Frm. Sheriff Scott Israel Publicly Eviscerated


Former Broward Sheriff Scott Israel’s arrogance has been whispered about among Democrats for years. 

“His ego has been out of control for a long time,” a veteran Democrat told Browardbeat.

But when leading Democratic state Senator Kevin Rader put those whispers into words in the pages of the Sun-Sentinel on November 7, it changed the dynamics of next year’s race for Sheriff.

The race is largely between Israel and Sheriff Gregory Tony

Tony was appointed by Gov. Ron DeSantis to replace Israel and is running to hold the seat.  Israel is running to get his job back.

Israel it thought to be leading. Maybe not so much after Rader’s op-ed piece: 

“I absolutely believe the voters should reject candidate Scott Israel in 2020.

“Israel failed as Broward sheriff. As elected officials, we must remain humble and remember that we are here to serve our residents. Israel neglected that duty displaying arrogance instead.”

Here is the background: 

Israel was removed from office by Gov. Ron DeSantis because of management failures surrounding the Parkland high school shooting and other incidents.  

When the removal reach the Senate, Rader of Boca Raton voted to reinstate Israel. He believed DeSantis’ removal of Israel set a bad precedent. 

But supporting Israel’s reinstatement — the Senate voted to uphold the removal — did not mean that Rader was in Israel’s camp.  

Far from it.  Rader wrote in the Sun-Sentinel: 

“Under Israel’s command, the department mismanaged crisis after crisis, with Parkland being the most tragic and most noticeable debacle under his watch. But I believe that ultimately, his numerous failures should be judged by the voters.

“That is in part why I will be supporting Sheriff Gregory Tony in the upcoming Broward Sheriff election, and I hope others in our community will too.”

Those words will come back to haunt Israel.

The op-ed ran under the byline of a state Senator not well known in most of Broward. His self-written biography on the Senate website indicates he is independent and has a sense of humor.

A multi-millionaire insurance company owner with a net worth of $25.5 million, he’s a beekeeper in his spare time. He listens to Howard Stern’s radio show, which is an unusual activity to list on the website. He is interested in genealogy. His wife is a rabbi. 

At some point and perhaps with some encouragement, Rader decided to publicly eviscerate Israel. 

His op-ed piece, which Tony’s camp helped shape, appeared three days after the new sheriff formally announced his campaign. 

Israel’s reaction has been typical. He continues to deny responsibility for Parkland. 

In calls and emails, Rader was angrily dismissed as a “Palm Beach senator” who is interfering in the sheriff’s race.  

Not quite. 

Rader does live in Boca Raton. He also represents a hunk of North Broward, including Coconut Creek, some of Coral Springs and, most notably, Parkland. 

Attacking those who dare oppose him is part of Israel’s modus operandi since becoming sheriff in 2012. 

During this campaign, sources say Israel has been confronting supporters of Tony. 

“It galls him that Tony is sitting in his office,” one Democratic activist opined. 

Israel reportedly called insiders and demanded they drop their support of Tony, according to several sources.

Even a nominal supporter allegedly felt Israel’s wrath. Israel is said to have accosted one person in public for not being significantly pro-Israel, says a source.

Support For Israel Strong

Israel continues to have enormous amount of support among Democrats. Since this race will be decided in the primary, only registered Democratic voters really count.

Many Democrats believe Israel was unjustly removed from office in a partisan move by a Republican governor upheld by a Republican Senate.

“He was the victim of a partisan governor and Legislature,” Israel’s campaign manager Amy Rose said. 

“Everybody sympathizes with the (Parkland) parents, but the person responsible for that terrible act was caught and placed in jail. It is not Scott,” she said.

Tony’s camp countered. 

“Partisanship is all they have…This isn’t just about Parkland. This is about a new sheriff who is significantly making improvements.” 

Amid this sniping, Israel formally kicks off his campaign on Sunday at Plantation’s Central Park. 

Tony has begun to step up his campaigning. 

The appointed sheriff has an uphill battle. Even his strongest supporters concede that he is a political novice, while Israel has run two successful countywide campaigns.

Both campaigns will have enough money to compete, say the two camps. 

“If the election was held tomorrow, Israel would win,” a longtime campaign consultant said. “But the election isn’t tomorrow.”

There is still plenty of time for Rader’s  stinging words in the Sun-Sentinel to resurface in mailed, Internet and broadcast ads.

19 Responses to “Frm. Sheriff Scott Israel Publicly Eviscerated”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Like I stated previous.Israel has the support of the who’s who in Ft.lau(esp) with the lobbyist and the land use dev.atty’s.That being the case why this is concerning is they have deep pockets and will contribute to Israel campaign.So Tony has an advantage that being the school shooting victims families want nothing to do with Scott Israel-.Tony needs to court these families.Bring out the fact that Israel will be just a yes man to these who’s who( lobby,dev.atty).Tony will not get the Black support in esp.Ft.lau,not a problem.Best thing Tony has in his favor- Coounty comm Dale Holeness.He will deliver to Tony the “other Black vote”( blame former senator Chris Smith).Also Holeness will deliver the money( campaign contribution).Holeness will get u in to these demographics.Stay close to Holeness.Also with Holeness appointed county mayor – even better.Keep that uniform on Sheriff Tony.Shine those shoes.Keep cool and smile.You got this….

  2. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    The fact that Israel could still have strong support in Broward indicates the depth of the lock-step lemmings’ blinders. Because a Republican governor appointed Sheriff Tony, they ignore the misfeasance of Israel’s command that could have prevented the deaths of so many children and staff but didn’t.

  3. Dr. Allen Konis says:

    Scott Israel’s lax policies led to the culture that allowed the shooting to take place. His officers acted like cowards. They slept on the job. Showed no courage under fire. And Scott Israel took no responsibility for what occurred under his watch. He is a failed disgrace to law enforcement anywhere in this country.
    Sheriff Tony has turned this department around in his brief time as sheriff. He clearly deserves to continue.

  4. Broward Voter says:

    Scott Israel was vindicated on the facts and railroaded in an act of pure politics. Israel was removed by an abuse of power for daring to demand gun reform on national TV. It had nothing to do with anything else. A vote for Greg Tony is an operative of the NRA driven Donald Trump/Ron DeSantis machine. Tony will never be able to shrug that fact off. Scott Israel’s record is well respected and regarded in Broward. We know he was railroaded. Scott Israel will be reelected. No question about it and the Republicans know it.

  5. Broward D says:

    Kevin Rader’s endorsement means nothing to Broward residents.
    Truth is Tony has demonstrated his poor tempered attitude publicly many times before.
    He is underqualified for the job of Sheriff with his highest rank only ever being Sergeant in Coral Springs with little over 200 officers.
    Tony saw Parkland as an opportunity for him to profit by hawking his training services with promises of protection no training can provide and used it as a springboard to lobby for his current position he is unqualified for. Most of the roaches that sought to profit from this tragedy were scattered but Tony got a promotion from Republicans.
    His tacit political promises to maintain a heavy law and order hand on the minority community in Broward was immediately demonstrated by the failure to properly reprimand white officers under his command in Tamarac after assaulting a black teen and then compounded last week when he fired a black officer for performing the same maneuver on a white teen who had assaulted an officer with a gentle kick.
    We have seen Sheriff Tonys in Broward before under the guise of Allen West who provided racial cover for conservative whites to castigate minorities with bully tactics. We will not be hoodwinked again. You cannot inconsequentially take our votes away. And damn those that provide this man cover and support. You will be remembered.

  6. carolina says:

    I have not read any accusations pointing to the source that could have prevented this horrible tragedy – THE FBI! They had been notified about the shooter on several occasions about his plans to shoot up a school & never once did they contact Broward police. Scott Israel is not to blame.

  7. A reader says:

    Dear Santa,
    All I want for Christmas is a beautiful retreat similar to those for those for rescued animals where has been politicians can go when their time in the spotlight is up. Santa, please make room for Scott Israel, Jeff Sessions, Mrs. Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, ex Mayor Bloomberg, and any member of the US Congress who has served over 2 terms.
    Thank you,
    A voter suffering from retread politician fatigue

  8. Billy T. O'Roarke says:

    Its time for a new sheriff just like its time for a new State Attorney and public defender. Let’s try something new and forget about the partisan BS. There is no role for partisan politics in law enforcement. Both Israel and Tony are former Republicans. So what?

  9. GOPapa says:

    If Democrats believe so much in partisan politics, let them elect Debbie Wasserman Schultz as sheriff.

  10. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #8 I agree esp.county sheriff should be nonpartisan race and like I stated before this position should be controlled/ managed by the county manager.

    Just like in our 31cities( start contributing to this homeless endeavors- no just Ft.lau pays we r up to over 2 million dollars for free apts( eat cake))that the city managers control this position.#5.

    Boy there is alot here.First your comparisons to the incidents u r stating- apples and oranges.Secound the first case the defendant was given verbal instructions to retreat and comply with officers demands( defendant did not).The second incident this was a school resource officer who is basically the students caretaker and is there to provide that this school and everyschool for the students safety.Big difference.I AGREE with the sheriff and how he handled these 2 incidents.Apples and oranges.U #5 r exploiting these incidents to make political points for Scott Israel.And Atty.Crump it’s all about the Benjamin’s($) huh.Think big pay day for u.So obvious..

  11. Witness to it all says:

    Scott Israel’s arrogance was compensation for his incompetence and lack of knowledge. He relentlessly proclaimed to his subordinates about what a great leader he was. Do you need proof of that? He stated it on national TV. He always made it clear to whomever he was at odds with that he was the 300 pound gorilla in the room. And yes, he used those exact terms. Scott Israel relished the adulation every time he walked into a room, restaurant, or event. But, the one most important thing he lacked was his ability to be a strong leader. In the end he was despised by the rank and file(vote of no confidence (87%). For the safety and well being of the citizens of Broward County, Scott Israel should show some class and walk away. Something tells me he may be subjected to a political campaign influenced by external forces the he won’t be able to counter.

  12. Floridan says:

    The problem with all of this is in Florida we have a deeply flawed system for addressing misconduct in office.

    The current method (removal by the governor and trial by senate) is too subjective, has the appearance of being too political, and vests too much power in the hands of too few people, few of whom might represent the constituents of the effected official.

    A better system would allow the governor to suspend (rather than remove) an official pending the results of a grand jury conclusion as to the charges leveled. The official would then reclaim his or her office if the grand jury did not find the governor’s charges valid; removed from office if it did. Furthmore, the person appointed to replace a emoved officer should be barred from seeking elelction to that seat in the next election.

  13. Smashmouth says:

    Al Pollock did extremely well at the first candidate forum. Tony was called out on the very first question for not answering it, and Israel was singing the same story about handing out turkeys. Pollock answered the questions quickly and from experience. He was confident and relaxed to the point that Tony seemed to be taking pointers from the veteran between mic passes.

  14. Wishy Washy Politicians says:

    Why are Parkland residents involved with who should be Sheriff for the entire county? The anger is certainly justified, but wouldn’t it make sense for the city to contract elsewhere for their own policing? If Israel being re-elected is considered a threat to their school’s safety, they can fix things for Parkland by dumping BSO. What’s wrong with their politicians that they drag these heartbroken families and residents through all of this? Maybe it’s their city leadership who need to be removed? None of the sheriff candidates should be FORCED on any city for any reason. There is a clear divide between what kind of policing Broward residents desire. Funding is certainly a factor, but as heated as this is, Parkland should pony up and go their own way for their own peace of mind. The remainder of the cities can decide for themselves.

  15. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #14.So these residents should petition their elected officials and go solo and drop BSO.So u going to pay for the increase to operate this.I mean they lose their children ,being victims themselves and now u want them to pay for their own law enforcement to boot.When they paid BSO in good faith to protect and serve.How dare u..

  16. right wing says:

    its truly sad that this is the best broward county can offer up. I would likely support tony, but being supported by the eternally woe is me holeness raises many questions. Israel???seems like it pains him to smile. I don’t know he just seems uncomfortable. of course like most pols, he just wants to be liked. by the gays, the minorities.suppose it could be worse. anyone remember chris Roberts????

  17. BSO ashamed says:

    Israel is a moron. Tony is a fraud and is continuing to destroy BSO. I work there and I am disgusted. There are NO decent candidates for Sheriff. That is sad. We should not have to vote for the least worst.

  18. Just one vote says:

    Agree but a known devil is better…..the countywide 911 response is atrocious. Because of leadership? Maybe. Bad under Israel, way worse now. I’ll be voting for Israel because the sheriff needs the troops on his side. don’t know Tony, his experience, style, etc.but unless another rider from the ranks by Declaration of candidacy, come August 2020, Israel wins. Maybe he will value his job and do better after the humiliation by the Governor.

  19. Sober as a Judge says:

    A crazed punk with a high powered rifle killed those kids and the very same could happen anywhere, even today, because we are a state full of crazy kids armed with high powered weapons.

    Scott Israel was removed by a purely political abuse of power that lacked any evidenciary substance whatsoever. He was railroaded.

    In fact, not even the Republican stronghold’s hand picked henchman found cause to remove the elected Sheriff. He instead found that our Trumpist Governor’s suspension order lacked any substance whatsoever. It was a campaign promise for crying out loud! One made before he had ever seen the evidence.

    The time has come to look at this intelligently. rationally and not emotionally.

    The time has come to stop confusing accountability with vengence, responsibility with culpability, or honesty and sworn duty with political hackery.

    We need to get this right before more kids are killed in schools.

    A deranged young man, Nikolas Cruz, armed with a high powered weapon, entered his former school looking very much like he belonged there. And there he committed a horrible crime.

    Some first responders didn’t live up to their oath and others did. There was great confusion. 911 communications in place were horrible. There are legitimate fingers to point to in that regard and issues that to this day have not yet been fixed.

    Scott Israel was not present. Had he been there I’m sure he or Cruz or both would today be dead. He was not present and removing him did nothing to protect children in schools.

    For damned sure his actions did not kill those people. Suggestions that he did are baseless. If we removed every police chief or sheriff anywhere there’s been a school shooting, there’d be few chiefs or sheriffs left. That’s just insane thinking. If we apply this “removal” rule only to the Democratic Sheriffs who support gun control on TV, a very different picture emerges.

    Deranged Cruz, heavily armed, killed those kids. He and he alone. You can remove every Sheriff in Florida and those facts would not change. Pay attention to the facts before more of our kids die horribly.