GOP Cancels Speech For Insider Who Backed Democratic Sheriff Scott Israel





A speech to a local Republican club by controversial political insider Roger Stone was cancelled after it was discovered he opposed GOP Sheriff Al Lamberti in the 2012 election.

Stone was due to speak to the Davie/Cooper City Republican Club on Thursday.

“He was invited to speak at a local club and subsequently the invitation was withdrawn,” explained Tom Truex, chairman of the Broward Republican Party.

“I’m amused,” Stone said.

He added: “Censorship is always wrong.”

Truex said that Republicans called off the meeting after being notified that Stone had worked against Lamberti and continued to do so.

“I don’t know how you could prove that (I worked against Lamberti),” Stone said. “It is not in any of the public records. The extent of my work against Lamberti was to give advice to my friend Ron Gunzburger. Ron is one of my dearest friends.”

He conceded that he was “not a fan of Al Lamberti.”

Now Democratic Sheriff Scott Israel’s general counsel, Gunzburger was a key campaign operative for Israel in the 2012 campaign. Israel beat incumbent Lamberti, a Republican, in a slash-and-burn campaign.

It is strange that Broward Republicans did not realize Stone’s involvement in the Israel campaign before this week. It was widely reported in many media outlets that Stone helped in that Democratic campaign and continues to work against any attempted return by Lamberti to politics.

Stone is a long-time Republican who in recent years dabbled in the Libertarian Party. Few speakers to a local political club would have the GOP credentials of Stone, who worked for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and many other leading Republicans.

He is part of history because he was one of Nixon’s “dirty tricksters” during the Watergate era.

The ad for the cancelled speech (click on it to enlarge):


21 Responses to “GOP Cancels Speech For Insider Who Backed Democratic Sheriff Scott Israel”

  1. Seriously ? says:

    The local REC has major problems if it took them this long to realize Stone worked for Israel. This was way out in the open. Good grief.

  2. Broward Democrat says:

    If Republicans can’t claim Stone as one of their own they have a serious identity crisis. I guess you need to pass the tea party litmus test these days in which you detest any semblance of being a human being. Stone should fit that bill fine.

  3. The truth says:

    This was orchestrated by Chip LaMarca. Stone has been critical of LaMarca in the past, especially on his 911 vote.

    The organizers and Truex knew of the rumors about Stone and the Sheriff, forget about the race itself, Israel hired 2 former employees or friends of Stone and it was all over the paper. No way they didn’t know.

    That lame excuse was to cover up the fact that Chip whined and whined to get Roger’s speech cancelled.

    Too bad for the Club, they would have had a dynamic speaker and someone who would draw more than the usual 10 people who come to this meeting.

  4. count lf chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    I am a Democrat so I never gave mr stone much thought until he convinced a Republican businessman I worked for a long time ago to question Hawaiian legal records and join the birthers. As a genealogist who also has done Hawaiian historical projects I never the birthers were out and out crazies. The birther comments on the failed caller website now fox anchor tucker Carlson moderated were insane, ignorant of both history and technology n were racist slurs against blacks and Jews. Roger stone egged on these people n I can’t describe how offensive to American democratic values his followers became. I think ed Schultz is a baffon and Alex Wagner, Chris Matthews, n even Ari members snide anti Semitic asides when people support Israel are left wing gutter. Politics, but Roger stone on the right is several gutter levels lower than the worst ms nbc

  5. Mike Rump says:

    Roger Stone worked and continues to work for Scott Israel. Already Scott Israel has been investigated for ethics violations and he clearly doesn’t have the high moral standards and competence that Al Lamberti does. Stone’s reasons for working against a very good sheriff and for Israel clearly was for personal reasons and for his personal benefit. If you work against a Republican Candidate in favor of a former Republican turned Democrat, you clearly are not a Republican. That is the way it works Broward Democrat. I personally would have loved to have attended this meeting to give Mr. Stone a few questions.

  6. Just saying says:

    I guess Brittany and Bob will have to find something else to do on “date night.”

  7. mysterywoman says:

    Love Love Love Roger Stone
    Wish he would have been hired by Channel 10 instead of Bob Norman

    Norman sucks
    Stone rocks

  8. I am, I said says:

    @#6 and #7

    How are you doing these days Andrew Miller?

  9. Ray says:

    Huge loss for them. Stone agreed last minute after Tom Feeney 86’d the event. Stone’s LBJ book is sobering and nails LBJ as a murderous madman.

  10. James Bullen says:

    This seems like it is a dirty trick by the Republican club, perpetrated by Al lamberti


    Actually, it was former state Rep. Adam Hasner who suggested that Stone speak to the club.

  11. John says:

    I am a registered and active Republican in Broward. This just makes the GOP stupid. I am sure all the liberals will be running around with this. Fact is that Lamberti was a RINO and had a lot of ethics issues. We need good candidates that aren’t on the payroll of a ponzi scheme. Stone appears to a straight shooter that the establishment is trying to silence.

  12. Stuart says:

    This is why we Republicans keep getting our a$$es kicked in Broward County. Roger Stone is a Republican icon who lives in our community. He was electing Republicans around the nation before many of the BREC wannabes were in diapers. The guy is a NY Times best selling author. Why would we NOT want this guy in our midst. Stupid Stupid Stupid. So that loser Al Lamberti (Charlie Crist’s best friend who keep talking about switching parties) gets to choose who we have at our meetings. You people are idiots and deserve the a$$ kicking you receive.

  13. I am, I said says:

    Folks, #11 and #12 were brought to you by …Roger Stone! ( or was it Mr. Miller) same difference….

  14. Sam The Sham says:

    @4 Count Chocula,

    I see you have the Shitty Activist ghost writing for you.

    @11 John,

    Lamberti had his faults but , in part, because of Stone’s shenanigans behind the scenes we are now saddled with a Democrat Sheriff, who is no prize himself.

    To call him a “straight shooter” completely misses the mark when describing Stone. He is the original trickster.

  15. Roger Loves Ronny! says:

    #1-Republican party of Broward and their fearless leader Truex are all absolute morons! AN embarrassment to their party.

    #2-Roger Stone is a lying, pathetic has-been. Not sure who would want to listen to him anyways! LOL

  16. Andrew Miller says:

    NOT ME BOB…. Guess there are more followers of stone then you thought!

  17. I am, I said says:

    Hey Andrew,
    I am not Bob. Guess there are more folks fed up with your games than you imagined…..

  18. Ed Sconey says:

    The Sheriff and Ron Gunzberger are as deep and as dirty and unethical as him. A Sheriff found guilty of ETHICS VIOLATIONS in his first few months must be a world record….

    FROM BUDDY: Sheriff Scott Israel was not found guilty of anything. The ethics commission is a civil body, not a criminal one. The case against Israel was settled without a civil trial.

  19. West Davie Resident says:

    Who cares about local races and Stone’s supposed involvement. I would have went to hear him speak just to learn about his involvement and experience on national politics and races. Silly cancellation. He might have even helped the local club introduce itself to new potential members.

  20. Abolish the BOCC says:

    he clearly doesn’t have the high moral standards and competence that Al Lamberti does.

    That is the funniest crap I have read on here. Lamberti is a dirty POS with absolutley no moral standards OR competence. I know because I worked there during his reign of terror.

  21. Duke says:

    LBJ didn’t have Kennedy murdered and Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Roger Stone is looney tunes.