Game Changer: Connie Mack Won’t Run


U. S. Rep. Connie Mack said today he won’t run against U. S. Sen. Bill Nelson next year.

He told the St. Petersburg Times he was not running because of family reasons — his two young children and wife.

His departure opens up the race for several other Republicans and eliminates perhaps the most formidable candidate.

The other GOP candidates are expected to be Senate President Mike Haridopolos, former state House Majority Leader Adam Hasner and former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux.

Republicans can see one of the hopefuls–Hasner– April 4, Monday at the Southwest Broward Republican Club at the Walter C. Young School Theater, 901 NW 129 Ave., Pembroke Pines.

The club seems to be a key place to be for the GOP candidates.  Earlier this year, the club had Haridopolos at its meeting.

3 Responses to “Game Changer: Connie Mack Won’t Run”

  1. Broward REC member says:

    Hey Buddy, since you are advertising for one club, you should note that…
    Mike Haridopolos is the featured speaker at the Broward REC Meeting this upcoming Monday, March 28th at the Sheraton Suites hotel at 555 NW 62nd St. Ft Lauderdale FL 33309 off of Cypress Creek Rd W and I 95.

    Adam Hasner spoke at BREC back on Feb 28th.

    LeMieux spoke at the Republican Business Network on March 16.


    I’m glad you pointed out that Republicans will have two Republican U. S. Senate candidates in Broward next two weeks.

    From my position on the outside, the Southwest club seems to be aggressive about inviting candidates.

    I’m sure every Republican will get a chance to see the candidates at various venues before the end of this race in August, 2012.

  2. Dicky DiNap says:

    Dining with Haridopolos auction at Taverna Opa for two? Table dancing extra. Please dont ask the Senator about it now, Rico Suave likes to surprise them with the info when they show up. à tout à l’heure

  3. Jeb says:

    Jeb Bush could walk right into that seat if he wanted to. Everyone would back off. Possibly even Nelson.