George Soros Trying To Buy State Attorney’s Race





Billionaire George Soros is widely accused by those on the right of operating behind-the-scenes to manipulate politics.

That accusation is ridiculous in many cases.

But in Broward, Soros really is the puppet master carefully hidden behind a screen of political committees while trying to sway the Broward State Attorney’s race.


George Soros


Uber-liberal Joe Kimok has spent roughly $250,000 on cable television, roughly $200,000 on mailers and at least $40,000 on polling in the final weeks of the campaign, estimate media buyers.

All the money comes from a web of Soros committees.

“This money is a game changer,” a long-time Broward political observer said. 

With eight Democrats in next week’s primary, a candidate could get as little as 20 percent of the vote and win. Almost unknown before Soros’ injection of money, Kimok’s campaign recognition and support has increased to the point where he could be victorious.

“I’ve seen polls that show him making major inroads. Soros could end up swinging this race,” a veteran campaign strategist said.  

Based on Soros’ history, the exact amount from his committees will remain hidden until after the last Democratic primary vote is counted next Tuesday. 

Kimok spent little before his progressive positions caught the eye of the Soros crew. 


Joe Kimok


What positions? 

Critics say electing Kimok is like electing a second Public Defender who cares more about the accused than the victims of crime. 

Kimok is a beneficiary of a Soros-funded movement to elect so-called progressive prosecutors. These prosecutors seek to change society by not prosecuting many crimes. 

There are progressive prosecutors currently in Seattle, Chicago and Philadelphia. 

Kimok’s positions are carefully detailed on his campaign website:

  • Not seeking the death penalty ever.  
  • Not prosecuting most drug offenses and trafficking arrests, with the exception of major amounts of dangerous drugs such as heron. 
  • No jail for almost all of those accused of a crime before their trial.

According to the website, Kimok promises never to prosecute the following offenses:

  • Loitering and prowling.
  • Trespassing.
  • Possession of marijuana.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia.
  • Panhandling.
  • Prostitution. 

Criminal traffic cases will be changed to non-criminal infractions, except DUIs and driving without a valid license

There will be no jail time sought for almost every petty theft from stores, resisting arrest without violence, possession of any illegal drug and driving without a valid license.  No jail no matter how many times they have been caught.

Anyone accused of assault and/or battery would be automatically be entered into a “restorative justice program” instead of jail if the victim agrees. If the victim doesn’t agree, the case will be prosecuted only with approval of a State Attorney supervisor. 

Juveniles will never be charged as an adult unless the Grand Jury orders it. No matter what horrendous crime the juvenile is accused of committing.


Critics Say


If Kimok carries out just part of his platform, critics say that Broward will be a very different place. The homeless, prostitutes and druggies will fill some sidewalks. (Fort Lauderdale?) Stores will see an increase in theft. The justice system will become a revolving door.  

All this leads leads to an ominous prediction by one activist: 

“Kimok will be removed from office by the governor within a year” for refusing to follow Florida laws.

That is possible. But first Kimok has to win.

It will all be decided Tuesday. 



6 Responses to “George Soros Trying To Buy State Attorney’s Race”

  1. Never Kimok says:

    Just a question: Why is it ridiculous to think George Soros is a puppet master behind the scenes in many political races? George has chosen to pull strings in a relatively obscure race for the State Attorney’s office in Broward County. Surely he has fried bigger fish, maybe in Chicago and Portland.
    Kimok’s policies would cost taxpayers, business owners, and insurers untold dollars. The policies would enable the already thriving underground drug trade to flourish. But the worst damage would be done to the sense of safety and security of law abiding residents of Broward County.
    Broward County does not need the chaos that is happening in many large cities in America. Say no to Joe.

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Ok. George Soros. Like Adelson on the opposite side are billionaire Jews who think of themselves lucky not just because of tbeir vast wealth but because unlike too many members of their families they didnt die in Hitler’s Extermination Camps or Stalin’s Gulage. They both are passionally in love with their wives whi are activists in various fields. They contribute vast sums both here n abroad to vastly different political organizations they feel fight for political n religious rights. BUT they dont PERSONALLY know, oversee, or even aware of what their money or who their money is funding. Spending time over 70 years with billionaires from de Rothschilds to Charles Engelhard to Donald Trump various Rockefellers n even some local immensely rich IT IS ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE WHO SETS UP THEIR SUPPORT. Mr Kimok n Mr Soros had a, probably local, ‘condit’ or several who arranged any Soros money going to Mr Kimok. There is an OUTSIDE CHANCE George’s son Alexander might kniw Kimok, but unlikely. WHAT CONCERNS ME IS NEITHER SOROS or KIMOK.BUT THE INTERMEDIARY.There is the ‘danger’ – DO THEY HAVE AN AXE TO GRIND???

  3. Inconvenient Truths says:

    It’s alarming that a billionaire with zero ties to our community could have the ability to obliterate our quality of life. I hope Ds understand the disastrous real-world effects of nominating this guy.

    If the new State Attorney drops the death penalty against the Parkland shooter, he/she will already be on Gov. Desantis’s radar for removal. If the State Attorney follows that up by fulfilling promises to never seek death, and then stops prosecuting crimes enacted by the Legislature? Federalist Society acolyte Desantis will see that as a traitorous violation of separation of powers, and the State Attorney will be removed. NEWS FLASH FOR BROWARD DEMOCRATS: Ron Desantis’s replacement State Attorney will NOT be someone you will like or agree with.

    Demos should realize a vote for Kimok is essentially a vote for Desantis. Please wake up, people.

    What would life be like under such a State Attorney BEFORE he’s removed from office? Career criminals are smarter than people assume. The people who run identity theft, burglary and drug dealing rings weigh risks against rewards like any good business owner. When it becomes obvious that the state criminal justice system no longer cares about punishing people, criminal enterprises will see no downside to ramping up business. That will mean serious crimes — home burglary, car burglary, identity theft, opioid trafficking — will proliferate. Today most ID theft cases begin when burglars get their hands on credit cards, checks and drivers licenses. Those items aren’t stolen from crackhouses, they’re stolen in the suburbs. Public safety will become an issue in the neighborhoods that are considered “safe” today. Demos should realize a vote for Kimok is essentially a vote for a suburban crime wave.

    When it becomes obvious that the State Attorney will no longer seek bail for most offenses, when police agencies make arrests, they will tack on multiple charges to each arrestee just to keep the bad guys in jail a little longer. I predict most arrests will include a count of Resisting With Violence or Battery on a Law Enforcement officer. These are felonies, and Marcy’s Law will give the officer “victim” the opportunity to come to court and object to slap on the wrist, AT EVERY HEARING. If judges follow the law, they will be prohibited from outright releasing an arrestee without hearing input from the “victim.” Demos should realize a vote for Kimok is essentially a vote for keeping people in jail LONGER while the system waits for cop “victims” to get into court.

    Speaking of judges, Kimok seems to overlook the fact that judges have to sign off on negotiated pleas, sentences, and bond reductions. Our 90 judges are each elected officials who appear on ballots every six years. None of these people want to be the one who signs an order releasing the person who a dangerous criminal who gets out and commits a murder or a rape.

    There’s a reason the Orlando State Attorney — backed by Soros against an experienced career prosecutor four years ago — is not seeking a second term. The governor took away her Murder 1 cases because she refused to follow the law. Morale at her office cratered, and turnover skyrocketed. These candidates with idealistic dreams fail to realize that, by law, the system is designed to PUNISH. It’s not equipped for the BS they’re selling, and it’s dangerous to allow people like Soros and Kimok to sabotage the system.

  4. The Left Is Wrong says:

    The hypocrisy of the left complaining about hidden money and the manipulation of the Kochs but claim any criticism of Soros is Fake News. Here and in Orlando, Soros’ money is all over the TV and Internet.

  5. Jebediah Morningside says:

    Just take one look at Soros’ bankrolling of Kim Foxx (Chicago) and Kim Gardner (St Louis). It’s obvious he wants to wipe out the country and he’s not going to be around long enough to have to see the results if he succeeds. He’s pure evil.

  6. James S says:

    Thank you for clearing up a mystery of why all of a sudden my postal mailbox and email inbox were getting over run with ads for Kimok. I am so glad he did not win.