Geller Endorsed By Broward AFL-CIO


Steve Geller has scored again in his county commission race.

Geller has won his biggest union endorsement to date, the Broward County AFL-CIO.

The endorsement of Geller by the umbrella group representing over 50 public and private sector unions is a blow to his opponent, incumbent County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger.

The two are battling in the August Democratic primary for the south Broward commission seat held by Gunzburger since 1992. Geller is the former state Senate Democratic leader.

Since the race is being fought in a heavily Democratic district, union endorsements are prized. Early endorsements handed out now are more difficult to obtain since they require the unanimous vote of each union’s board of directors.

Geller has won the endorsement from four fire fighters unions, some police unions, a dock workers group and now the AFL-CIO.  Gunzburger has captured the support of Unite Here, which represents hotel workers.

Dan Reynolds, president of the Broward AFL-CIO, said in a letter to Geller: “These bad economic times make it especially critical that we help elect you to the Broward County Commission where you will focus on creating jobs and protecting the working men and women of Broward and their families.

13 Responses to “Geller Endorsed By Broward AFL-CIO”

  1. Insider says:

    These unions have become a joke – as well as ineffective and are bleeding cities and organizations dry with their unreasonable demands. I hope people see them for what they are: self-serving and greedy. Forget the unions of the past that helped protect the rights of the working man/woman. Comm. Gunzburger should continue her honest campaigning and her hard work on the Commission. She’ll win. God help County hall if Geller gets elected. He is one of the smarmiest elected officials I’ve ever met.

  2. Out with the old says:

    Can’t wait to see all the lies little Ronnie writes about unions and steve Geller on this post…. Oh wait, he’s already started.

  3. David Brownnose says:

    I bought the endorsements by putting a handful of old men on the union board on the Geller campaign payroll. That’s how it is done when you are running as a lobbyist against a true Democrat like Sue Gunzburger. I’m surprised I can any money left to pay the union board, since Steve is spending so much defending himself against his friends at Mutual Benefit and the Rothstein firm.

    FROM BUDDY: Veteran political consultant David Brown is the campaign manager for Steve Geller. This author is obviously not a fan.

  4. Working man says:

    To insider. Yes I agree the unions in Broward county are a joke. They don’t represent the employees like the public thinks. Take the aiport & sea port they’re a general fund (not tax payers dollers) but still must take furlough days eventhough the money that is socalled saved dosen’t save any jobs it goes back to the bottom line of both places. As for the unreasonable demands look at the two contracts on county website that past this week. Nothing special. Go Geller

  5. Working man says:

    They are a enterprize fund not a general fund. Sorry

  6. Remember This says:

    Remember this: Steve Geller left your wallet at the AFL-CIO in order to get this endorsement.

    Make no mistake.

    The union has no problem with Sue Gunzburger or Steve Geller. They chose to endorse Geller because he wanted their endorsement and made promises to them to get it. That is exactly how union endorsements work and anybody that tells you otherwise is either ignorant or lying.

    Those promises, exchanged for union endorsements will cost the taxpayer.

  7. Tommy the Fry Cook says:

    To “Remember This”:

    Since you apparently know so much about the process, why don’t you enlighten the rest of us on what “promises” Geller made to the unions? Give us a specific list instead of innuendo. If you’re going to claim that Geller bought the endorsement, tell us how much and who got it. It’s time to put up or shut up. If you can’t do it, then you’d better look in the mirror the next time you make an “ignorant or lying” claim.

    Once again, the GONEzburger crowd is trying to smear Geller because they can’t win on the issues. That should show you that they know she’s in trouble in this campaign.

  8. Out with the old says:

    I just want to know something. If unions endorsements are so bad and union are breaking our economy and government, then why did Sue Gonesburger complain that she wasn’t being fairly evaluated by the unions? Why did she ask to be treated equally by the unions? Most notably, why did she publicize the 1 union endorsement that she got?

    Could it be because unions are important and are needed. Could it be that Gonesburger knows that importance of unions and need union supports, but because she can’t get any, she and Little Ronnie attack them. Obviously the Gonesburger’s didn’t read the Aesops Fable about the fox and sour grapes.

    Congratulations Steve Geller. You made a great Senator and will make an even better County Commissioner!

  9. The Only Endorsement That Matters says:

    The only endorsement that matters is that made by voters on election day. All else is window dressing.

    Sue Gunzburger will win this race because she’s been doing the job honorably and well for a long time. Voters know that. She works for us.

    Steve Geller is running for the county for one reason only. It is the only other thing he can do to keep his political career alive. It is not that he wants to even be a county commissioner. It’s that he has no choice if he wants to continue being elected.

    With Gunzburger, she works to secure our agenda. With Geller, he wants us to secure his agenda.

    Whatever else is true or not true about that candidates, that much is clear.

  10. Tommy's Head is Fried says:

    When you go to a PBA endorsement, they specifically ask you if you will or won’t work to help them achieve their salary goals. When you go to any fire union endorsement meeting, they specifically ask you whether you will or won’t support their negotiation goals. As a new candidate especially, they endorse based on which candidate gives them the best answer.

    Everybody knows this. It requires no proof.

    If the AFL/CIO chose to support Geller over Gunzburger, that means they think their members will make out better financially with Geller than Gunzburger. Anybody that doesn’t think that’s true is not, well, thinking. Unions are not in the business of picking the best statesmen for office. They pick the best operatives for their cause. It is an integral part of their currupt approach: First, we endorse the candidates most accommodating to our membership’s agenda, second we help them get elected, and last, we negotiate contracts with them after election day.

    Union politics is the ultimate quid pro quo and always has been.

  11. Russell R. Chard says:

    The “Tommy’s Head” comment above is precisely what’s wrong with blogs. Under the cloak of anonymity, people can make absurd comments and ridiculous accusations with no accountability.

    I have been president of The Hollywood Professional Fire Fighters, Local #1375 for nineteen years. I have been an officer in our local for 29 years. NEVER ONCE have we EVER specifically or generally asked a candidate whether they “will or won’t support [our] negotiation goals.” Anyone who claims that about us is a bald-faced liar and I dare them to make the same accusation and sign their real name to it.

    My local union was the first to endorse Steve Geller for County Commission even though we are a municipal fire union. Steve Geller could promise ANYTHING regarding our “negotiation goals” and he’d never be able to deliver on it because we have no direct dealings with the County Commission. As Sue has written herself, we didn’t even interview either candidate, we based our endorsement on knowing them both for 20+ years and on their voting records. Consequently, no “promises” were ever asked for and none wear ever implied, let alone made. That was the same thought process when he later received the endorsement of The Broward County Council of Professional Fire Fighters. All but one of the BCCPFF’s affiliated fire unions are municipal based and no county commissioner can either help or hurt our “negotiation goals”.

    I was also present as the AFL-CIO endorsement meeting when Geller was endorsed and it was the same scenario. In fact, the vast majority of the voting members on the AFL-CIO Executive Board do not have dealings with the County Commission because most work in private sector. Out of the 50+ unions represented by the AFL-CIO, I believe only two (Federation of Public Employees and the Broward County Firefighters and Paramedics) sign labor agreements with the County Commission.

    Therefore, the suggestion that the current slate of pro-Geller labor endorsements are based on his willingness to support “negotiation goals” is misleading to the point of being outright deceitful.

    Since Sue got the endorsement of Unite Here! (the hotel workers), why isn’t the above writer making the same accusations of her? Is he willing to concede that Sue made “negotiation goal” promises to Unite Here! in order to win their endorsement? Or is it that he has absolutely no clue what’s he’s talking about and that BOTH candidates have secured their endorsements in legitimate fashion?

    I realize supporters of both sides are going to vigorously defend their candidates, but if you’re going to drag me, my local, or any of my local’s affiliated organizations into your argument, please be honest and factual.

    The comment above is neither.


    Russell R. Chard, President
    The Hollywood Professional Fire Fighters;
    Delegate to The Broward County Council of Professional Fire Fighters;
    Public Safety Sector Vice President, Broward County AFL-CIO

  12. Thank you Mr. Chard says:

    Looks like Little Ronnie got caught in a lie. Wouldn’t expect anything else from a Gonesburger! Sue has been lying about her record for over 20 years! Hell even her daughter lied about why she needed time off from work with the B.S.O. and she’s upset that she got caught and was subsequently fired. All of a sudden, Sue is interested on privatizing the jail. Get rid of them all!

  13. Russ Oh Russ says:

    Russ come clean. If Gunzburger and Geller both said your members wouldn’t get another dime, and if somehow Charlie Manson decided to run for the county commission promising you guys a 3% increase, you’d endorse Manson in a heartbeat.

    You can say all this high hat stuff all you want. Everybody knows that the agenda of unions is more money for less work and better working conditions. Unions endorse the candidates they think get them to their goal, always have and always will.

    Trying to dispute that is really kind of hopeless. But let’s put it this way.

    Name one official your union has ever endorsed that told you there’s no way you’d ever get them to vote for any increase for your members? Name just one.