Gallagher Seeks Letters To Sway Judge


Disgrace School Board member Bev Gallagher, who is facing sentencing in federal court for bribery, needs some friends who will speak up for her. 

So her daughter Ann Gallagher is searching for politicians who will ask US District Judge James I. Cohn to go easy on her mom.

The e-mail from Ann is circulating throughout Broward political circles.  The message asks for help from the politicians.

Ann wants them to write  and ask for leniency.

Some of the folks getting the e-mail know Gallagher intimately. Others have met her only once.

I can’t blame daughter Ann, who is a sometimes-political consultant.  I would do the same thing if it were my mom.

I thought readers would be interested to see how this works.

Here it is:

From: “Ann K. Gallagher”

Date: Fri, 21 May 2010


Subject: a personal favor

I am overwhelmed with sadness and I am heartbroken about the circumstances that force me to write this letter. I’m also a little uncomfortable asking for help, but when it comes to my Mom, Beverly Gallagher, there really isn’t anything I wouldn’t do.

I was hoping that you could write a letter to the judge who will preside over my Moms sentencing and ask him for leniency.  Specifically, any letters written on her behalf should address your knowledge and dealings with her and what kind of a sentence she should be given.  Feel free to share any personal thoughts you may have, (i.e. that you always thought she was a good person, good Mom, honest, hardworking, etc) whatever you’re comfortable with. 

 If you’re able to do this, the letter should be addressed to:                               

US District Judge James I. Cohn
US District Court
299 E Broward Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33301

  We need to collect the letters to give the Judge a package along with any motions her attorney will file by Wednesday, May 26, 2010. Please let me know if you would be willing to do this, if so I will make arrangements to pick up the letter from you.

 Thank you so much. 

 Annie Gallagher

27 Responses to “Gallagher Seeks Letters To Sway Judge”

  1. nothing new says:

    anyone should and would do anything to help their mom in a time of trouble, so this request is understandable.

    however, the former school board member has demonstrated that she’s not above the law, so hard working may be a stretch. and oh yeah, she failed the public and then wore a wire, so always thought she was a good person, maybe not. no doubt, she has likely been a good mom, so forget the politicians who may be as dirty as she is and stick to the family and close friends who possibly knew her for the person she was OUTSIDE of politics. it really is a sad commentary on our society. gallagher should do her deserved time and forget leniency when she is the one who robbed the public trust. this might have been the one time she got caught, but i’m not convinced there weren’t other times.

  2. She Stole says:

    She took a bribe. How can you ask the judge to cut her sentence?

  3. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    Sweetie. I’d be *more than happy* to write to the Judge on behalf of your Mom.

    All my pleasure…

    Have your people call my people. We’ll do lunch. Heck maybe your Mom can recommend a place where we can score us some free king crab.

    Don’t forget to bring a doggy bag.

    Chaz Stevens, Genius

  4. Every bit and more says:

    Every bit as shameful as what Beverly Gallager did is the dehumanizing impact of these events on her family. Worse still is the inability to empathize with anyone in that situation. Her choices were terribly wrong. She and her family assuredly look back on that now with regret.

    Justice does not seek to be hateful or vindictive. Justice seeks only to give people what they deserve. Justice is supposed to be blind but never unfeeling. Justice never seeks to be cruel. No one deserves cruelty.

    Gallagher broke the law and her oath to the public. For that she must be punished. Empathy for her and her family is acceptable. The actions of her daughter to lessen her sentence is understandable. Let’s show some class.

  5. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> Let’s show some class.

    Fuck that. Tar and feather the bitch.

  6. SimpleMan says:

    The same class she showed shoving cash in her doggy bag. The same class shown by kicking, tripping, and shoving camera men and reporters outside the courthouse during her entourage’s surreal, comical attempted escape from the paparazzi. The same class shown by her daughter’s middle finger to the camera. The same class shown by groveling for a good word from her crooked friends. The same class Beverly has shown by dragging her family through this. Beverly Gallagher, Parent Activist, Thief. Look where the district is now. Thanks.

  7. Another Voice says:

    Thanks Annie. I think I will write

    US District Judge James I. Cohn
    US District Court
    299 E Broward Blvd.
    Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33301

    and let him know how disgusted I am as a taxpayer and law-abiding citizen with corrupt politicians stealing from children. School Board members should be above all other politicians, yet your mommy stole some underpriveleged child’s education. She stole the opportunity to learn. She stole knowledge. Shame on her – she should spend the maximum prescribed amount of time in jail thinking about what she’s done.

  8. stand up straight says:

    Buddy, why would you do this? In the hope of embarrasing her one more time?

    She didn’t STEAL anything, nor has she been accused of stealing!

    Ask yourself this question — who among us would unknowingly spend years being “friends” with undercover FBI agents and not end up getting arrested? Unlike some, it’s not as if Bev Gallagher was already doing the things she’s being punished for. She was quite literally targeted and set up, and now her daughter is asking for a little bit of help. Nothing wrong with that either!

    Fuck you, Chaz Stevens! Glad your family is so perfect so as to never get themselves in any trouble, right?

  9. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    @Stand Up Straight
    >> Fuck you, Chaz Stevens! Glad your family is so perfect so as to never get themselves in any trouble, right?

    Member of my family are not publicly elected officials, therefore any transgression of theirs would have not violated the public trust.

    As for me, should I ever be found on the FBI Love Boat, trading favor for food, then feel free to kick me squarely in the nuts.

    Just as we are doing to your Moms right now.

    In the end, I suggest that Bev become intimately familiar with the Latin phrase “quantum meruit” – which means “as much as she has deserved”.

    In the end, I don’t take away from your right to ask for all the help one can muster, however don’t think that the rest of us are going to sit idly by and watch an attempt to revise history.

    PS. I am thinking we’re not going to do lunch anytime soon. Okie dokie. What about a strip club?

  10. Sara says:

    A daughter’s love towards her mother is unconditional. Leave the poor girl alone.

  11. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:


    The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
    – Hubert Humprey

  12. StonedCEO says:

    I’ll also be writing to:

    US District Judge James I. Cohn
    US District Court
    299 E Broward Blvd.
    Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33301

    As far as I’m concerned, a violation of public trust should be treated with twice the sentence as any like crime. She was put in a position, and she used that to benefit herself, and I’m sure her daughter. Her job was to look out for the children of Broward County – she let them down for her own greed. Sorry Annie, as far as I’m concerned your mother is a filthy animal.

  13. Taxpayeur says:

    Ann Gallagher works for the School Board (wonder how she got the job?)
    …. So, is she sending out these letters on School Board time? Mrs. Gallagher deserves the max penalty.. we are sick of the corrupton and hopefully Parks, Kraft, et all are next. Meantime, teachers on the street, no supplies and employees and their families thrown aside due to the corruption and mismanagement.
    Notter should just quietly slink away also. Bye bye.

  14. Hammerhead says:

    Dear Annie,

    I have a mother too and understand your need to stand by her, but you have to realize that a part of the process of redemption is admitting the wrong and suffering the consequences. Please understand that it is sad what you are going through and you have the right to be selfish in wanting your mother to suffer minimal consequences, but the greater good is served by her accepting the punishment for the acts she committed.

    To say that the only time that she committed crimes is when she got caught is to punish the public as being stupid and naive. That is not the closure that the public needs. For example, if you were cheated on by the love of your life you would require the very redemption that I speak about. It is not just a punishment, but a requirement to prove to the injured party that the perpetrator has paid their debt. Your mother must do this to begin the county healing; as will many other politicos before this is all over.

    Annie believe me, I am not being condescending. I am simply trying to help you to put your grief and anxiety into perspective. If your mother does not pay for her wrong she will never be truly forgiven.

    I will pray for you and your family, but please do not try to trivialize her breach of the public trust. Those days are gone.

  15. Garfish says:

    Since when does Annie work for the school board? I thought it was Megan that worked there. Annie is a student (who might have just graduated) and is involved in a lot of political activities, with the Broward Young Democrats and the the Florida Young Democrats.

  16. Just me says:

    Stand up straight… Gallagher was set up by her “friend” Sheila Alu. Those two “contractors” who snagged Gallagher have been seen tagging along with Alu by more than one other person.

    Gallagher is guilty, that we know, but the slime bucket Alu has tried to set up more than half of the elected officials in the county. Kind of makes one wonder what the FBI has on Alu.

  17. Hoof Hearted says:

    @Just me,

    Gallagher was not “set up” as you say. She was caught in an act that she had taken part in over and over in one way or another for a long time. Don’t forget the many checks she received from the blood bank over and over and over. The only difference with those checks is that they did not come in doggie bags. She f’d up badly and you cannot put lipstick on a pig to make this go away. If it makes you feel any better there will be many more to follow soon. As one blogger stated the days of betraying the public’s trust are over and I couldn’t agree more.

    Now stop trying to make this a one time offense and face reality. She was corrupted. Not evil, but definately corrupted. Neil and Co. saw to it and she took the bait. If there was any setting her up, it was done by the usual suspects; the lobbyists.


  18. Concerned Broward Parent says:

    This is a tough call for some, not so tough for others. Ok the law IS the law and yes the admittance of wrongdoing is clear. The problem I have with this sentencing and admission is Gallagher was caught in a “sting”. One has to wonder when the hammer will fall on the other School Board members who have done worse, but have not been caught? Some it appears have resigned/retired in the hopes that the digging will cease.

    Again, we have a new cycle of corruption with “fresh/old/problematic blood” running for spots on this school board. The BTU “dictator” as well as the entire school board SHOULD be “fired” by the voters, but the big problem is this: Are we going from bad to much worse? In my opinion YES we are… just when I thought we’d have a better choice. THAT is what is sad here.

    As far as Gallagher, Annie, with all due respect to and for you… I hope your Mom gets off easy, but for a message to these remaining school board members? YOU are next!

  19. Just me says:

    Hoof Hearted, without going into detail, I KNOW for a fact that Alu set up Gallagher. That’s not saying she’s innocent and entrapped by any stretch. She’s not innocent and wasn’t entrapped. How I know is for me to know and for the proper authorities to reveal. The Blood Bank checks were legal even if they were slimy. Corrupt is still corrupt even if she was set up.

    FROM BUDDY: My understanding is that Alu introduced the FBI undercover agents to Gallagher. They took it from there.

  20. Just me says:

    Buddy, you are correct. What you don’t know is sheer number of elected officials who were supposedly “her friends” that she tried to set up with the same two agents. There’s certainly corruption in the county, but Sheila’s involvement is just too convenient and there are allegations as to why.

  21. Amazing Karnack says:

    Just me, Karnack says nice try. Karnack says Alu is not the glue that binds Beverly to the initials. Karnack says if we had more Alu’s there would be a lot less Beverly’s walking near the tracks. Karnack says the train goes clickity clack, clickity clack, clickity clack.

  22. Git R Done says:

    I think it’s interesting Alu, may have picked Gallagher, why would she do that? Maybe Gallagher thought maybe they were making a move on her because she’s divorced and thought maybe they would be going out w/her? Maybe Gallagher thought Alu was fixing her up w/these guys? It’s interesting that people “think” Alu had something to do w/this??? How did Alu get involved w/wearing a wire? What did she do for the Feds to pick her to wear a wire? Afterall, that part is still superficial and we all don’t know anything about it…YET!!!
    I think that say’s a lot in itself.

  23. SimpleMan says:

    Typical in today’s culture. A politican takes thousands of dollars in bribes to steer money to their illicit clients, money taken from taxpayers meant for educating our kids by the way, and some people want to blame everyone except for the dirty politician. I have news for you folks, Alu is not the one who is convicted and scheduled for sentencing. Sheila Alu has not been accused of any crime and the only people who “think” Alu has done something wrong are either delusional ro Beverly apologists. Alu is a hero in my eyes and as unfallen one at that. I think that Alu is a regular person with a sense of decency that is uncommon for a politician in this corrupt county who was affronted by the corruption she found once in office and reacted to it much as I like to think that I would have. There is a reason that Beverly is going to jail and Sheila is not, Beverly is a criminal.

  24. Kris Key-are-E says:

    Annie is so hot…(mumble, boy, did I screw up…)

  25. Bystander says:

    Chaz, it’s exhilarating seeing you in all these different places – it makes me feel so much smarter and so much better when I see you sitting there masturbating over your latest idea of how to look like a seditionist. You’re no seditionist – you don’t have the guts. You are loser with low self-esteem who just loves to rant about how he’s a loser with high self-esteem. Rant on, loser – makes the rest of us feel better. You know – there but for the grace of God …..

  26. SWR-WW says:

    I would recommend a letter more like this one below. It must be hand delivered or mailed. No email to the judges, I checked.

    US District Judge James I. Cohn
    US District Court
    299 E Broward Blvd.
    Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33301

    To the Honorable Judge James I. Cohn,

    Justice does not seek to be vindictive or lenient. Justice seeks only to give people what they deserve. Justice is supposed to be blind but never unfeeling. Justice never seeks to be cruel. No one deserves cruelty.

    With that said, I would like to let you know how disgusted I am as a taxpayer and law-abiding citizen with corrupt politicians stealing from children. School Board members should be above all other politicians; when they steal, they rob from an underprivileged child’s education. Beverly Gallagher stole the opportunity to learn. She stole knowledge. She stole some child’s dreams and opportunities. Shame on her.

    It has been made public that the likes of Roy Rodgers, a former lobbyist and presently a public servant, Ann Gallagher, the defendant’s daughter and a political advisor, George Platt, a powerful lobbyist, and other Broward county power brokers are orchestrating letter writing campaigns to plead for leniency. Please ignore their pleas as well as the request from the defendant. Gallagher broke the law and her oath to the public. Dante reserved a special place in Hell for these people.

    Please dispense the appropriate justice based on the facts of the case without the influence of anyone’s individual wishes. This is an important case that must demonstrate that corruption in Broward County carries heavy consequences, no matter who you know.


    Your name here.

  27. Just me says:

    Hoof Hearted, Karnack, SimpleMan, we have zero argument over Gallagher’s guilt. She made her own bed and now she has to lie in it. What Buddy needs to do is to call or email his list of county pols and count the answers to one simple question: “Has Sheila Alu introduced you to her two friends?” I suspect he already knows the score.