God And Romney Rogers: The Fort Lauderdale Commission Race


The issues in southeast Fort Lauderdale’s commission race have been overshadowed in recent days by none other than God.


Yup, the Almighty. Jehovah. King of Kings.

It started at Barbara Moody’s computer.  Moody, wife of the locally-noted cardiologist Dr. Carroll Moody, wrote a letter to friends praying for Fort Lauderdale commission candidate Romney Rogers’ victory in the March election.

Involking the name of God and Jesus, Moody asked for campaign volunteers to work for Rogers’ campaign.

The letter got into the hands of former Commissioner Tim Smith.  He put it on his informative blog on Fort Lauderdale politics, which can be found here.

It quickly hit the fan.

Activists many in the camp of Romney’s opponent Coleman Prewitt complained loudly about separation of church and state.  At last look, Smith’s blog had more than two dozen comments.

Even I received complaints, even though I never wrote anything until now.

I personally have never seen a campaign letter like that in South Florida.  Maybe in the Bible Belt.  Not in Fort Lauderdale!

Then I put it in perspective.  Rogers says his campaign had nothing to do with the letter.  Moody has the right to send any type of letter she wants to friends.

Frankly, Moody’s letter would resonate positively with many people.  Everybody isn’t like Browardbeat.com’s guest columnist, atheist Sam Fields, who is repelled by any mention of God.

Rogers explains it this way:

“All this really has nothing to do with the race,” he says.  “There is a clear difference between myself and my opponent.

“I’ve lived in District 4 my whole life.  I’ve been doing community service for more than 30 years,” Rogers continued. “My opponent moved here relatively recently and his law office is in Boca Raton.”

“Barbara is a long-time friend,” he says. “They live a block over from us. She called and told me she would like to pray for me.  I said that I need all the prayers I can get.

I agree Rogers.  I need all the prayers I can get, too.

Maybe Barbara Moody can remember me in her prayers next time.  It couldn’t hurt.  


5 Responses to “God And Romney Rogers: The Fort Lauderdale Commission Race”

  1. Romney Should Win says:

    Romney said it best. Nobody should be elected who doesn’t have a long appreciation for Fort Lauderdale. You can’t know what the city should be unless you know what it was.

  2. Capt Bill says:

    This is a rare opportunity to select one of two qualified persons.

    Each would be likely to accomplish some reasonable goals.

    Seems reasonable to go with the hometown man who has established his credentials over a 30-yr span.

  3. With God On Our Side says:

    God and religion have no place in elections in this country. The decisions should only be made on the issues, not on the belief in some higher power. Romney Rogers should disavow any public “prayers” made for his victory and start campaigning here in Fort Lauderdale instead of Heaven.

  4. Tim Smith is A Fool says:

    This whole “controversy” was manufactured by the discredited former Commissioner Tim Smith, who has never gotten over his loss and puts his poison all over the Internet now. Smith would like to be Fort Lauderdale’s politician mavin which is a real joke since he is a little man and a reject from elections. His opinions are worth the amount I pay to look at his blog.

  5. Tim Smith says:

    Is that you Bruce Keno?…. and who has things to get over?…. ciao, ….. mavin Smith