Geller Gets Support From The Far Right


Former Florida Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller has a new endorsement.from a Republican far-right activist.

Yomin Postelnik, a candidate for the Florida House District 91, has written to his supporters on Facebook that Geller is the candidate Republicans should support over Geller’s opponent, County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger.

Geller doesn’t want the support.  It helps him about as much as an endorsement from Hamas in the heavily Democratic south Broward commission district. 

Postelnik — he really should focus on his own campaign where he is struggling to replace state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff — leans so far to the right he probably needs a cane to stand upright.  

Here is what Postelnik wrote on his Facebook page:

“I like anything that defeats Suzanne Gunzburger. Aside from her being a Marxist who makes Steve look conservative by comparison, and a sour individual, she’s also corrupt. I think Steve has the entire Republican support for that seat.

To be sure, Geller did not ask for this.  But it leads me to wonder.  What’s next, Steve?   An endorsement from the Tea Party?

26 Responses to “Geller Gets Support From The Far Right”

  1. Geller Lies says:

    As we always suspected. Geller is a darling of the conservatives, which is how he got to be chairman of committees in the Republican Legislature.

  2. Here's Better says:

    How about the fact that Joy Cooper just endorsed Geller? Much more worth while Buddy. How about you report things that matter instead of stupid morons like Yomin?

    FROM BUDDY: Cooper’s endorsement is like a dog biting man…just another endorsement.
    Yomin’s endorsement is man biting dog.

  3. Striker Liker says:

    Yes, let’s discuss Cooper, who sent out an email asking for support for “Steve Gellar”. She’s going down soon, so that’s an endorsement he can surely relate to.

  4. JustLooking says:

    I thought Geller and Gunzburger were squaring off in a Democratic Party primary? What good will the endorsement of a right-wing Republican do? Actually, such an endorsement could hurt Geller with Democrats.

  5. This is a Little Ronnie Trick says:

    This is brilliant trick by Little Ronnie! Have a right-wing nut endorse your opponent so you can attack him as a Republican.

    Isn’t bad enough the Gunsburgers have STOLEN millions of dollars from Broward Taxpayers. Do we need to put up with their DIRTY tricks? Good bye Sue and good riddance to both you and Ronnie “I wouldn’t have a job with connections”.

  6. The Truth 4 U says:

    Despite Steve Geller having nothing to do with this endorsement it is fascinating that a Republican would preceive Geller as more friendly.

  7. Ron Gunzburger says:

    The whiny Geller campaign seems to blame for everything “Little Ronnie dirty trick …” “Little Ronnie caused our clumsy frame-up of Sue to fail” blah blah blah.

    Got news for ya. First – I’ve never ever heard of this gadfly Tea Party nut before. Two – Calling my mother a Marxist is a joke (he’d be closer calling me Marxist since I support single-payer health care and backed partial nationalizing of all businesses that sought bailouts from the government). Third – Geller somebody who had a history in Tallahassee of being in bed with the Republicans and helping secure Dem votes for their agenda (example: property insurance “reform” … hmm, are your rates higher or lower today and your policy options more or fewer than they were 5 years ago before Geller “led the fight” for his supposed reforms became law?).

  8. Hallandale resident says:

    Joy Cooper’s endless mid life crisis needs to end. The good citizens of Hallandale have suffered enough!

  9. Just Beachy says:

    Sue is a ‘downhome”-town girl who has a proven record based on integrity and caring for her community. As a politician she rides the ethical line and maneuvers through that briar patch as a person with dignity. Her actions speak volumes- anyone who ever needed her that I have spoken with over the decades has always had her ear and help when it was hers to give. She takes on the big guys and does not back down. If she is in error – on a very rare occasion—Sue is open to learning the truth or to be big enough to admit an error and correct it. Not Steve. He shows by is responses to his own constituents that he is way too shallow, way too insecure and unbelievably immature. Her opponent can never hold a match to her, and he knows it – thus his sleazy tricks – and besides that, his history shows it. I tried to speak to him about an idea to help Broward county when he was in the State seat. Ha! Forget it. He knew it all!.. Just pooh poohs you to boredom and does not care to listen – only cared to hear the hilarious, gross noises made from his own arrogant voice.. He is a buffoon who needs to find a comfy pasture far from Broward county – Niceville, or Havana in north panhandle would do just fine for that silly blowhard.

  10. Take a bow Ronnie says:

    Take a bow Ronnie for not blogging or campaigning for your mother on taxpayer dime. I guess you finally figured out that your family has STOLEN enough from Broward, so you actually did your job for once.

    Although I wouldn’t put it passed you to have written that on your county issued computer.

  11. Sent out??? says:


    You’re talking about a facebook conversation. One guy in Geller’s seat asked Postelnik why he liked a fundraiser or something about Geller. Postelnik replied to him on his personal page.

    I also looked at Postelnik’s platform and sayings and I’d say that he’s basically a regular conservative Republican. Your rhetorical flares are better used on people like Gunzburger.

    Keep bashing Geller and Postelnik if you want. Broward has bigger problems.

    FROM BUDDY: As Postelnik wrote, he and his supporters back Geller over Gunzburger.

  12. Sent out??? says:

    Leave it to some to take a personal facebook conversation initiated by some third party and mischaracterize it as a “send out to supporters.”

    And I’m for any candidate who’s not part of the Broward corruption machine. If that’s both Postelnik and Geller then so be it.

  13. try reporting the facts for once says:

    Quit reading the personal facebook pages of candidates and mischaracterizing every conversation as a public statement. Oh, and anyone you call a “wingnut” or have a problem with has got my vote.

  14. BC Sheldon says:

    Statement by the Campaign: It has come to our attention that a blogger who masquerades as a reporter and who’s long taken to attacking candidates, recently stooping so low as to allow for comments deriding their childrens’ names to remain posted, is now claiming that the Postelnik campaign has made an endorsement in the Geller-Gunzburger race. This is patently false, as should be obvious by the tone of the “report” in question. Neither the campaign nor Yomin Postelnik has issued any “send out” on that race. It’s sad and unfortunate that some feel the need to mischaracterize Yomin Postelnik, but we understand that in the absence of being able to attack him on the issues, some feel the need to resort to lies and conjecture.

  15. BC Sheldon says:

    I see that you’ve censored my comment in order to keep up your lie. Fine, we’ll send out a press release to get the truth out.

    FROM BUDDY: This must be an example of Postelnik’s overheated supporters. I “censored” or blocked nothing.

  16. admin says:

    Yomin Postelnik called me this morning and said he never meant to support Geller. He said he was only responding to a comment by some third party on Facebook.

    Comments on Facebook are a look into a candidates’ personal opinions. They are placed on a public bulletin board. They are fair game.

    If candidates don’t realize everything they write on Facebook could end up in the media, think again.

    Postelnik didn’t have to respond to a “third party”. He could have ignored any question. He didn’t. He posted his opinion about Geller on a public Internet site. Postelnik’s feelings about the Geller/Gunzburger race is embraced by some of his supporters as indicated by some of the comments of his supporters here and on Facebook.

    My experience has been that a candidate’s real views can be ascertained before the story hits the media. Once the story is posted, the pressure is on the candidate to backtrack, obfuscate and spin.

  17. BC Sheldon says:

    I’d like to know why you take great pains to paint a good man as a wingnut. There are a few others who I’d like to tell you about. They happen to be running for Congress. Your repeat attacks on Postelnik, your allowing posts that attack Scott Yardley’s kids are not only getting too much, they show you for who you are Buddy.
    This is the third time that I know of where you’ve made a whole story about a non-issue with Postelnik. If you’re in a self-declared war against conservatives there are quite a few others you should go after. You’re not even funny at this point, just classless and pathetic.

  18. Just curious says:

    I’d like to know if the Gunzburger children are qualified to work for anyone else, other than Broward County? How much money can one family STEAL from the people of Broward County?

  19. Truthiness says:

    Speaking of STEALING, Geller still doesn’t have a clearance letter from the feds for his role in the billion dollar Mutual Benefits ponzi scheme. The Feds issued clearance letters to several public officials for Mutual Benefits (Crist, Lemieux, Keechl, etc) … but not to Geller. The Geller-related files are still sealed as part of an ongoing active investigation.

    Or Geller pushing all those land use law changes in Tallahassee which put money into his and client JF Roy/Ocean Land’s pockets. Sounds crooked to me.

  20. Truthiness...tell the truth says:

    He hasn’t received a letter because he was part of the ponzi scheme. Only Ron “I steal on the public dime” Gunzburger and Bob “I print what Ron tells me” Norman have claimed that Geller is part of the ponzi scheme.

    That’s like saying that Montana hasn’t been cleared for Hurricanes. If there’s no evidence, EVER, that Montana is susceptible to hurricanes, why would they need to cleared? Same concept here. If there is NO EVIDENCE that Geller was part of the Ponzi scheme, then he doesn’t need to be cleared.

    Many people (except the two i mentioned above) agree that Geller’s role, if any, was non-existent. Steiger lived in his district and donated to a campaign…one of many campaign he donated to. The amount he donated was insignificant and was prior to any known wrong doing. The only vote Geller took on viatical settlements was on a bill he didn’t sponsor and that passed unanimously. The bill was a bill that determined which agency oversaw these type of insurance policies. Not exactly sure what kind of clearance you want from these facts.

    BTW, how’s Sue’s BFF Bernie Friedman today? Anyone remember that article that came out a few years ago about how nothing gets done in Hollywood or Broward without Bernie’s influence? I believe it talked about his too cozy relationship with Sue if memory serves me right.

    FROM BUDDY: I assume you left a word out of the first paragraph — “not.”
    As in, “he hasn’t received a letter because he was NOT part of the ponzi scheme.”
    Am I right?

  21. Truthiness says:

    Stiegner was already a convicted felon and had already been shut down by the SEC for sale of unlicensed securities before … yes, BEFORE … Geller got involved with him. Geller was VERY deeply involved in this scam, as I’m sure we will all soon be hearing about again.

  22. Good catch Buddy says:

    yes, I inadvertently left it out. Thanks for catching my mistake.

  23. Truthiness aka Ron says:

    Then lets see the evidence. How can you in one breathe criticize an investigation on your mother stating it was a waste and there’s no evidence….yet push for an investigation on Geller that simply does not exist and the only evidence is the allegations cooked up by you and Bob “I got kicked out of Gatsby’s in Davie” Norman? Oh wait, that’s right you are hypocrite…just like Sue!

    Guess the rotten apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree.

  24. Moderate By Nature says:

    Did I actually see a campaign manager (Ron Gunzburger) post a defense on a blog? Where I come from, there is an unwritten rule that campaign managers (especially on smaller races) should be seen and not heard.

    Are you running for the office or just throwing out wild accusations and direct mail talking points for readers?

  25. Chris Klemow says:

    Anything Yomin says is 100 watt crazy. He damn near got his ass sued a couple of years ago because of vandalizing a wikipedia page of a blogger who criticized him, made the guy out to be a drug addict and pedophile. Cant believe he’s still in the race.

  26. Yomin Might Be Crazy But Right About Geller says:

    Geller is Republican wolf in Democratic sheeps clothing. He voted 95 percent of the time for the big business agenda in Tallahassee.