GOP Candidate Could Be Back In November


Republican newcomer Joe Budd lost the party primary by just 46 votes on Tuesday.

His razor-close finish in the special election  for U. S. House District 19 has convinced him he has a career in politics.

Budd told WFTL-850 AM radio host Jeff Katz Wednesday that he would consider running for the same seat in November.

Here’s why:

Budd was running for just two months.  The winner Ed Lynch had been running for almost two years.

Still, Budd almost made it.  

The caveat — a big one —  is that Budd was running against the badly-flawed Lynch, who newspapers say owes millions to the IRS. 

Maybe Budd should take the advise of Katz.  The broadcaster suggested on-air Budd might want to run for city commission somewhere before tackling a congressional race again. 

Especially a congressional race in the District 19, the north Broward and Palm Beach County seat held by Robert Wexler for years. It is one of the most solid Democratic districts in the country — 234,293 Ds and only 110,761 Rs.

The Democratic nominee Ted Deutch is expected to easily take the district in April.

The winner of the special election in April must run against in November.

By the way, Katz’s afternoon show on WFTL-850 AM features a lot of local politics.  You should try it out.

Visit the Katz show here.  Search the archives for the Budd interview and other interesting past shows.

One Response to “GOP Candidate Could Be Back In November”

  1. Blue Man Scoop says:

    Deutch got almost three times as many votes as the three Republicans combined. The numbers just don’t work out for the Republicans in that seat.