Fort Lauderdale’s Sore Loser????




Perhaps the most controversial figure in the recent Fort Lauderdale election wasn’t even on the ballot.

Some say that Lisa Duke drew more attention than her husband, defeated south Fort Lauderdale District 4 candidate Walter Duke III. She was at his side during the campaign.


Lisa and Walter Duke III



Here is the story of Walter and Lisa:

Walter quit his seat on the Dania Beach Commission, moved to Fort Lauderdale and almost immediately opened his campaign for District 4.

The Downtown Good ‘Ol Boys Club liked that Walter was a real estate appraiser and a longtime member of the development business clique. They quickly anointed Walter Duke as the next commissioner.  Lobbyists, developers and real estate investors poured money and support into his campaign.

Lisa spent a lot of time helping on the campaign, including running the campaign Facebook page.

The Dukes effort failed. Voters last week overwhelmingly rejected Duke.  He pulled just over a quarter of the vote against two other candidates — Ben Sorensen (43 percent) and Warren Sturman (31 percent).

If you read a Facebook post emailed to, the Dukes don’t appear to be gracious losers.

Here is a post by Lisa two days after the election.  Below her post is a comment by Walter Duke III, stating he will not endorse either Sorensen or Sturman:


Then there is this exchange on Twitter, which indicates that Lisa continued to personally attack Sturman after her husband lost the primary. It was brought to my attention after this was posted. Brittany Wallman covers Fort Lauderdale for the Sun-Sentinel.





Sore losers?

You decide.

25 Responses to “Fort Lauderdale’s Sore Loser????”

  1. Pathetic says:

    Worse were the comments Lisa Duke made this week on social media to Brittany Wallman about…Sturman. They claimed during the race that they were the “good guys” who ran a clean campaign. Not now.


    Thanks for the tip.

    Take it from someone who read dozens (if not more) of divorce files over four decades in newspaper journalism:

    The allegations contained in a divorce file must be taken with a very large grain of salt. People involved in a fight over the most personal issues often make unprovable or outright false claims.

    I looked into many of such charges over the years, a lot of them alleged by politicians against their campaign opponents. The results of all that work was that 99.9 percent of the allegations, sometimes used in campaign ads, proved distorted or just plain untrue.

    Some people will say anything to get back at those who upset them. That includes some folks involved in nasty divorces and unprincipled politicians who will do anything to win.

  2. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    I agree Buddy.When two people engage in divorce sometimes it can be a bitter pill to digest.In the doctor case about the restraining in most cases its a legal strategy.One side always wants to be portrayed as the victim,if nothing less to get sympathy from the judge.

    For the Dukes to be so nasty is unconscionable.Yeah, you lost move on.

    I say if you like being an elected official County comm.Chip Lamarca seat is up for grabs.The more canidates the meerier.

    Alot of these canidates shouls take a look at district 2 where Steve Glassman is running a great campaign.No negative or nasty tones.He is very well mannered and extremely profesdional in his delivery.That was apparent in this past debate moderated by Brittany Wallman.He knew the issues and stuck to the issues without one nasty.jab.Keep it up Steve.

    Back to the Dukes play nice because your reactions to your lose will reflect on any future aspirations.Just because you lost you should be courting the other leading canidates to endorse them.No you act like sour grapes.Wrong approach..

  3. Cut off your nose... says:

    She has probably ruined her husband’s chances of future elected position for ever in Broward County.

  4. David Clark says:

    For Lisa Duke to talk about “prayers and mending of hearts” is laughable at best and sad at the worst.Who prayed for Dania after you left with 9 months left on your term Walter?Forthe Dukes to try to appear as good honest people is a total lie.Those two are con artist who pretended to care.You never saw two more vicious people,who are in it for the money! Sore losers !

  5. Sore Loser says:

    Lisa Franklin Young Wallace Duke’s living in her glass house now. I guess taking the high road is only when you think you are winning. They were so sure they had it in the bag. The carpetbaggers have turned into grifters. Very sad that she thought they could just bulldoze themselves into office. Maybe they can move back to Dania, Davie, Hollywood, and wherever else they have lived and burned bridges.

  6. Not surprised says:

    Before the Dukes carpetbagged their way into the Ft Lauderdale political scene people predicted Lisa would be Walter’s downfall. She is all about obvious political maneuvering and self marketing and couldn’t care less about our city. The people of Ft Lauderdale saw right through her lack of authenticity and assumed the same of Walter. No one should be surprised with her scorched Earth behavior after their embarrassing defeat.

  7. Fort Lauderdale voters don't care says:

    The Dukes will learn a real valuable lesson that all candidates learn the hard way – Ft. Ldle citizens don’t care about much about candidates and elections. Seriously. (look at district 3 – just more of the same).
    In spite of the mess the city is in. And broke.
    14% of all of the registered voters (120,000 !!!) bothered to vote.
    Apathy is rampant. If a handful of downtown movers and shakers led Duke to believe he was the next District 4 commissioner then the Dukes conducted no due diligence of the district, and the city.
    Looks like Duke won’t get appointed to P&Z by the new commissioner in his district.

  8. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Anyone who discusses PRIVATE FAMILY MATTERS even legal issues like a divorce doesnt DESERVE TO SERVE. Why a spouse is involving herself in HER HUSBAND’s CAREER to this extent is more than a little odd.

  9. Tax Paying Voter says:

    See, Karma knew the real mindset of Duke, therefore he lost. Not endorsing either? That says enough about his loser character.

    Hope he keeps himself (and his wife) out of the public arena. Nobody wants a whiny child leading the pack, and this nastiness will come back to haunt him.

    You get what you give……..

  10. A reader says:

    This is very odd behavior by the Dukes. His Facebook campaign page showed a man who petted dogs, bought lemonade from children’s stands, drove around on a golf cart, and hugged senior citizens.

    That was not the real Walter???

    I guess he and Lisa have changed in their personalities as much as they have changed in physical appearances since that “throwback Sunday” picture posted in the sore loser blog.

  11. Sore loser???? says:


  12. Ftl strong says:

    @lisa duke @walter duke …People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  13. Van Jonas says:

    That woman often vomits out nonsense on Facebook. This wouldn’t be the first time. She’s worse than a middle schooler.

  14. FTL Voter says:

    Duke also comes off as dishonorable, but for another reason. I had heard for months that Duke and Sturman had a deal that whichever one made the runoff against Sorensen, the other one would endorse him. So I guess Duke was only going to honor the understanding if it flowed his way. Sad!

  15. Komish says:


    It’s so sad when one reverts to such child-like behavior once their apple cart has been over turned,once the hoodwinkers have been hoodwinked and the truth is told. MLK, stated and I para phrase,”It’s not where a man/woman stands during the good times, but where they stand during times of adverse and hardships.” Now District 4 you see who the real DUKE’S are!!

  16. Hopeful says:

    Good Riddance. Stay out of Dania Beach!! You are hateful, mean spirited backstabbers.

  17. Hopeful says:

    Ft. Lauderdale, you got it right. GRATEFUL for your insight. Those two are simply BAD NEWS!!

  18. Kill the Wave says:

    We should at the very least commend the Dukes for running for public office as we can hardly get the residents of our great city to even vote. And what’s wrong w strong, borderline overzealous, spousal support ? They just got here and didn’t know how small we can be. Now let’s not get distracted !?!?? The Broward county commission apparently is attempting to scam the wave back into existence. When do we get to vote them out of office.

  19. Kill the Wave says:

    Voting and non voting residents of Fort Lauderdale, please keep in mind, the wave is not 2.8 miles of outdated transportation, it’s 2.8 miles of new development, on both sides of the track.

  20. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Of course there is to be development on both sides of the tracks. that’s the whole reason for the WAVE – more center city development in accordance with DECISIONS MADE OVER DOZENS OF YEARS WITH FULL PUBLIC NOTICE N INPUT!
    Just because someone overpaid nearly 400 000 dollars for a condo whose empty lot next door is LEGALLY getting built on and is made is not pretend PUBLUC DECISIONS CAME OUT OF NOWHERE.

  21. Hallandale here we come says:

    Breaking News: Just heard the Dukes’ are loading up the truck and moving to Hallandale!


    Ha ha.

  22. A reader says:

    @ 21
    A carpetbagger alway has his bags packed.

    Wonder if the Dukes remember all the conversations with the lawyer Alan Koslow in the atrium at Dania Beach City Hall with the wife during commission meetings?

  23. big bucks says:

    @21. Hallandale here we come

    The Dukes paid over a million dollars for the house in Rio Vista although staying as FLL residents doesn’t make sense except the business office location.

  24. Carolyn jonez says:

    And….you can buy votes some of the time, but wise people saw them coming.c

  25. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The slime being thrown at Dr Sturman SINCE THE PRIMARY IN JANUARY is worse that the Duke debacle. As a child of divorced parents SHAME SHAME SHAME on whoever discusses others marital isssues.