Four Turkeys Show Broward’s Lack of Influence


Four Broward County earmarks in the state budget have been labeled turkeys that should be removed.

The four are among the 105 local projects that Florida Tax Watch says should be cut out of the state budget, saving $202 million.

What is dramatic about the list is that Broward, the second biggest county,  managed to obtain less than $3 million in projects. Peanuts!

This list once again vividly illustrates the lack of influence that Broward’s Democratic delegation has in Tallahassee.  Our Democratic senators and House members are irrelevant.

Broward Democrats probably could get more out of Tallahassee if they stayed home.

The turkeys are:

  • Dan Marino Foundation— $500,000 – money not requested by any agency or the governor.
  • Nova Southeastern University — $1,950,000  — new money not requested by agency to assign students in rotation at health clinics and hospitals.
  • Holocaust Documentation and Education Center –$250,000 – not requested by agency. Turkey last year.
  • Greater Caribbean Chamber of Commerce— $50,000—Turkey vetoed last year.

(Source of  list and explanation of projects:  Florida TaxWatch, Tallahassee)

5 Responses to “Four Turkeys Show Broward’s Lack of Influence”

  1. the Real Truth says:

    Broward Democrats would get more out of Tallahassee if they elected Republicans to represent them 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    Pathetic. Those aren’t turkeys; they are sparrows.

  3. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    And are you all that shocked that Broward(2nd largest county in the state) got the shaft? I mean Nova got basiclly the most, but look at Gov.Scott’s croonies Harodopolos, and Cannon districts got mega-money. Oh Gov. states that he’s not sure if he’ll line veto some of these turkeys, but I won’t hold my breath. He still has what billions in Stimulus monies that he hasn’t touched, but yet we are firing 1400 teachers? And my Frank Lacondo got gafted what 20 grand for his Beacon station(no more vest Frank huh?). Maybe the Beacon chanel should have more coverage of these elite, money bag Republicans , you would see how much Lacondo would have gotten. I mean the money here in Ft. lau that the tourist industry brings in is incredible. i don’t see people(tourist) fleeing to Jacksonville. Spread the wealth Rick. Again this is what 70 million(gov. expense to get the governor’s mansion) gets us. More of the same. Whats next is what I wonder.

  4. Mortimer Jones says:

    What upsets me most on that list is that Nova is a private school. Why should my tax dollars go there, when Broward College and FAU could use more money?

  5. For The Record says:

    A turkey is a special appropriation held up to scrutiny and criticism on a legitimate basis. They stand in contrast with worthy special appropriations that are funded through a fair process.

    Special appropriations that return to communities the very dollars they pay in taxes to fund particular projects that provide a legitimate governmental purpose are not turkeys.

    There is nothing illegal or unethical about special appropriations so long as a balanced budget is produced, with the ordinary functions of government adequately funded, the special appropriations process is administred fairly, and the projects selected have merit.

    When some legislators get special appropriations for their districts but others do not that opens the door for legitimate criticism about the process. When the projects lack merit that opens the door for criticism about the need for the project or about inflated cost. Those are turkeys because they are suspect either on the level of process or merit.