George LeMieux Not Running For AG


I never considered George LeMieux would actually run for Florida Attorney General and he proved me right Wednesday.

He took himself out of the running.

My reasoning for figuring he wouldn’t run was that he was making too much money in his private law practice.  Plus, he has young children and campaigning around the state would be a hardship.

He cited his commitment to his law practice and his family in his statement, mailed to subscribers of his LeMieux Newsletter.

LeMieux was Gov. Charlie Crist’s chief of staff.  He is also a Broward native, former chair of the Broward Republican Party and one-time losing House candidate who got beaten by former state Rep. Tracy Stafford, D-Wilton Manors.

He is now a partner at Gunster Yoakley.

Here is his statement:

“Over the past few weeks my name has been mentioned as a potential candidate for Attorney General of Florida.  The role of Attorney General is perhaps the best job in government; a job where you serve the people each day as the State’s Chief Legal Officer.  I have been gratified by the many phone calls and e-mails I have received from friends, elected officials, and former colleagues in the AG’s Office, encouraging me to run.

“The call to public service is strong for me.  But as strong as that call is, it is not a call that I can answer at this time.  After thoughtful consideration with my wife Meike, I have made the decision not to pursue election as Florida’s Attorney General in 2010.  The decision involved the weighing of many factors, but the two most important were my family and my commitment to the Gunster law firm.  Running for office would mean too much time away from Meike and our three young boys, Max, Taylor and Chase.  Running for office would also mean not being able to continue my work as Chairman of Gunster in our quest to become Florida’s premier statewide law firm.

“The people of Florida deserve an advocate as Attorney General.  I am confident that a person of experience and integrity will come forward to run for this important position.”


2 Responses to “George LeMieux Not Running For AG”

  1. Really says:

    Good to see Scott back. We knew he’d be back after he had a break from the game for a few months.

    The real question is….did his hair plugs also return to politics as well?

  2. OMGosh!!! says:

    George is a “Good” man and he knows what he’s doing.
    Great for him to stay where he is and allow the people to continue to respect him for who he is, NOT, a politician.
    Lawyer yes, he’s great…