Geller Strikes Back At Gunzburger


Former Senate Minority Leader Steve Geller has unloaded on his opponent County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger.

Geller has begun broadcasting a cable TV ad charging that Gunzburger is a hypocrite whose daughter, son and son-in-law all were employed by the taxpayers.

Here is Geller’s ad.

“How many times did I try to get her to sign a clean campaign pledge?  I tried to be nice.  She started it, Geller said.

Indeed, Gunzburger began running attack ads against Geller earlier this month stating he had profited from being in office and had made money as a lobbyist.

My story on Gunzburger’s first ad is here.

17 Responses to “Geller Strikes Back At Gunzburger”

  1. Geller's End says:

    Here begins the end. Not just the end of Steve Geller’s county race. The end also to his political career.

    Watch and see. He took the bait.

  2. Resident says:

    All I can say is “Holy Sh-t.”

    Don’t know where this will go, but it could be quite effective. Yet, lets see the next salvo from the other side.

    Can’t wait. Great entertainment.

  3. David Brownnose says:

    You used your position as senator geller to get lobbying clients and put buildings where your constituents didn’t want them. There are condominiums all over Hallandale and Pembroke Pines that you were the lobbyist for and more are planned. You lie when you say you are not planning a condominium at the auto dealership across the street from Century Village.

  4. No More Corruption says:

    Steve Geller – “tried to be nice”
    I guess that’s just one more of his LIES!

  5. Gonesburger lies says:

    Great ad Steve! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Too bad you didn’t mention how after she voted in favor of Rothstein’s client, Rothstein donated money to her re-election campaign.

  6. Sara says:

    I guess Geller is criticizing Lori Parrish by saying Ron only has his job because of Sue. Like anyone can push Lori to do something she doesn’t want to! Perhaps his degrees and experience actually qualify him for his job? I hope Lori responds to this attack on her.

  7. Sara: Wrong. says:

    Sara: Wrong.

    I believe Geller and Parrish are friends. Ron was not hired by Lori. He was hired by Republican Bill Markham, who needed Democratic friends on the Commission. No way of telling what party Ron was at that time, as he changed frequently.

  8. sara said it right says:

    That’s right — Lori Parrish should say something, point out that she’s not beholden to anyone! Not to even mention that Ron had been in that office going back to Markham, who was certainly not influenced by Sue Gunzburger!

    It’s just rediculous that Steve Geller is even running under the guise of needing change when he’s been part of the problem for so long.

  9. A Lawyer's Story says:

    I’ve heard it said more than once that Senator Geller would make extra cash by approaching lawyers and their clients when they had a land use applications pending.

    He would ask to join their legal teams to help ensure that “applications went through smoothly.” Sometimes he helped or confounded the application and sometimes he did nothing. That kept people guessing. A fair amount of side cash was made that way. There is no question that Geller uses his elected position to make money, always has and that is his only interest in becoming a county commissioner now. Making money.

    Ask around.

  10. Gonesburger lies says:

    Too bad Steve didn’t include the fact that after the Sheriff’s office fired her daughter for NOT doing her job, Gonesburger retaliated by trying to privatize the Sheriff’s Office!

  11. Lori Parrish says:

    Ron Gunzburger is our General Counsel because he is hard working and smart.

    I consider Sue and Steve to be friends.


  12. Miramar Resident says:

    Tst! Tst! When will these political games stop! I am 22 years old and all I see in politics is a bunch of old people fighting! This is the downfall of our government. It’s not only corruption, its the lack of integrity for yourself! – Shame on your Senator Geller and shame on you Commissioner Gunzburger – you both should grow up! – Wow! What great examples you are being to my generation – NOT!!!! I live in the district and I am not voting for neither of you AND I will make sure my friends do the same!

  13. Miramar Resident says:

    Oh and Miramar Resident is just my name I use because my paents live there – Just in case someone wants to question my district.

  14. geller got it right says:

    The Gunzburger’s say it’s sleazy for Geller to earn money while he held elected office in his profession as a lawyer. However, while Gunzberger was in office, it was ok to accept county contracts for her family business. I guess her kids were also the best qualified applicants for their jobs. “Hypocrite” is actually a nice word to describe Gunzberger.

  15. Incredible! says:


    Condo’s at an auto dealership near Century Village? Geller asking to be included on teams to “make sure things went smoothly”? (actually, that was Becker and Poliakoff, Sue’s pet Lobbyists that did that)

    You guys just make stuff up from nothing. Make sure that you comment on Geller’s role in the Gulf oil spill because he stopped for gasoline at a BP station once.

    I know that I read in one of Buddy’s columns that Geller said he would not do any more lobbying after he was elected to the County Commission, so how is he supposed to be making money from the Commission?

    The fury that Ron responded with as the first comment shows that he thought that they could attack Geller, but Geller would never respond. I guess that’s just one of many things they’re wrong on.

  16. To lawyer story says:

    Dear lawyer,

    If you really are a lawyer, than you know stating something without evidence or proof is libel and slander. I noticed you quantified your statement by saying, “I heard it said more than once” Where did you hear this from. Ronnie, Sue, Bob Norman…I guess those three make more than once. That doesn’t make it true.

    To be fair, I’ve asked around about your allegations on Geller, funny, no one knows what you are talking about. I’ve heard other things about Bernie Friedman, who has Gunzburger in his pocket.

    Let’s not forget the Neil Sterling’s partner is Barbara Miller. Barbara Miller is bff’s with Sue….go figure. In fact, Barbara Miller brags that she got into politics by running Sue’s campaign for Hollywood City Commission and that opened the door to be a lobbyist in Broward. Could it be that door was opened because she had a guaranteed vote in Sue? I’m sure you could draw your own conclusions, I’m just reporting the facts.

    The Gunsburgers are trash and it is time to take the trash out to the curb!

  17. Hey Miramar Resident says:

    Here’s some advice for my young friend, Miramar Resident. When you actually grow up and get five hairs on your ass you can presume to talk to adults about the ethics of politics. Life seems easy when your biggest worry is getting gas money for the weekend or popping the occasional pimple.

    But if you read history, you will see that politics has always been a struggle between beauty and ugly. things in life. The ugly comes when people disagree and compete. The beauty comes when folks agree and unite. No generation is exempt from that fact; those conditions are hard wired into our DNA.

    Even if you might not like it, we have one veteran politician challenging another for her position. That situation is always going to get ugly.