Geller Stays In The Fight Against Gunzburger


Former Florida Senate Minority Leader Steve Geller says that if he could have been reached by phone on Monday, he could have disspelled the rumors that he might switch county commission races “in five minutes.”

“I was practicing law up in Flagler County.  I was in a hearing so I couldn’t be reached.  What I would have said is, ‘I’m staying where I am. I’m running for District 6,'”  says Geller.

District 6 in south Broward is current held by County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger

After County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin announced she was not running for re-election, there was widespread speculation  that Geller would switch and run for the suddenly open seat.

Geller reminded me today that he had told me at least five times in the past year he would not switch to the Wasserman-Rubin seat “no matter what.”

The Geller campaign says that the Gunzburger supporters were fueling the rumors in an attempt to push him out of her race.

3 Responses to “Geller Stays In The Fight Against Gunzburger”

  1. Common Sense says:

    Doesn’t make a big difference one way or the other. Geller would either lose to Gunzburger or lose to Castillo. Who really cares (besides Gunzburger or Castillo)? Either way, he’s toast. Geller is almost unelectable with his close Mutual Benefits/Rothstein ponzi scam connections and his work as a $600K a a year lobbyist income for the mega-developers on the beach. Let’s face it, Geller is just a total scumbag.

  2. Ron: get a job says:


    Get a life. Get a job. Don’t you have anything better to do than live on the internet trashing Geller?

    Oh, I forgot. You have a job. You get paid by the County to be Mom’s Campaign manager.

  3. Tommy the Fry Cook says:

    When the “best they got” is to keep calling Geller names, insulting his appearance, and trying to create some ethical issues through innuendo, lies, and sheer fantasy, I’d say the GONESburger camp is in trouble. Geller is kicking their ass in the only legitimate poll that’s been taken. Ron’s “push poll” is meaningless and their camp knows it.