Gay Activist In Nasty Fight At School Board HQ




Gay activist Michael Rajner isn’t talking…at least to

Rajner is, however, talking to the cops.

He’s complaining about a nasty verbal fight that occurred in the audience of the School Board’s Diversity Committee at the Board’s downtown Fort Lauderdale headquarters:

The fight was over – I’m not making this up – a seat.

Rajner and a woman both wanted to sit in it.

This is according to several sources who wish to remain anonymous.

The loud dispute quickly degenerated into name calling. Sources heard the words “dick” and “cunt” being tossed around.

The woman’s husband entered the fray at some point and “lunged at Rajner,” a source reported.

Rajner felt so threated, he called the police on his cell phone from the audience and demanded they protect him.



Michael Rajner: Nasty fight at School Board HQ


“He was pitching a loud hissy fit. He kept saying his life was being threatened by Tea Party people,” one person in attendance told

Rajner apparently got so disruptive that he was asked to quiet down.  That just triggered more outbursts, sources say. confirmed that there were Tea Party folks in the audience.

But really, Mikey.

Threatened? Your life in danger?

Don’t the police have better things to do?

Cops obviously felt they did have better things to do.  None were sent to Rajner’s rescue, although one was outside the meeting room, several sources confirmed.

Here is Rajner’s side of the story:

Buddy, I’m not surprise with your “sources” not wishing to reveal their identity.  But given you are asking me to respond to the events of an incident with preset bias and characterizations, I’m not inclined to elaborate on the matter.

I did file a complaint with law enforcement and given this is now a pending investigation I will be addressing the matter with the appropriate officials at Broward County Public Schools and law enforcement.

Frankly, I don’t wish to contribute to a media platform that encourages it readers to cowardly hide behind anonymous posts while attacking others.



14 Responses to “Gay Activist In Nasty Fight At School Board HQ”

  1. consistent says:

    At least he’s consistent, Rajner doesn’t give up his seat to a woman.

  2. Roger says:

    Rajner is a plague on the gay community. Would somebody please tell him to shut up. He speaks for no one.

  3. Gay Advice To Straight People says:

    He is a jerk with no following to speak of in the gay community. A self promoter in love with his own press clippings. Most gay people disagree with his views. Only fools waste their time dealing with him. Best to just ignore him.

  4. Just Saying says:

    Agree with earlier comments. Rajner is a publicity whore and jackass — almost universally disliked by gay, straight, left and right alike. In fact, he’s disliked by just about everyone except for Judy Stern (who regularly gives him gifts and cash to cover his bills).

    Funniest part of Rajner’s complaint, as the Sentinel reported it, was Rajner whining that the lady’s husband was “intentionally sitting menacingly” next to him! Don’t believe there is such a crime in Florida. Just grow up, Michael.

  5. etiquette says:

    I true gentleman, gay or straight, would get up and give his seat to a woman, child or senior. Didn’t your parents teach you that?

  6. Broward Dem says:

    Kudos to Rajner for not giving his seat to (name removed because I have no evidence this Tea Party member was the woman). She is not a lady, rather a nasty evil witch.
    Make no mistake these tea party people attend these meetings and DO try and intimidate people.

  7. C u next Tuesday says:

    Since it appears this dispute is between a man and a woman, it would appear that Michael Rajner called the woman the “C” word. Also since Michael Rajner has not denied using that term in this altercation.

    As a Resident of County Commission District 4 and Maria Sach’s Senate District, it is well known that Michael Rajner is a supporter of and/or has spoken favorably about and has positive relationships with both elected officials.

    Clearly, Sen Sachs and Commissioner LaMarca need to openly denounce Mr. Rajner immediately.

    If not, Michael Rajner must think its acceptable to publicly use disgusting and derogatory language about a woman. Sen Sachs and Commissioner LaMarca should be ashamed of their association with Michael Rajner and should demand they treat women with more respect. Shame on all of them for their affiliations with Michael Rajner.

    Next campaign season – remember the language Michael Rajner has publicly used about a woman. That term is offensive to all women and all women are owed apologies!

  8. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    The word “cunt” has lost its edge

    I think it’s time for a worse swear than “cunt”. It used to be that was the absolute top of the swearing hierarchy. You could stop any discussion just by flashing the joker of all swear words.

    I mean… wow. Cunt. it’s got two hard consonants. Not only that, but they are at the beginning and at the end. Come in with a crash, go out with a bang. And the ‘u’ gives it that really short syllable sound.

    See, the word “fuck” is similar, but it’s just too undecided. First off, it begins with sort of a foo foo sounding letter… fffff, I mean what’s that?

    Then as far as the meaning, well it’s just not focused enough… could be a noun, could be a verb… you can combine it with other words, there’s just no direction. Make up your mind.

    Now… “cunt”, there’s a word that knows exactly what it’s trying to say. It doesn’t need a context.

    But now everyone’s on the cunt bandwagon, and it’s just not the same anymore. There isn’t that thrill of “ooohhh, who’s gonna top that?”. It’s just mundane everyday now.

    We need something that can be applied to anyone, an equal opportunity word like fuck or cunt but worse.

    Cuck? Nah, that’s too much like cock.

    What about Funt?

    No, that just sounds like gay football or something.

    So, anyway, if someone’s got any ideas… run it by me, and I’ll let you know if yours is a winner.

    For now, let’s slow down on the usage of cunt… like antibiotics.

    And don’t forget to wash your ass.

    This has been a public service announcement.

  9. Chaz Stevens, Festivus says:

    @ etiquette says:

    Actually my parents taught me to stand up to bullies. My boxing coach taught me to beat them into the ground.

  10. Disability Fraud says:

    If anyone out there knows of anyone who may be getting Social Security Disabilty payments fraudulently, feel free to make a complaint here….

  11. Irrelevant says:

    I hear Rajner sent an email to LaMarca complaining about BSO’s policies on equality and cc’d the Sheriff. I thought Mr. Gunzberger’s response was perfect..

    From: Gunzburger, Ron
    Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2014 11:16 AM
    Subject: RE: Grant rights to unmarried partners

    Sheriff Israel is committed to full equality, and notes that BSO already provides identical benefits to both opposite-sex and same-sex spouses of our BSO employees. The Sheriffs office is currently gathering more information from our larger vendors towards to goal of implementing this policy within our agency. So far, from our initial inquiries, it appears our major vendors currently provide equal benefits. Additionally, as this has matter has progressed, we consult from time to time with respected LGBT community leaders such as Wilton Manors Commissioner Julie Carson, labor/Democratic activist Tim Ross, and former County Commissioner Ken Keechl for guidance on this issue as we work towards establishing this policy. Mr. Rajner has simply not been one of the individuals we have chosen to work with on this, so perhaps that is what prompted his email.

  12. Sam The Sham says:

    Well, it could have been worse for Rajner. He could have been texting in a movie theater in Tampa.

  13. Interesting article says:

    I see in the article below, Guy from New York claims illness, gets on disability moves to florida. Guy moves to florida and leads a very active life. Now that guy is accused of faking and disability fraud.

    Reminds me of someone who had a photo of themselves waterskiing on their Facebook page. The same person that can be involved in running volunteer meetings, organizing rallies, travels all over to address his causes and picks fights all over town……

    Interesting this person can do all the above but is so disabled they couldn’t hold an office job?

  14. City Activist robert Walsh says:

    The gal that he used the “c’ word w/. You are lucky he did not punch you in the face. I hate that word. Never used that word or the ‘N’ word. I mean I always give up my seat to a woman. I seriously don’t believe the “iron lady” Judy Stern gives him money etc. Then he calls the cops ,there is always law enforcement @ these meetings. Basic manners trumps here. What man out there would not give up his seat to a woman??