Geller Crosses Off Nearly 10 Percent Of Donations


Excuse me! My mistake!

Former Sen. Steve Geller’s campaign made an error.  It caused $2,000 in donations to be recorded twice, so Geller was forced to redo the math.

 steve gellerSteve Geller

The mistake wiped out just under 10 percent of his campaign’s donations in the second quarter.


Geller is running against incumbent County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger for the 2010 Democratic primary in south Broward.

Geller now raised $34,125 in the second quarter ending June 30, not $36,125.  

That figure includes both hard money donated to his campaign and $10,000 in soft money donated without legal limits to a political committee he controls.

The $2,000 represents nearly 10 percent of the $26,125 in hard money donated to his campaign in the second quarter.   

Despite the error, I’m still convinced that Geller is an extremely credible candidate who will raise enough money to be competitive.

Gunzburger raised $38,425 in the second quarter, all of it hard money to her campaign.

The money came from real estate firm owner Scott Brenner and para-mutual interests. 

Brenner and three corporations were reported giving $500 apiece on March 31 at the end of  the first quarter.  The same checks were recorded on April 3, at the start of the second quarter.

“It was an error.  We recorded it twice,” Geller said.

The details are here.


7 Responses to “Geller Crosses Off Nearly 10 Percent Of Donations”

  1. Intentional says:

    One wonders based on the timing whether Geller did this intentionally to boost his final figures.

  2. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    The new electronic reporting system doesn’t let you enter names twice during all of the reporting periods. Don’t understand how that happened. and don’t really care. ;0)

  3. Dominic says:

    Not sure where Beth gets her information, but if you use some of the readily available software (which most campaings do) to do your reporting and then upload your files to the SOE system, there’s nothing that prevents the entry of names twice during a reporting period.

  4. Joy Cooper Fan says:

    Let these two destroy each other. There are others who would make better candidates.

  5. T. J. Ripley says:

    $2,000 was once nothing to Geller. He will find out that the special interests have moved on now that he is not in office and has nothing to give them. He will wish that $2,000 was real.

  6. Nobody Cares Anymore says:

    Nobody cares about Steve Geller anymore. For a while that was news but people know he has no chance so news about him makes you uncomfortable. I mean, here we have a guy that was once so high and mighty, the Dean of the Senate as he referred to himself, Mr. Minority Leader, the State’s point person on insurance and gaming, a confidant of the Governor, a very powerful and respected guy nationally, and so forth, all of it explaining why he was always so pompous and remote. Now he has to grovel and kiss ass for a job in local government that he doesn’t even want, why? Because that’s the only thing available to him. It’s just pathetic. He didn’t run for Congress, he didn’t challenge Mel Martinez, run for Attorney General, run for Governor or anything else. No. Mr. High and Mighty wants to be a county commissioner. It’s like A-Rod wanting to be in Little League again. And worse, he can’t raise money to accomplish even that! I mean, it’s just so painful to watch, he must be going insane. But that’s politics.

  7. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Dominic, REALLY…If it’s spelled exactly and it goes over the limit it stops you from entering it.