Found: Gov. Rick Scott’s Double?



Three years ago, found Sunrise Commissioner Don Rosen’s double.

You might remember.  If you don’t, the story is here.

Last month, the website found Gov. Rick Scott’s double.

Check it out, below:


5 Responses to “Found: Gov. Rick Scott’s Double?”

  1. Ed Foley says:

    You’re jumping the shark here Buddy.

  2. Chip OffDaMarca says:

    i can get you an appointment from either one. it’s good to be the king(maker)!

  3. Dee Dee says:


  4. SAM FIELDS says:

    Did you clear this piece with your lawyers…Batboy might sue

    And you’ll defend me! Imagine that deposition!

  5. LOKI says:

    This is picture of the year for me.. its been a while since I laughed this hard.