Ghost Hunting Author Runs For Broward Sheriff





I can credit Brian Keith Roesch, Broward’s latest candidate for sheriff, with at least one quality: Openness.

He provided extremely candid answers to my e-mail questions.

(Q) Why did he decide to run for sheriff?

(A) He needs a job.

(Q) What’s wrong with the current sheriff (Scott Israel)?

(A) Nothing.

(Q) Are you the same Brian Keith Roesch who hunted ghosts and wrote two books about ghost hunting?

(A) Yes.

Roesch, an independent, adds 16 “endeavors” he plans to accomplish as sheriff.



Brian Keith Roesch


I could write reams of snarky prose about Roesch. But I’ll let him speak for himself.

Below is his e-mail to me. did very minor editing.  Phone number’s were removed. His goals as sheriff were italicized.  Also removed were some personal information at the end, like medical records of his Scoliosis, X-rays and various licenses he holds.

Otherwise, below is the unfiltered Brian Keith Roesch, candidate for sheriff.


  1. Why did I decide to run for Broward County Sheriff?

I decided to run for sheriff because finding a career is impossible for me. I’m disabled. Basically, the employers I have applied with claim I’m a liability—-based upon being on disability. So now I’m aiming for a profession selected by the people of Broward County. They are my last line of hope.

I was born with Scoliosis and as I aged my condition worsened. Several doctors diagnosed me with spinal stenosis triggered by scoliosis with Thoracolumbar myofascial pain syndrome activated by T2 to L2 spinal levels with Harrington rods surgically placed in my spine at age fourteen. You can clearly see all of this in my x-ray photos attached; along with my written diagnoses by my doctor. The Social Security Administration has been a tremendous help in my battle with this. Most of my bills are compensated along with most of my medications. To gain approval for disability benefits I never even had to go to court.

I’m only 45 years old and I ignore the fact that I have a problem. I tried to pass a medical physical for the Plantation Fire Department back in 2006. I failed miserably after doctors detected Hepatitis C. I beat it though and in 2008 entered the fire classes for Plantation. They later forced me to resign in 2011 and I turned to the EEOC for help. I volunteered for this department for more than three years. Once you reach seven years with them you become vested. I never wanted to be a volunteer firefighter, but knowing I’m sick, will get worse, I went for the pension knowing I would need it some day.

Anyway, the reality in all of this is I’m trying to better myself. On August 16, 2013 I went in to University of Miami Hospital to have an additional operation on my spine. The surgeon placed a clamp in my lower spine. It was just a try without any promises to try to at least stop some of the pain down there. Nothing! I don’t want to sit in bed all day, complaining, crying, and collecting a check for nothing and I’m trying everything I can to better myself. SSI knows this and they really want disabled people to try to better themselves.

I’m not lazy! I worked three jobs back in 2008 as a loss prevention officer at night (Point of Americas), a private investigator throughout the day (Identifax) and taking the fire classes at night at station four in Plantation….not to mention responding to fire calls with the department (in-between all the above) for $6.00 per-call. Today, I’m doing nothing. I continue going to my scheduled doctor appointments. I feel like the walking dead and after my cholesterol results came in a few weeks back I’m not in the red zone, I’m in the DEAD zone.


  1. What’s wrong with the current sheriff?


Absolutely nothing! He’s a highly intellectual guy with a cool personality. I love him. This question reminds me of a similar question on my first day of the police academy in 1992. “Why do you want to be a police officer?” The entire class had to answer the same question. But all the answers from them were similar, like “Being a cop is something I always wanted to do.” Or, “I want to better my community.” I told them I don’t want to better my community. There’s no war here. All the crimes committed in one city verse the capital of the city? Comes out to less than a one percent chance of crime, daily. But in time, yeah. You’ll somewhere down the road have your car broken into, or even your home.

One of the candidates I read about said, “My job as sheriff is not to fight crime; it’s to deter crime from happening. I can chase the bad guys after the crime. But as long as I have a very strong presence, it’ll stop crime from happening.” He sounds like Batman to me. I’m not going to lie to the citizens of Broward County just to be a sheriff. This is one county out of thousands. Crime will never stop. And I’m not going to lie to voters just to be a sheriff. My chances are slim, so what?!?! Maybe someone will read this who will run in four years and utilize a few of my ideas.


(3)  Tell me something about your background.  What is your profession?  Education?  Are you the Brian Keith Roesch who wrote the book about ghosts and was featured in the New Times?  Write a little about that.


Yeah. Guilty, your honor. I wrote and published two ghost hunting books back in 2001 and 2002. New Times put out a fabulous article about a few of the locations I investigated a long time ago. I love that paper. I also did a haunted house documentary with WSVN 7 Patrick Fraser at the Stranahan House and Hollywood Beach Resort. It was on the news during Halloween back in 2005. It was fun. Decades ago when I used to hear talking in my house a lot when I was around seven years old—-the eerie 3am talking when everyone is asleep but you. I lived on Riverside Drive in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and became friends with a kid my age who lived in a two story house along the corner just a few houses down from me. His father killed his mother and that’s all I know. They seemed at first like a normal family, and this kid was cool. I remember him and my first true love, a girl named Shannon residing perpendicular to my house. I’ll never forget the two of us waving to each other from our kitchen windows on the very, first day and last day, it snowed in South Florida. It’s okay to talk about ghosts because most of the world population believes they exist. And with that quacky fool on Ghost Adventures out there, I feel just about comfortable enough to discuss anything. I don’t believe in an invisible man in outer space named God. But ghosts are a different story. I never met God and basically, I’m “Apatheist” not Atheist. That’s not a typo. I respect anyone who believes in a god, or gods. You can believe in anything you want to believe in, or not. I hit the research at my school library long before computers were ever around to find out why these things could possibly exist since they would talk to me, or just talk around me all the time. I never told anyone at that time. And as odd as it may seem—-I never visually saw a ghost until I turned forty years old. And one looked like a normal person and the other sighting was a dark, black, tornado-like object.  I read up on electrical energy, at only age seven, and was fascinated by the impossibility to destroy it. Remember those chemistry kits we all had back in the day? Well guess what? Our bodies are made of chemical and electrical energy. I hit scientists with this question over life after death. They told me that when someone dies their electrical energy grounds—-and that’s it. The chemical energy decays and now to start believing in life BEFORE death. I tend to strongly disagree with a lot of them. I could hear these ghosts communicating and I wanted something more from them. At least I’m in the majority on this issue.

Fast forward, sixteen years later, 1993, I landed a job at Wells Fargo—-now Brinks….and the old address was 1309 53rd street, Mangonia Park, Florida. It was an armory-type facility that stored money, food stamps and lots of armored cars. You can find the story in the archives about Gary Toni, a guard who police say shot himself there in the breakroom. I believe it, too. Wasn’t murder. I was there. Well, it was around five in the morning when Gary decided to do it. And to make a long story short, it wasn’t his pool of blood (like the paper read) that bothered me, it wasn’t the missing money that bothered me, either—-it was running into him a few weeks later that bothered me. I talked to a Baptist/minister/co-worker, or whatever, who told me to go back to the breakroom after work, get a soda and sit down and “you’ll feel a lot better”. I tried it and I felt terrible and ran out of the breakroom. As I tried to clock out my time card I heard slamming, a table flying around; the breakroom door slam open against the wall back there. Next, I could hear running down the hall, and what sounded like sliding directly up to my back, seemed like I was about to be tackled and it stopped. Just heavy breathing at the back of my neck. I never turned around. That was it. I know it was Gary and no one else was back there. Only one way in, one way out.

My latest manuscript titled: “The Stranger of the West Wing” is a really cool story I made up about the first woman to ever become president and on her first day in the White House she meets the Anti-Christ. She tells him, “I’m the Commander and Chief, here”. His reply? “That’s what all the presidents told me until they all found out that I’m the most popular man in the world who almost no one has ever met, yet”.

I wish Hillary the best of luck, but this manuscript goes to the recycling bin if she becomes the first female president of the United States.

Anyway, let me tell you about some endeavors I got planned that I could utilize if I become sheriff.

  1. Deputize all residents of Broward County who obtain a concealed weapon license or law enforcement certification. This should bring a million extra residents to Broward County and generate revenue, too. Why have a concealed weapon license you can’t use? I don’t want one. Read the restrictions on it. It’s a waste of money. Deputized, you carry a gun concealed in a bank, airport, anywhere in Broward County. A police officer from Coral Springs can carry a firearm exposed while grocery shopping in Plantation after work. No problem with that. Law Enforcement certifications expire in five years if you can’t land a career in it. Deputized living in Broward would mean it should never expire unless relocate elsewhere.


  1. Provide “Smart Guns” for pilots. These guns only discharge upon sensored palm reading.


  1. Posse Program: Enhance it for volunteers to seek out and apprehend fugitives. I know people who applied for this back in 2007 and heard nothing to this day.


  1. Second chance program. Why can’t someone arrested for a non-violent crime (DUI, drug possession, prostitution, etc.) ten years ago, paid their debt to society, not have a second chance working or volunteering for BSO?


  1. Remove “race” from Broward Sheriff job applications. First of all, there’s no solid proof race exists. And I’m sick of the famous word “Racist”. The correct word is “PREJUDICE”. A racist believes in one superior race of people and supports the preserving of that particular race. I guess a racist can be a Caucasian who believes the Asian race is most superior. It’s fiction!


  1. All volunteers earn a pension credit after 20 years of service.


  1. Ban the use of Youth In Asia in Broward County to control over breeding dogs and cats in kennels.


  1. Progress reports on cold cases.
  2. Re-open Adam Walsh case. Latest evidence depicts Jeffrey Dahmer as the killer.


  1. Investigative leads on missing Flight 19.


  1. Reduce 40 hours to 32 on all 7,000 BSO employees as a stress relief, but continue regular wage of 40 hours.


  1. Physical fitness on all detainees to reduce the recycled prison routine. No television. 50 cents of every tax dollar goes to that prison system, alone. That’s crazy!


  1. Enforce all handicapped parking. These spaces are highly abused and the sign shows a picture of a person in a wheelchair. I’ve never seen anyone park in one who used a medical device. And I have a placard issued to use a space. I never will use it. You go inside you have to walk hundreds of yards, anyways.


  1. Ban registered sex offenders from Broward County. Why not? Terminated employees are banned from employment facilities, hostile guests from hotels, losers from golf courses, etc. Why not ban these offenders from the county?


  1. Volunteer Air Deputies. Jump on the planes and make us safe. What? Make hourly reports, walk about the plane, visit foreign countries, etc. Sounds like a good idea to me.


  1. Obama in Cuba history? No. Broward deputies switching with Cuban policing officials for a month is history. Perhaps switch 100 deputies (their choice) who are bilingual with 100 Cuban police officials for a week or two to expand their careers and experiment. Sounds more historical to me.


…….And I have 88 more suggestions available upon request.

Firefighter ID# 2076
Plantation Fire Department
550 NW 65th Avenue, Plantation, Florida 33317
Phone:  (removed)
January 18, 2008 – Present
Duties include but are not limited to fire suppression in structural as well as wild land environments and emergency medical services under highly stressful emergency conditions. Also, fire prevention, public education, vehicle and station maintenance under the supervision of a Captain, always focusing on providing quality customer service.

Private Investigator
Identifax Investigative Services, Inc.
1855 Banks Road, Margate, Florida 33063
Phone:  (removed)
August 2007 to May 2008
Perform various types of surveillance and searches. Verify facts, such as an individual’s income or place of employment, make phone calls or visit a subject’s workplace. In other cases, especially those involving missing persons and background checks I’d interview people to gather as much information as possible about an individual. Sometimes go undercover, pretending to be someone else to get information or to observe a subject inconspicuously. Much of the work is done using a computer, recovering deleted e-mails and documents. I’d also perform computer database searches or work with someone who does allowing me to quickly obtain huge amounts of information such as a subject’s prior arrests, convictions, and civil legal judgments; telephone numbers; motor vehicle registrations; association and club memberships; and even photographs.

Loss Prevention Officer
Point of Americas 1
2100 South Ocean Lane, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316
Phone: (removed)
May 2007 – Present
Observe, monitor and report flow of visitors & others on client’s property, Provide appropriate control of access to premises, Observe and report any unlawful or inappropriate activity, Provide protection and ensure safety for individuals and property, Manage emergency situations and report to authorities as appropriate, Maintain appropriate documentation of all security tours and any incident reports.


There are three other candidates for sheriff — Donald “DD” Jones, Willie Jones and Edison Jules.  These three are Democrats who will be on the August Democratic primary ballot against current Sheriff Scott Israel, if they come up with the filing fee.  If Roesch goes through with his plans to qualify for office later this year, he will be on the November ballot with the winner of the primary.


9 Responses to “Ghost Hunting Author Runs For Broward Sheriff”

  1. feel better already says:

    Good thing to know when there’s a fire in Plantation that this guy is rolling up in his wheelchair.

  2. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    Buddy, why did you waste so much time and effort on this?

    Totally useless article!

    Are you next going to interview a cat why she climbed a tree?

  3. Howard the Moron says:

    He sounds better than both Lamberti or Israel.

  4. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    “Deputize all residents of Broward County who obtain a concealed weapon license or law enforcement certification. This should bring a million extra residents to Broward County and generate revenue, too. Why have a concealed weapon license you can’t use? ”


    Have thousands with a loaded weapons in bars all over Broward County on a Saturday night where 25% of all the liquor drinkers are legally drunk and what could possibly go wrong?

    Be a professor or teacher where you gave a B- grade to a deputized sheriff and see a loaded shotgun three inches from your face with a request for an A- increased grade.


    Go to a local high school soccer game where the fans are full of armed parents yelling at the refs and coaches. Piece of cake. A most peaceful time will be had by one and all.

    This Brian Keith Roesch definitely has my vote. And after I vote in person, I will whip out my weapon and ask politically to vote five more times as I know my five closest friends did not have the time to vote in that election. I am sure the poll workers will quickly agree to offer me 5 more ballots, while understanding my positive and actuate views; staring down the barrel of a loaded gun.


  5. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    @2 you NEVER win an argument with an editor or a publisher n Mr Nevins is both.

  6. HillaryIn2016And2020 says:

    @5 Not trying to win. I always believe in the FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. I truly admire Buddy Nevins. Sometimes he proudly brings articles that the less fortunate and unknowledgeable can easily understand and appreciate. No wonder so many of his followers are Republicans!

  7. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    @6 That appears to be inaccurate. Counsellor Fields certainly is no Republican. Certainly the critics of the School n North Broward Health Boards arent Repubkicans. Governor Scott’s critics arent Republicans.
    What you calling Republicans are really mainstream Demicrats that oppose the left wing loonies who use civil rights or ecomonic injustice as a screen for dogmatic extemism that does not respect others’ rights like Ken Evans one issue blowups on any disagreement WITH HIS PERSONAL N BIASED BELIEFS ON HIS VIEWS and the anarchist criminal conduct of Black Lives Matter. Dream Defenders and yes Jews for Justice in Palestine all violent thugs

  8. Autism4Sheriff says:

    This guy is not a Plantation firefighter. He was fired for obvious reasons.

  9. Plantation Cop 4 Autism says:

    How do you get fired from a volunteer fire department, cop? I hear; oh yeah, and former fire chief Joe Harris who resigned for obvious reasons.