Four Democrats Kick Off Campaigns This Week


The Democrats may be criticized for being tax-and-spend liberals, but they are downright conservative when it comes to fund raisers in Broward.

They are combining the kickoff for four state House campaigns three incumbents and newcomer Barbra Stern.

Saves money that way. 

And no posh hotel ballrooms for these Democrats. The event is being held at a bar to save even more.

It’s a smart move, and one that has been used in the past by Barbra Stern’s mom, political consultant Judy Stern.  Mama Stern has long believed that as little money as possible should be spent to raise campaign funds.

 So State Reps. Joe Gibbons, Evan Jenne, Perry Thurston and Barbra Stern will start their campaigns together on Wednesday at the Himmarshee Side Bar, 210 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

The invitation promises “special appearances by leading local Democrats: Mayor Jack Seiler of Fort Lauderdale, state Sen. Chris Smith of Fort Lauderdale and School Board member Maureen Dinnen.

Stern is running for House District 91 and it is the Republican’s to lose.

The northeast Broward seat has been held by state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff.  Bogdanoff is trying to move up to the state Senate.

5 Responses to “Four Democrats Kick Off Campaigns This Week”

  1. GOPapa says:

    This county needs two points of view and needs representation from Republicans in the Republican led Legislature. A Republican should continue to win this district.
    Barbra Stern would add nothing to our delegation and would bring nothing back for the county.

  2. Blue Man Scoop says:

    Actually, the bar probably charges about the same as a hotel but is more accessable…especially to the downtown crowd.

    Some congressmen used to have fundraisers in their apartment with a 12 pack of bud light and cookies from the vending machine. That’s real savings!

    FROM BUDDY: At times in the past, Stern has just had people show up at the bar. The bar benefitted from getting more customers and the campaign paid nothing. I don’t know the arrangements this time.

  3. dumbbell says:

    You do not have to worry about baby stern or the bride of chucky winning state house 91 for the dems. First of all, she will not beat her primary challenger-Freda Stevens no matter how much mama stern whines. Secondly, she is too busy going to tea parties to actually canvass. Thirdly, chuckie (Evan Jenne) will turn on her just like he does every other woman in his life (mom, sister, girlfriends, frienemies, and all).Fourth, she can suck (you know what), beg, whine, and stump all she wants but nobody likes her.

  4. ALERT says:

    including the fact that she (Barbara) was the campaign manger for Bob Butterworth who lost the senate seat bid to Jeff Atwater in that area

  5. Democrat says:

    The Sun-Sentinel says Evan Jenne hired Barry Harris and Harris then offered a bribe to keep another candidate out of the race.
    Can someone tell me why anybody would hire Barry Harris? He is a bottom feeder at best. He is what’s wrong with the organized Democratic Party — a hanger on with no fixed political philosophy other than whoever is paying him. He has no talent.
    Hiring Barry Harris calls into questio Jenne’s wisdom, if it is true.