two years, raising over $385,000 of revenue for the party through regular events and fundraising appeals.  We added about 200 new members to the REC.  We instituted a solid internet presence and new clubs and committees were created.

The BREC needs to continue its fundraising successes, attract new members, improve our technology and establish an improved GOTV Program.  Obama organizers had been deeply embedded in Broward for years before the 2012 election, focusing their persuasion efforts on person-to-person contact. Our Precinct Letter Project helped our members establish more personal contact with Republicans in their neighborhoods.  Broward Republicans need to start campaigning for 2014 today.

Despite how much we suffered in redistricting and the Obama wave this November 6th, there were some local Broward bright spots.  Despite the national Democrat surge, State Representative George Moraitis won reelection by 10 points in a district that went from having a 7.5% Republican registration advantage to only a 1.1% Republican advantage after redistricting. Donna Korn won election to the Broward School Board in the countywide seat against the former Democratic Minority Leader of the Florida House – an amazing feat in Broward County! In August, Katie Leach also won election to the School Board, becoming the first Republican to win a school board seat in Broward since the year 2000.  Vincent Boccard was elected Mayor of Coral Springs, and Dan Daley is a new Coral Springs City Commissioner. Patty Asseff won reelection to the Hollywood City Commission. Jeff Nelson was reelected in Southwest Ranches and Jeff Green was reelected in Cooper City.  Congressman Mario Diaz Balart will also continue to represent a portion of Broward County.  Senator Bogdanoff won the Broward portion of her Broward/Palm Beach District, and Adam Hasner performed better in the Broward portion of his district than the Palm Beach portion.  We must thank Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff, Adam Hasner, Sheriff Lamberti and Congressman West for their service to Broward’s residents.

Broward needs to reelect State Representative George Moraitis and County Commissioner LaMarca, as well as our statewide elected officials: Governor Scott, Attorney General Bondi, CFO Atwater and Commissioner of Agriculture Putnam.  They will all be targeted by the Democrats.  The BREC needs to continue to support our Republican nominees in other races and in local off-year elections.  We did this in 2011 and 2012, and we need to continue to support our local candidates.

I must thank Rico Petrocelli, our Executive Director, for all of the hard work that he has put into his role.  Special thanks also to our wonderful Executive Board.  There is no way that we could have accomplished what we did without them.  Our Vice-Chair Colleen Stolberg diligently worked to recruit new REC members and helped us become the largest REC in the State of Florida.  Thanks to the efforts of our Treasurer Mark McCarthy, we were able to remove thousands of deceased voters from the rolls and establish a Federal Campaign Account that allowed us to purchase all of those Romney/Ryan signs and bumper stickers.  Our Secretary Michael De Gruccio served as the Lincoln Day Chair and major fundraiser for 2011 and 2012 and worked day and night at the Pompano HQ coordinating our Get Out The Vote and Poll Watching/Poll Campaigning efforts.  RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day campaigned tirelessly all over the country inspiring crowds and working to get our Republican candidates elected.  State Committeeman Ed Kennedy has been a wonderful resource to the Board and campaigns.

Lastly, I could not have made the commitment I did without the support of my wife – the love of my life.  She spent many an evening alone, most recently with our newborn son, while I was participating in our various functions and going to club meetings across the county.  When I ran for Chairman two years ago, I was still dating Brigita. We got married in Italy in August 2011 and in August 2012 I became a proud father when Victor Alfred DeNapoli was born.  Though it’s tough to leave Broward and my passion for politics, I know that there are good things ahead for myself and my family.

Being the County Chairman or serving on the Board is not a glamorous position…it’s a public service position.  Anyone who does this volunteer job quickly realizes that it’s a labor of love that requires time, patience, and constant dedication – oftentimes into the wee hours of the night. But it is well worth the effort.  I am happy to count so many of you as my friends.  The strength of our organization lies in its members.  Our volunteers and members are the heart and soul of our Broward Republican Party, and without you, there would be no Broward Republican Party and no victories in any cycle.

Thank you once again for your sacrifice to our mutual cause, for your support of me as your Chairman, and for your friendship.  I look forward to seeing you all very soon and my family and I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and a Joyous Holiday Season.


All the best,


Richard DeNapoli



35 Responses to “Broward GOP Shake-Up: Chair, Vice Chair Out”

  1. Is he on drugs? says:

    Who is this guy kidding? He and our party did a terrible job. District 4 is almost impossible for Commissioner La Marca to hold, and everyone knows it. Maybe if he did his job and people showed up at the Broward County Commission meeting, we could have held this seat. Chip himself sent out an email that I saw blasting BREC for abandoning him. Add to that, Chip’s foreclosure and the anti-Rick Scott feeling in Broward? That seat aint saveable in 2014. We need new leadership to lead our party. I’m tired of excuses.

  2. Charles says:

    Excuses,Excuses, Excuses. Time for DeNapoli to Go!

  3. BREC Member says:

    CHARLES: Time was over a year ago, when they first filed complaint after complaint and the State Party even send a commission to Ft. Lauderdale to hear out the complainers.

    Guess what: they were right. DeNappie and his band of Bunblers and Bunglers DID cost the GOP the election.

  4. Brec member says:

    The negative commenters obviously don’t have a clue here they live – Broward county is more than 2:1 Democrat. Romney did amazingly considering who lives here and to blame it on anyone but the way the national party markets itself is insane. To attack volunteers who do this for FREE instead of consultants who get paid millions is insane. Call up Karl Rove and Dick Morris and others and complain to them…not the people on the ground who spend their free time volunteering. There is nothing they can do to lift up a party who’s national message sucks. There’s nothing they can do when outside PACs spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to attack our local sheriff. You should ask why it was a Republican who raised money for Romney who paid for the attack on the Sheriff. That’s the real question.

  5. Dear Richard says:


    Learn from Mitch, to be a good Chair you need to have think skin. Do you ever see Mitch respond to all the BS written about him? No. Your response email is the same as the email to your members. Anyone with half a brain can skew and manipulate numbers to fit their needs. No doubt there was a Dem wave and most problems for R’s from the wave were not your fault.

    Ok, you did a redistricting map for school board, what does all your hard work mean when your own Secretray says he would have never supported it? In your responses and the response of your pals, no one denies this happened.

    What about LaMarca, you did not submit maps for him, case closed.

    It seems your response above is that you are outgunned by Dems so just concede redistricting at the School Board and County Commission. Maybe you are correct, but you owed these elected officials the support of your Board and Membership to rally around the few electeds you have.

    As for Ellyn, BREC did not win Broward for her, that was all her.
    Show us Richard how Hasner outperformed, gimme a break.

    Lamberti had more moeny than he knew what do with and had his mug all over town. Most people would agree Lamberti wanted little or nothing to do with BREC anyway.

    Finally, take another lesson from Mitch, Richard you say you have the votes to win reelection, if true, that alone ends the discussion. Mitch can laugh at Barbra Miller, Randy Fleisher and the rest without responding to blogs because he knows he has the votes to remain as Chair.
    You, as always, look weak and insecure in the face of your critics,not the sign of a leader..

  6. Broward Dem says:

    Maybe the people that hand out palm cards for your Party should offer them to everybody and not just those who look like Republicans.

  7. Rico Petrocelli says:

    Once again what the Chairman said is true, you may not want to see it, or hear it, as clearly as he posted, but those are the hard realities of Broward. So tell me, other than replacing Richard, what would you have done with the Obama tsunami to win Broward. Offer something, anything that would given the lopsided numbers we know, a better chance of R’s winning? More precinct cards, more precinct letters? What?

    BREC Member, anyone can file a report. I was accused of stealing all the money from the PAL in Plantation. Didn’t make it true, investigated by the world, but the bell was rung, and you can’t unring a bell.When you see the who, why, and other nefarious reasons behind any report, it should click, even to you if you are truly a BREC Member

    A campaign of distraction usually has the opponent not telling the residents, or in this case the Chairman, why you should vote for him or her, but selling why you shouldn’t vote for the other guy. This is common when the opponent has nothing to offer, other than revenge, or another agenda, and believe me, all the players in this case have an agenda. Richard has said he is not running for an office, other than Chairman, in spite of the abuse he has to take from those who have no idea what he does.

    Walk in his shoes, then see if you would accept what you are giving.

    David said in the Psalms, let their evil plots they plan boomerang to them…Are you as ready now?

    He who is without sin cast the 1st stone…



  8. ExCompassionate Conservative says:

    I suggest that the best thing is to let him resign and have Steve Kane and Brian Craig officially run the Broward GOP and set up central command at Wings Plus.

    Today’s show was fantastic. Steve and Brian tell us that EVERY Obama voter is expecting a FREE Gumint health ins card in the mail in 2013 as a gift.

    Between Obama being the Anti Christ and my free gumint ins card, Richard DeNapoli has to offer me a better gift basket than some chicken wings at Wings Plus.

  9. Brec member says:

    So dems whip out a map for county commission at the last second and that’s BREC’s fault? If a known republican submitted a map that’s usually the one the dems will vote against. Duh. None of the maps submitted ended up being the final one. The dems played this like they always do – crooked. To blame BREC is insane. Once again why blame volunteers when staffers and consultants are the ones behind the maps. LaMarca probably thought he had it in the bag…and the dems showed him.

  10. Sums it up says:

    BREC Memeber you are 100% right. You are exactly what a DiNaploi supporter should be… dont try, just sit in the corner and cry about how the Democrats control the town. Why would anyone run as a Republican in this town where if you lose Richard will say it’s all the Dems or the Candidate’s fault. On the other side if Richard wins he takes all the credit but does little or nothing to help one stay elected.

  11. Gerry M. Ander says:

    All redistricting should be done by independent redistricting commissions under rules prohibiting all politicians, legislative staffers, lobbyists, and officers of political parties (precinct captains and up) from service as either a commissioner or a staff member, in addition to rules requiring 100% real-time online transparency at all times, as well as rules requiring contiguous and compact district structures.

    Letting legislators draw their own districts is a disastrous paradigm which inevitably results in self-serving (corrupt) behavior.

  12. The MALE man says:

    This response by DeNippli shows how paranoid he is…. big announcement on a slate team running coming soon…stay tune…

    PS – Richard, Doug isn’t going to join your sorry team.

  13. Broward maps? says:

    Hey map expert, try doing your homework. The map that was shoved down the only republican’s throat was indeed from the public, then “modified” by Jacobs. The black community really lost out on this one because LaMarca was working with Holness on this, not Sharief.
    Fact is DeNapoli did not come through. The BREC also screwed up with the school board maps for Katie Leach.

  14. just one vote says:

    in my opinion do not blame bREC or their leadership for this. the re-districting debacle enacted by BCC was a sham and a scam. liebermans last minute “boundaries” allowed her successor to snatch the seat. a no brainer. he won, she lost i.e. her judgeship.
    the “tug-of-war” over rodstrom’s/la marca’s district was comical. guess who lost? and may not get re-elected in 2014? ditto term limited jacobs. not that us citizens and voters stood a chance. remember your “representation” from your county comm. the next time you vote, if unfortunate enough to still be living and voting in broward in 2014 and 2016.

  15. Clueless says:

    The DiNapoleees dont get it…

    Yeah, the Dems controlled the BCC and could do wha they wanted. The point of what people are trying to say is that a true leader would not have sat back and allowed them to do it without a fight. BREC should have organized its members to at least showen up and protest even if it only was a symbolic gesture.

  16. The Turd Burglary says:

    Empty promises….. just watch!

  17. Revolt says:

    There’s so much crap in his statement. I don’t know where to start. First, Hasner, Lamberti, and Bogdanoff were depending on BREC to get out the vote. Didnt happen. When you don’t motivate the volunteers, you aren’t doing your job. Next, the Broward redistricting plan was masterminded by Chip’s colleagues to put Rodstrom, Keechl, and Kiar on that dais. The Ritter/Jacobs map made it impossible for a Republican to ever win District 4. Chip is done. Had BREC even tried to support Chip and his map or even the “black” map, Chip would have had a chance at being re-elected. As an active GOPer, I’m just disgusted. I wish Richard would quit making excuses. On his watch, the Broward GOP became irrelevant.

  18. Chaz Stevens says:

    >> If Republicans nationally can articulate an optimistic vision

    I believe such a position would run counter to Fox News’ agenda. For the last four years, the GOP’s position has been Obama blows, liberals blow, I you, you do, we all blow. The GOP will need to put down the Viagra and start sucking down some happy pills.

    Suggestion: loose the angry white guy look.

    >> Considering the Obama wave that swept the country.

    Making that wave #2… So at what point do you suck it up and say the majority of folks want this guy in office. Let’s work with him.

    >> Sheriff Lamberti faced a $300,000

    Lamberti outraised Scott by over a half-million dollars.

    >> had our own palm cards that we handed out to voters.

    Hopefully, you folks spelled “ballot” as “ballot”, and not “ballott” — as did that nitwit Terry Scott.

    >> REC members

    REC rhymes with prick and dick. Hey, I’m just saying.

    >> I’ve spent money, taken time away from my family and sacrificed many career opportunities to serve in this volunteer position because I believe in the Republican Party.

    On second thought, don’t stop taking your Viagra.


    Chaz Stevens, Full Time Genius and Part Time Socialist

  19. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Turd Burglary – thanks – ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! That video was hilarious!! I especially liked these DiNapoli arguments:

    * BREC is going to make it “impossible” for Democrats to win in 2012

    * Obama and Nelson will be defeated

    * Alan West & Ellyn Bogdanoff are BREC’s big heroes

    Now I know he was just trying to fire up the Republican crowd, but still… If DiNapoli’s promises in this video are what BREC stands for, then Alan West and Ellyn Bogdanoff are now BREC’s biggest losers, and BREC has simply been pulverized!

  20. voter says:

    Ritter and Jacobs proposed the last minute boundary changes. Holness, LaMarca and Lieberman voted against the changes. Try to get it right just one time, Just one vote.

  21. electric jack says:

    Thousands manned the Early Voting sites? Really I was very much alone at Miramar Public Library. Where 17,735 early voters voted. Finally some folks came over from my church….BTW these were 2 of the top 5 voting sites in Broward County…

    The Only folks at the Southwest Regional library were Harrington supporters where 23,301 folks early voted.

    But I forget we are south of the I595 wall….maybe BREC might be better supported if it split into 2 different areas of support. The DNC does quite well with clubs for each city…..maybe the BREC should do the same…btw if we have so few Republicans how come we win any races at all??????

    I was the guy who did the running around to help support the candidates south of I-595 ann got a mountain of help from each of them…Finally PP got a office thank you Rico you tried hard to help but people must realize there is 1 county group not 1 north and 1 south…it is impractical for volunteers to drive from South of I-595 to Pompano to make phone calls…

  22. SAM FIELDS says:

    “Republicans nationwide need to begin explaining our ideals and principles better to everyone to build a broader coalition. If Republicans nationally can articulate an optimistic vision for our country’s future that appeals to people across all walks of life, we’ll see future successes at the polls.” —–Thus spoke DeNapoli

    As a loyal Democrat I hope and pray they adopt Mr. DeNapoli’s notion that it’s not GOP ideas and it is simply:“what we got here is a failure to communicate”.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    You can’t expect people of color to understand your ideas when you only speak “Caucasian”.

    So allow me to make a series of modest proposals.

    For example when discussing abolition of the Voting Rights Act to African-Americans do it in Ebonics. Alan West will soon have nothing to do so I am sure will act as a translator.

    Want to explain opposition to the Dream Act to Hispanics do it as a skit on Sabado Gigante. Don Fernando can play the part of Marco Rubio. Ann Coulter could be one of the bikini hotties.

    You need to communicate t o Native Americans on slot machines. Three “rapes” is a Godly jackpot.

    Asian-Americans (73%) don’t know what you’re talking about unless you do it as a math problem. So how about: “If a trainload of non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, traveling east, leaves Baghdad at 9:00am…etc. “

    Whatever I can do to help.

  23. Only in Broward County says:

    Sam Fields: Racial stereotypes, talking down to people and excluding them from the mainstream. That’s how the Democrats did it is it? Thanks.

  24. Tamarac Talk says:

    Well, it looks like DeNapoli is not running for reelection in December, this certainly opens the door for new leadership at BREC.

  25. Thank you, Richard says:

    …for leaving the party in shambles and leaving with an excuse list… I bet you are moving to a part of the state were you think you can win an election as a Republican… wherever you go, people will organize against you…trust me!

  26. Kevin Tynan says:

    Karen Harrington and her team have my full support for a positve change in leadership for our party.

    Kevin Tynan

  27. Brec member says:

    Karen Harrington, really? A two time loser and someone who would totally destroy the party. Richard will be missed.

  28. Buddy says:


    This e-mail was distributed by BREC on the afternoon of Monday, Nov. 19–


    Dear Friends,

    I’m writing to thank Richard DeNapoli for his outstanding service to our party as Chairman of the Broward Republican Executive Committee these past two years. We have all benefited from his leadership, dedication and organization in helping Republicans in our county get elected at all levels of government. We will miss Richard’s steady presence and enthusiasm, however I congratulate him on his professional opportunity and desire to spend time with his growing family.

    This was undoubtedly a difficult election for conservatives. Significant challenges lie ahead for our party to reach a changing electorate without compromising the founding principles of individual responsibility and limited government which helped make this nation a beacon of hope for the world.

    That said, Richard has done a great job during his term energizing our volunteers and making the case for getting conservatives elected. The next Chairman must be prepared to lead by example as Richard has in organizing our party to move forward. Let’s all thank Richard for his dedicated service and friendship as Chairman of our party.

    Fair Winds and Following Seas to Richard and his family.


    George Moraitis
    State Representative, District 93

  29. GOPapa says:

    How would somebody who lost two races like Karen Harrington help BREC get on a winning course again?

  30. Plantation Republican says:

    Rico Petrocelli almost single handedly modernized the party. He was a great Plantation commissioner & Rico is a terrific fund raiser and knows how to reach the younger voter. He runs his own Internet website for Plantation. He should be the next chair.

  31. No Winning Course says:

    Attention BRECers… There is no “winning course” for BREC, Charlie Brown will never kick the football, and Wile E. Coyote isn’t going to escape the rapid descent to the bottom of the canyon!

    This is Broward County, Democratic territory. BREC is just a social club for people who really wish they were living in Pensacola (a.k.a. “Lower Alabama”).

    Democrats really, really enjoyed thrashing Romney, but now the new whipping boy is about to drop trou – Rick Scott. And BREC is stuck with him!!!

  32. Carl says:

    Thanks, Richard – 2 years too late. And take that shrew Colleen with you.

  33. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I would not throw Comm.Chip Lamarca under the bus in regards to hanging on to his District(4). Chip is very well liked on the beach. He attends almost every function esp. in Ft.Lau-where alot of his Constituents live. You Republicans out there(some) are his worst enemy. Hit the payment Chip, knock on doors. People will be very receptive to him. Me I knock on your dooor-you’d shoot me, Chip you would invite in for coffee……

  34. Thanks Robert says:

    Can we get the group stated
    People without voting rights for LaMarca.

  35. kathyrichards says:

    this is a comment regarding Chairman Ceasars recent letter to all precinct committee electees.It’s a riot that he takes credit for the success of the democratic election, when he did little or nothing to help.He say’we’should be proud of our efforts.Does he include himself ?
    Where was he and what did he actually do ?It was Cynthia Bush and her team who actually did 90% of the work..They spent the hours, knocking on doors , making thousands of phone calls,standing outside the librarys and the courthouse in the intense heat recruiting new voters ,collecting absentee ballots and hand delivering them to the supervisor of elections.They had volunteers coming to their homes to help make calls..Was the chairman ever seen any where during any of these times ?He says, very significant dollars were spent to fund mailings and robo calls..That is true..There was significant his committee people to congratulate them on their success at being elected and to puff up his chest by making them feel wanted and welcomed. Even on primary day, his main thought was to get himself elected so that he could run again for another 4 years.He was photographed with his wife holding up a sign ‘vote for mitch’ with his precinct number clearly written on the placard.He was wearing a tee shirt with his name mispelled…What a joke !
    His only thought these past months has been about how he would win his..not President Obamas..election.He has caused a rift in the Broward party and people are angry..Just you watch out Mr. Ceasar, your day is coming!The OFA has reorganized and now will take your chair away from you and you will no longer have a place to sit.We want leadership, accountability, honesty and integrity and a Democratic Party we can be proud of.