Geller Proves He Can Raise Money; Gunzburger Is No Old Fogey


It’s a horse race!

Former state Sen. Steve Geller raised roughly the same amount of campaign money as County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger in current reporting period. 

 Geller is challenging Gunzburger’s re-election in Aug. 2010 Democratic primar.  The race is for the south Broward commission district.

The totals for the second quarter ending June 30:

Geller– $36,125, in hard and soft money.  Gunzburger — $38,425.

 There was never any question that Gunzburger could raise money.  She has the advantage of incumbency and the ability to vote on issues through 2010. 

I knew that her collections this month were probably lower than they would have been because of her husband’s death.

My eyes were on Geller.

I wanted to see if he could raise money despite being out of office since Nov. 2008.  I wrote that he needed $25,000 to be considered a serious candidate.

He’s a serious candidate folks.

The second quarter totals are a major achievement for Geller.   He has proven that he can raise money.

Geller has now has a total of over $193,000– both through his campaign and his soft-money committee, Floridians For A Stronger Tomorrow.

Gunzburger has raised $164,547.

But Gunzburger actually has more money in the bank:  Just under $149,000 compared to Geller’s approximately $138,000.

Geller has spent more than $55,000 including a donation of $25,000 to the Florida Democratic Party. 

A couple of asides:

(1) Gunzburger collected at least $8,000 from high rolling GOP lawyer Scott Rothstein, his partners and his companies.  Rothstein, who gave $476,000 to The Florida Republican Party in the past two years, has been giving more money to Democrats like Gunzburger lately.

(2) Rumors are being floated that the 69-year-old Gunzburger is too old to make the race.


       Just look at these photos which were newly posted on Gunzburger’s Facebook page.  They show Gunzburger hiking and white-water rafting in the Blue Ridge Mountains earlier this month.








Gunzburger, in red life vest on right side of the boat, navagates down the Class III/IV Pigeon River

gunzburger whitewater rafts on pigeon river, class 3 and 4gunzburger hiking


Gunzburger, on left, hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Gunzburger hikes some more


Gunzburger steps gingerly over the rocks

8 Responses to “Geller Proves He Can Raise Money; Gunzburger Is No Old Fogey”

  1. Joy Cooper Fan says:

    You are right, Nevins. “It’s a horse race.” Two old nags.

    New names and faces are needed. Please run Mayor Cooper.

  2. Hollywood Resident says:

    I don’t care how much money Geller raises. He will never beat Sue Gunzburger. She’s one of us. He’s one of them.

  3. TAMARAC DEM says:

    If she’s going after and getting so much republican money she’s either been doing “R” stuff already or they just bought themselves a “D”.


    By the end of this race Sue, the milti-millionaire, will be telling us about her new cloth coat. Remember the last time we heard that kind of crap?

    Think Tricky Dicky

  4. Pines Taxpaer says:

    And where is Geller’s money coming from? Nearly all of it is from either scummy trial lawyers, developers, or the gaming industry. “Geller the Lobbyist” can’t be trusted.

  5. The Old Ghost says:

    To Joy Cooper Fan,
    I like Mayor Cooper. That doesn’t mean that she could win. She needs more seasoning.
    Geller would be a better representative for south Broward. He is tireless, not tired, like Sue Gunzburger. Sue can walk up all the mountains and row all the boats. What we want to see is doing something after 20 years in office.

  6. Joy, Steve and Sue says:

    Joy Cooper would be utterly out of her depth on the County Commission and at any rate is not a factor in this race. She can hardly do the job she has now.

    Steve Geller is such a disappointment on so many levels that by the time the residents here really get to know what he has become, and they will, he will have no chance to win. His brand of politics is not welcomed here.

    Sue Gunzburger is the clear best choice in that race and she will win it hands down. That’s why Steve is sweating it out trying raise cash, hoping to beat Sue, while Gunzburger is on vacation without much of a care. She already knows this race is over and it hasn’t even started yet.

  7. Broward voter says:

    she’s one of us. He’s one of them… says it perfectly!

  8. $193,000 Hmmm says:

    Let’s see, Steve Geller raised $193,000. Hmmm. In 2008, a McDonald’s cheeseburger cost 89 cents. That would be 216,853 cheeseburgers. Probably just enough to get him past election day.