GOP Chair Is An Uncle Tom

Guest Columnist

Michael Steele, who is the Republican answer to the South Park character “Token Black“, must be running out of feet to put in his mouth and knee pads to wear when groveling for repeated faux pas.

Michael Steele                  Token Black from South Park

Since becoming Chairman of the Republican National Committee, he has called Rush nothing more than an “entertainer“, supported gay marriage and abortion rights.

Apparently he was unaware that those positions go against GOP core beliefs.

Switching directions, he groveled before the powers-that-be to keep his job.

The problem for the GOP is they have a tiger by the tail.  If they dumped him, it would cement Blacks in the Democratic Party until Lincoln came back from the dead.

Most recently, he dismissed a question of whether he was jealous of President Obama.

No, he answered. Since they both headed their party, they were political equals, he said.

Any day now expect him to proclaim: “Ise gets to say when it’s quittin’ time.

That is if Limbaugh gives him permission.

8 Responses to “GOP Chair Is An Uncle Tom”

  1. Buddy fan says:

    Nice racist commentary. I guess attacking the GOP gives you license to be a bigot. Good thing no one reads your silly little blog.

  2. Oh Sam says:

    I am not sure whether you are a misguided, and clueless 60s far left liberal or just simply a bumbling blowhard who has way too much time on his hands.
    Or, perhaps both?

  3. Sam Fields says:

    Every time I hear modern day Republicans attacking others for racism I am reminded of the observation of Jack Kemp who truly tried and failed to get the GOP to open up to Blacks.

    The former NFL quarterback wryly noted that he showered with more blacks than the average Republican has ever met.

  4. Buddy fan says:

    “Ise gets to say when it’s quittin’ time.”

    I dare you to utter that brilliant nugget of wisdom in front of one of your alleged black friends. Maybe you’ll have the opportunity while out golfing at your country club this weekend.

  5. get new material says:


    A real political operative named Roger Stone has been putting forth educated cirticism of Mr. Steele for months. Maybe you should read up on it so you can make intelligent commentary instead of racist rants.

  6. Sam Fields says:

    Mr. Stone is a Republican whose goal is to improve the GOP. My goal is to point out the cynical ploy of appointing Steele strictly because of his race and how it has backfired.

    There is a reason that the 2008 convention had fewer Black delegates than in 1968. Hint. It wasn’t because the hotels were over booked. There are over 25 million African-Americans. Its not that the GOP couldn’t find a hundred or so. It is that they didn’t give a damn. Republicans complaining about racisim is like Ted Bundy complaining about sexual harassment.

    Cynicism and nay saying is all the GOP has left. Putting Steele at the head of the RNC is up there with dragging Bristol Palin’s “baby daddy” to the convention. Which is what he now says they did along with ginning up a phony engagement.

    P.S. “Ise gets to say when its quittin time” is a well known movie quote. If you were familiar with it you would understand the relevant context. And I have used it around Black friends about Steele. They see it as right on point.

  7. Sam Fields says:

    The Republican Party is rapidly becoming a regional party with Utah and Idaho thrown in. The central issue of that regionalism was rejecting the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.

    Don’t lecture me about racism. I was marching in civil right demonstrations and doing voter registration drives when you and your ilk were stuffing envelopes for Strom Thurmond and Lester Maddox.

  8. Label Maker says:

    Once again we have a liberal doing what liberals do best, label making. Can’t win an argument with reason, one must demogog. Republicans are racists, sexists, homophobes and close-minded religious zealots. It doesn’t jive with the facts but that doesn’t seem to matter. It was a Republican who signed the Emancipation Proclamation. It was Republican members of Congress who passed the Civil Rights Legislation. (Go back and look at the breakdown of party vote and which side of the aisle was fillibustering (the Grand Dragon Robert Byrd DEMOCRAT). A Republican nominated the first women to the Supreme Court. A Republican appointed the first African American as Secretary of State and later replaced him, when he stepped down, with a female African American. The only African American Supreme Court Justice presently serving on the high court was appointed by, (you guessed it), a Republican. If you care to look it up entrepreneurship among black Americans rose under the Reagan administration. And we don’t say “don’t vote for this man because he is black” though Dems have no shame in saying “vote for this man BECAUSE he is black”. Libs are the ones who cannot see beyond race, gender, and religion. Republicans see Americans, capable of anything. The Dems want people to think they care. The GOP wants to make things better. I would assume anyone with a law degree would have enough intelligence to explain why his party has been led kicking and screaming into civil rights legislation throughout history. Instead, we get name calling and Strom Thurmond references. I am sorry but the Grand Dragon of the KKK currently enjoying the status of elder statesman of the Democrat Party (who used the N word as recently as three years ago on the floor of the house) trumps anyone from the GOP. And by-the way, Strom Thurmond was a Democrat most of his life. So, as long as we’re name calling, here’s one as accurate as any. (And I base this solely on the idle vacuous ramblings of Mr. Fields). Sam Fields is a bigoted jackass.