Gallagher Made A Non-Person


Just like Emmanuel Goldstein in the novel 1984, the face of Bev Gallagher has been wiped from memory….at least on the School Board’s website.

While we slept, her picture and information about her were removed from the website. 

Within hours of her arrest and suspension.

Dropped down the 1984 “Memory Hole”.

The website now features just eight members. Check it out here.

Who ever heard of the public school staff hustling to do anything? This proves the staff can do something quickly… if they want to.

7 Responses to “Gallagher Made A Non-Person”

  1. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    You are correct, SB staff can move fast, if t hey have to but usually it takes an act of congress to get anything done in a timely manner. Everybody knew it was coming, so they were ready. I always found Bev (what ever her name is) to be a little naieve and I believe that is how this happened to her. Not the brightest light on the tree. But a very nice person.

  2. Big Brother says:

    How can they do this? Isn’t she innocent til proven guilty?
    FROM BUDDY: She’s suspended, so technically no longer a voting member of the School Board.

  3. Beth is Way Off Base says:

    Beth has the same soft spot for her other ethically or criminally compromised elected official friends.

    I don’t demand that my officials be nice, much less very nice. I expect them to be honest and to do their jobs well — nice is gravy. Honest is required. Doing the job well is expected.

    So let’s get our heads screwed on straight here.

    What Bev Gallagher did is no different than someone robbing your mother’s purse. Your response to that robber should never be “oh, but he’s a very nice guy.” And so that response is out of line. She is a crook.

  4. Wow says:

    They have Gallagher on tape saying to undercover agents that they could “make a lot of money together,” the paper said this morning.
    I agree with Beth If Way Off Base. Gallgher is a crook.
    I feel sorry for her kids. She is still a crook.
    Kraft is next. She and her husband made a fortune off the School Board.

  5. Jig is Up says:

    The unfortunate thing about when corruption like this is exposed is that it puts other crooks on their best behavior for a while.
    If people get charged now, it will be for things which happened BEFORE this story broke.
    It will take a couple of years before the crooks get comfy and start to backslide.

  6. Dave R says:

    It was probably Stephanie Kraft’s idea.

  7. b.maxwell says:

    I don’t think Bev’ll be going down alone. She’ll pull others down with her…

    Don’t touch that dial! We’ll be right back with more after the commercial break.