Developer Is A Bully! E-Mail Threat As Two Skyscrapers Rejected







Developer Jimmy Tate, who wants to build two 39-story towers on public land at Fort Lauderedale’s Bahia Mar, is a big bully.

What do you do with bullies?

You stand up to them.

Commissioner Dean Trantalis did just that early Wednesday, saying rightfully that Tate’s plans were an overreach and a detriment to the beach.

He earned Tate’s scorn in a whiny e-mail that the developer sent to City Hall after the Commission meeting.


Dean Trantalis

Dean Trantalis: No friend of developer 


Trantalis should take the e-mail and frame it. It is a badge of honor that will probably win him votes, if he runs for something again.

In the e-mail, Developer Jimmy cries about all the money he spent. Then he aims his vitriol at Trantalis:

“YOU are about to earn the legacy of the Commissioner that lost the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show for Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. “

So what you have is a developer holding the boat show for ransom because he can’t get permission to build anything he wants.

That leads one to ask, is that the kind of partner Fort Lauderdale wants for a project on public land?

Doesn’t Developer Jimmy realize that by attacking Trantalis, he probably made the commissioner more popular?

What sparked the vaporous e-mail was the Commission debate on what to do with Bahia Mar which started Tuesday night and cascaded into early Wednesday a.m.

The surprising results was that the usually development-mad City Commission majority wilted under the the ire of community groups, average citizens and the Sun-Sentinel.  They were forced to join Trantalis and order Tate’s plan scaled back.

It would be nice if this week’s decision set a precedent against runaway development. It would be great if in the future the City Commission majority, Mayor Jack Seiler and City Manager Lee Feldman see the light before some skyscraper blocks it out.

It won’t happen.

City Hall will continue to bend over for developers. Because, after all, has Fort Lauderdale become a better place to live with all the new high rises?

Increased traffic will continue with absolutely no money in anybody’s crystal ball to alleviate it, with the exception of the ineffectual streetcar project in downtown.

New and denser projects will be approved with no realistic plans to deal with the floods sure to come from global warming.

Existing property owners will pay for increased police, fire and other services needed for the denser Fort Lauderdale on  developer’s drawing boards.

Developer lobbyists like Judy Stern, Robert Lochrie III and John Milledge will continue to infest City Hall, controlling the votes of weak commissioners with a handful of campaign contributions.

The e-mail from Developer Jimmy is below.


James Tate -- developer

Jimmy Tate


Voters should note that Developer Jimmy praises every member of the Fort Lauderdale City Commission, except Trantalis.

That should lead voters to wonder, who do these commissioners and Mayor Jack Seiler work for?

The People of Fort Lauderdale?  Or a Miami-Dade developer?


From: James Tate [] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 03, 2016 11:58 AM
To: Jack Seiler; Lee Feldman; Romney Rogers; Bruce G. Roberts; Robert McKinzie
Cc: Judith Stern; Robert B. Lochrie III; John M. Milledge
Subject: Bahia Mar


Dear Mayor Seiler and Honorable commissioners Roberts, McKinnzie and Rogers …….and Dean ,

I want to thank you for the opportunity to work closely with your professional staff, each of you ,your entire respective communities , civic organizations, community boards and the Boat Show folks over the last 20 months.

It is a shame that the 20 months of time, money and effort spent to date was completely discounted last night by certain self serving and baseless comments made by various individuals  ‎who have grossly mis- lead the general public.

I was pleased however to see that Mayor Seiler and Commissioners Robert, Rogers and McKinnzie all astutely saw through the games being played.

Unfortunately however, simply sending us back to the proverbial drawing board with no clear direction as suggested by Dean does not work and Dean is smart enough to realize that.

We have spent over $2 million to date ( not including my firms overhead) designing a well thought out multi-purpose site plan based upon the input of the City Staff, entire community and the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

We have also spent over $200,000.00 on legal cost negotiating ad nausea, a 50 year lease and 50 year option for over 13 months.

Notwithstanding the above, in the spirit of good faith, we are meeting with EDSA and our architects today to see what if anything can be salvaged.

The problem is that the proposed Master lease and sub leases and option period we negotiated with your city attorney and out side counsel was based upon the proposed ID and all of the proposed obligations we had agreed to incur as part of our future programing which includes but is not limited the boat show requirements. Therefore, any changes to the site plan will impact our ability to accept certain terms and conditions of the final negotiated city lease already presented to the City to review and approve.

You should also note that in addition to the operational and development cost we had already taken into account while negotiating the proposed City lease, last night, Dean tried to throw into the equation a new potential $15 million obligation ‎he wants us to pay into an account for certain CBA enhancements even though the CBA board clearly stated on the record that this was a city issue and not for the CBA to negotiate directly with us as developers.

To add insult to injury, last night Dean then went on the record and tried to state that he just learned about these enhancement request. I find Dean’s comments disengenuos since I know for a fact that Dean told the CBA board that they should demand $50 million from us and that it is up to them to push us hard to deliver.

Regardless, I don’t want to use this means to share our professional opinion about Dean’s  behavioral patterns as he tries to thwart the processes established by the city  and which we professionally followed at the direction of City staff ‎but what I will state for the record is that until we better understand what the City will ultimately agree to in regard to our proposed ID submittal and New Master Lease and Sub Leases , no matter how much we desire to meet with the Boat Show folks and try to work out a new long term boat show lease, we are not able to go any further at this time with them because we have no idea what our ultimate cost and projected profits will be to develop and operate the Bahia Mar.

So Dean, the next time you want to go on the record about a fellow commissioners legacy, I strongly suggest you take a long hard look in the mirror and see what your projected legacy is going to be if you keep up self serving games….

In case you don’t see it clearly I will explain. YOU are about to earn the legacy of the Commissioner that lost the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show for Fort Lauderdale and Broward County.

To conclude, Mayor Seiler and Commissioners Roberts, McKinnzie and Rogers, it has been a pleasure working with you and your staff.

I will continue to work in good faith to find a plan that works for everyone but at the end of the day, the risk we will ultimately be asked to take MUST be worth the reward and ‎for the record, we were already at a point where the risk was barely worth the reward.



38 Responses to “Developer Is A Bully! E-Mail Threat As Two Skyscrapers Rejected”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Dear Mr Nevins, you know who I was smoking with outside during the meeting and with no glasses on I do not know who outside of Mr Lochrie Mr Tate Mr Sergio Rok n his teenage son was there to advocate or support the project.
    You should know because of who I sat with OUTSIDE THE MEETING I cant comment – which I am dying to do – but if n when you understand who I was with AND WHO HAD ME GIVE HIS BUSINESS CARD INTO SERGIO ROK’s AND Jimmie Tate’s hands You may want to re-visit your over harsh judgement of Mr Tate and include what really nlew up the meeting- NOT COMMISSIONER TRANTALIS BUT THE BOAT SHOW ANNOUNCING TO JIMMY TATE’s AMAZEMENT THE GARAGE THE BOAT SHOW INSISTED ON WAS NOT REQUIRED!
    Mr. Tate is wrong to blame Commissioner Trantalis – my Commissioner – who is only expressing the views of a group of his closest supporters like Planning Board Member Steven Glassman of Broward Heritage n former president of various civic organizations.
    BUT IT WAS MR TATE WHO WAS BLINDSIDED and in his shock this oll-advised e-mail must have been sent.
    I personally think as I said the Aquatic Center should be linked to any prosed Bahia Mar re-development, Bahia Cabanas landswap that endangers health should be sent back to Hell where it came from, the landswap THAT DEAN TRANTALIS SUPPORTS TO BUILD ON THE SEBASTIAN BEACH LOT TO RUIN THE AREA should be sent back to Hell, too, and words fail me on the Galleria!
    I still think the city should do a deal – details I’ll leave to the Commission and the developers who own the Lease – although it appears the building should be reduced in height as the garage costs apparently may not materialize.

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    WONDERFUL! No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!
    Before everyone starts beating up on Jimmie or Jimmy Tate, he’s away until February 10th with limited e-mail access so dont waste e-maiks to him now – pro or con.
    Second point, I dont know Mr Tate petsonally only published articles I can only comment on when I was physically present in the Bette Davis Room in the basement of Ft Lauderdale City Hall within three or four feet of me.
    I was told, now backed up by the e-mail Mr Nevins posted, Judy Stern – who I have never met n therefore wont recognize if she stood in front of me within three feet of vision – was at the meeting rallying supporters I didnt see it dont know about it doesnt involve me.
    What I say is what I saw or read or know and whatever “lobbying” that has, is, will go on by Miss Stern or Messrs Lochrie & Millidge before Mr Tate returns February 10th I have nothing to do with.

  3. Nick Sakhnovsky says:

    Mr. Tate may wish to spell Commissioner McKinzie’s name correctly when praising in an email after the next meeting…

  4. mrkneeley says:

    Tate is mad and I’ll bet he wants his money back. He and his partners bundled over $6000 for Dean. They paid him damn good money and he’s not playing ball.

  5. so whats new says:

    thats what city of fort lauderdale gets when clueless planning and zoning appointees who cannpt read drawings vote YES on everything that comes across the dais, and once at commission the commission votes yes.
    Thank you Commissioner Trantalis.
    This project should never have gotten past p and z.
    it should have been stopped in its tracks by p and z when they saw it exceeded 24 stories. but th appointees are the tools and mouthpieces of the commission.
    so go ahead and approve it.
    tate will flip it and make a fortune (good for him) or break ground and end up with a stalled project as the buyers won’t be plunking down the deposits.

  6. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I contributed 50 dollars to Dean Trantalis as he was the best candidate last time around. I have no idea who else contributed or why.
    As I have said
    1. Commissioner Trantalis reflects a large anti-development sentiment on the Beach portion of our Commission District n other parts ate-dating Commissioner Trantalis thru previous Commissioners Charlotte Rodstrom and Tim Smith. Many of the negative comments on the project were also said about the previous Hilton Proposal. Mr Tate’s local presentation team should have anticipated that people active 7 years or so would still have the objections. His comments represent to be he wasnt properly prepped for the meeting BUT MOSTLY SHOCK AT BEING BLINDSIDED DOUBLE CROSSED and STABBED IN THE BACK BY THE BOAT SHOW!
    2. Mr Tate should have directed his nevative comments at the Boat Show not Commissioner Trantalis. He should also ask his local team why they did not know a week or more bwfore the meeting I was told the Sun Sentinel knew the Boat Show’s plans But Mr Tate appears never have been told.
    3. As now Larry Barszewski the Sun Sentinel & Jimmy or Jimmie Tate are out of town until Febr 8 & 10 I hope tempers cool off.
    4. Commissioner McKinzie and Commissioner Trantalis and Mayor Seiler have now all been attacked for getting campaign contribtions from people promoting development but no one complains when anti-development paid non-profit employees lobby.

  7. Victoria Park Voter says:

    Thank you, Dean, for standing up for the residents of Fort Lauderdale. We are fine with progress, and fine with new buildings, but also with reasonable height limits. I’d reference DC and Paris as two examples of modern cities that are always teeming with new construction projects, yet are required to stay within very rigid height limits (much, much more restrictive than what we have here). For example, no building in DC can be higher than the Washington Monument. Again, thanks Dean!!

  8. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Let me say this, ANY ZONING CHANGE OR NEW LEASE CANNOT BE “Flipped” or transferred!
    If the purpose of this process is yo have local people like the Tates go through a landuse process THEN HAVE THE PROJECT FLIPPED AND A NEW OWNER TELLS THE PUBLIC IT CANT OR EONT HONOUR THE AGREED TATE CITY DEAL like the lowlives on Miami Beach do as New York City property investors do n did.
    The “deal” in question MUST NOT BE FLIPPED because “a Flip” ALWAYS SCREWS THE PUBLIC!
    Sorry to keep blogging but after 65 years of watching these deals screw the public more than help I want to be clear because the deal would be locally developed and NOT flipped.

  9. Judy got smoked says:

    Judy leading her team to the slaughterhouse once again…
    When your staunchest supporters like the count to get up and start advocating for compromising and cutting deals, you’ve lost.
    So sorry Stern led you into a buzzsaw Mr. Tate, but you should have known it’s a new day. This email won’t work. The threats will only galvanize the

  10. Here We Go Again says:

    1. Did the Tate team read the lease they bought from LXR?
    2. How much did they pay for that lease?
    3. Did they consult with city of Fort Lauderdale before they paid LXR for the lease?

    The $2million and the 200k referenced above in the email was spent at THEIR risk. Surely Lochrie and the designers READ the ULDR to know 24 stories max was the max in height.

    Now the threat of the boat show gone in 2020 is the leverage to hold them hostage.

  11. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Stupid,stupid,stupid. Although I would like to see a world class property at the Bahia Mar what Mr.tate did here w/ his email was again stupid. I am shocked atty.Lockerie would let his client(Tate) take the reign and send such an email. The smartest thing you did Mr.tate was hire Atty.Lockerie. Let him do the delegating. He is very good at what you hired him to do. To say that Comm.Trantalis will jeapordize the “boat show” was absurd. The ‘boat show” needs Ft>alu as much as Ft.Lau needs them. Do you actually think th e”Boat show” would leave Ft>lau w/ the th emoney they make here(who are you kidding). I am fo r the project but you all underestimated these beach activists. The bldgs. are to high. Compromise. No call their comm. names and attempt to degrade him(Trantalis). One idea stack the bldgs low to high, not some 40 story bldgs. In other words they get get bigger like a pyrimaid. Fac ethe bldgs. from nouth to south. If the sun rises in the east and sets in the west buil dth eopposte so you don’t get the shadows(Mr.feldman for you to say just move your blanket over etc. was insenstive to the neighbors concerns-also Mayor Seiler trend cautiously w/ this group-they are very organized and have money, plenty of resources and again plenty of dough($) to put full page ads in the Paper). If this whole projetc means you go back to the drawing bd, so to speak Mr.tate then you go back to the drawing board. These residents don’t give a damn w/ how much money you spent. Robert Lockerie control your client-he is his worst enemy. Also to note P/z vote was not supported by Mr.Glassman and Catherine Maus. The others are realtors etc that (wink, wink) got a stake in the game. Which alot of them should be shown the door(been there to long). Lastly come on Mayor Seiler this agenda item should be all by its self for March 1. To go to almost 5am was also absurd. Do a special comm.just for this agenda item. Its.a safety hazard having these meetings going all night(people have to drive home-). No way should the residents have to endure that just to speak up for their concerns. And then you didn’t get an apparsial on the property w/ all thi s money w e spend on consultates etc. Are u kidding me. Mr.tate let Atty.Lockerie do the talking-think foot in mouth. You better hope Atty Lockerie can fix this and work his magic before you are sent packing w/ nothing…..

  12. Gay Advice To Straight People says:

    What is so horrible about the developer’s plan? We’re talking about one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in Broward County why shouldn’t it be fully developed? Small time thinking is what keeps Broward County a second rate place.

  13. jmaus says:

    Jimmy, maybe you don’t understand the meaning of disengenuous, so I will explain.

    Disengenuous would be a greedy developer that tells a City it is required to build twin 39 story buildings only because its providing a 5 story garage to house the boat show when the developer knows that is BS. As everyone heard at the Commission meeting, the Boat Show doesn’t need or want your five story garage. When you go back to the drawing board, try and come up with an explanation for the size of your mini-city that is accurate and honest.

    Disengenuous is also getting a letter from your partner/attorney who sits on your board of directors, and the board of directors of a HO association nearby your proposed mini-city, then representing to the City that the entire neighborhood is in favor of the project. No conflict there, right?

    And the list of disengenuous misrepresentations from your representatives could go on and on and on, i.e. “its all about the boat show”….. as long as the greedy developer can continue making $5-$10 million a year off the boat show, but if you don’t get your money, the boat show can go somewhere else. If its all about the boat show, where is the contract extension with the Boat Show?????

    In case you don’t see it clearly, I’ll make it simple – go back to Miami. You did nothing to reach out to the “entire community” and you did nothing to address community concerns about density, scale, height, traffic, and shadowing of the beach that were expressed to you almost a year ago. Your project is Beach Place on steroids, completely out of scale with the surrounding area. Commissioner Trantalis should be commended for his efforts to require responsible development on the Beach.

  14. transparencyfirst says:

    So a project that exceeds all zoning requirements is put on the table that will bring traffic onto an already F-rated road at peak times. For what? Why do the commissioners continue to push for redevelopment that does not fit the requirements? 625 condos can be anywhere in the City and generate tax revenue. In 25 years, it will be a small blip on the trend line, let alone in 100 years when their proposed lease expires. Let’s address the fundamental failures in a city plan already 25 years out of date before compounding the problems we all deal with on a daily basis even further.
    And by the way, why doesn’t the city commission ask everyone that supports the plan at the public hearing next time what their connection is to Tate and whether they are developers too wanting to eat at the public trough. They are after all sworn in as it’s a quasi judicial hearing.
    And lastly, Tate, ego and anger are a dangerous mix. Just because the hearing didn’t go the way you thought is no excuse to question the integrity of someone on the other side of the issue from you. That is what we expect in a public official and thank you Dean Trantalis for acting like a steward of the community rather than a doormat for the developer like others did up on the dais.

  15. Disappointing says:

    Bruce, Jack and Miriam Oliphant’s brothers behavior can be summed up one of a few works.
    “Nonfeasance” means not doing your job.
    “Misfeasance” means doing it irresponsibly or ineptly.
    “Malfeasance” means doing it illegally or corruptly.

  16. dear count says:

    Fyi, Judy Stern looks like momma June from Honey Boo Boo plus 20 years and smells at like Lois Wexler in the morning

  17. Herbert Y. says:

    What did Jack Seiler know, when did he know it and more important, what is he getting?Our fine mayor doesn’t do anything unless it involves some self interest. For him to engineering giving this developer a 100 year lease is tantamount to Seiler selling the valuable city land without any referendum. How much did Tate promise for Seiler’s race for governor in 2018 or some legal business? Find out, Buddy.

  18. KrissyP says:

    Less than one year ago, Mayor Jack Seiler opposed this type of development on our barrier island. (See Larry Barszewski’s article, Sun Sentinel March 24, 2015.) What changed Jack’s mind?….paid off or sold on promises?

  19. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Sorry to repeat.
    1. No more building on the Beach EXCEPT as of right n then Parking AND traffic need to LIMIT TRAFFIC MUST BE MET.
    2. Where “as of right” construction cannot be prevented and owners or leasees request Zoning Changes these changes CAN ONLY BE GRANTED WITH PUBLIC BENEFITS SUCH AS NEW PARK or BAILING OUT THE DISASTER OF THE AQUATIC CENTER
    3, KILL KILL KILL ANY AND ALL LANDSWAPS even when Commissioner Trantalis supports then!
    5. I still think the Tate Brothers and Mr Rok are the best quality developers we can get for Bahia Mar AND THEY OWN THE LEASE, so IN THIS UNIQUE CASE WE ARE OVER A LEGAL BARREL.
    6. If the Tate n Rok Team sells to Russian Oligarch like what happened on Fisher Island and Miami Beach their activities will look like cikd’s play! You think what happened to the Central Beach Alliance stunk to Heaven! Wait to you see what the Russian Oligarchs and their fronts will try!
    7, At the end a deal with Messrs Tate & Rok is the only reasonable dolution based on the actual legal and financial situation.

  20. Romney Made the Difference says:

    Buddy, you could not tell from the Tate’s letter, but Commissioner Romney Rogers also raised critical points leading to the deferral of the project. Commissioner Rogers again called for an appraisal of the property as he had in December. In the early morning hours, he presented cogent and articulate reasons why establishing the value of the property before preceding is important. Many Fort Lauderdale residents applaud Commissioner Rogers and Commissioner Trantalis for standing up to the pressure to make decisions on too tall buildings at 4 in the morning.

  21. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    For Heavens sakes the malcontents who envy Jack Seiler are out in force! Since they are Leftist anti-Semites who never read daily newspapers they suggest THE REPUBLICAN TATE FAMILY WOULD FINANCE A JACK SEILER CANDIDACY IN A DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY OR IN A GENERAL ELECTION! IDIOTS!
    Jews in South Florida or those who read daily newspapers know every time a Democrat such as Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann-Achultz appears at a Forum the Senoir Mr Tate insists a Republican must be there or he rises Hell. Everyone knows besides Mr Adelson and Mr Braman the senior Mr Tate and Mr Springer are the funders of the Republican Jewish Coalition.
    The idea the Tates are influencing Jack Seiler is political nonesense, Mayor Seiler is influenced BY THE BOAT SHOW LOBBY not the Tate Group.
    I wish people would get their dacts straight.

  22. Who Got the $$$$$$$ says:

    Commissioner Rogers and Commissioner Trantalis will soon be running for Mayor. Going forward they both will mirror all their actions and decisions as Commissioners.

  23. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Yes Commissioner Rogers has argued the City should have ALL THE FACTS BEFORE making a decision that puts the City in a straight jacket for a CENTURY but he was ignored by people with personal interests on BOTH sides of the arguement.
    What would be illuminating would be WHAT THE DEVELOPERS APPRAISAL IS that I assume they showed to their financial backers. But now everyone is so outraged On BOTH SIDES clarity and reasonible discourse is going out the window.
    I saw two SANE development deals on South Beach in the private sector destroyed by landowners vs tenants greed and posturing like this and now South Beach will get another oversized horror.

  24. Miss Marple says:

    Here is what qualifies as “reaching out” to the neighborhoods per the Tates: they show up with their minions, put large glossies of the project on easels, tell us how it’s going to be and leave. The End.
    How did Robert Lochrie, a land use attorney, fail to see that, as presented, the project violates a number of existing codes?
    In response to those who think that these 39 story condos will move Ft. Lauderdale to a new level of sophistication – we’re not exactly a third world destination – look around for crying out loud.
    As for the BRAB – they need to be disbanded – clueless on the beach.

  25. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:


    The statement was made to me in the context of a discusion of policy NOT who was going to run in 2018.

    It is delusional that my Commission Districts crowd of anti-development types who cant raise serious money get serious Black support or get allies elected in the other three Commission Districts can suddenly after both Dean Trantalis and Tim Smith were defeated in citywide mayoral elections elect a Mayor.
    Who got the $$$ is either in total ignorance of Ft Lauderdale electoral history and present status or another unemployable looking for a political consultant fee from a deluded Dean Trantalis after rationally telling me he couldnt win a citywide race in 2018.
    In fact it infuriates me how Commissioner Trantalis supports the Bahia Cabanas land swap and the Sebastian Beach parking lot landswap and IDIOTS THINK HE OPPOSES OVERDEVELOPENT!

  26. Who Got the $$$$$$$ says:

    Looky here all the “ole white guys” from Chity Maimenger Flee Feldmann to the cowardly “whats in it for me” Chity Commissioners deferring to McKinzie (Dist 3) to comment on a “boondoggle” being hoisted on (Dist 2), McKinzie should make an offer to the developer “build your project on Sistrunk Street, make it 65 stories, you will still be able to see the ocean and intercostal waterway all in the same view.”

    The ancillary products and services from this devolpment would enhance the blight that exist in Dist 3 main thoroughfare, Broward Commissioner Holness could then expand his bicycle concession to include pedi-cabs & jobs, jobs, jobs. This is the true development that needs to be made.

    “I do like the project,” Vice Mayor Robert McKinzie said. “It’s going to be an attraction. It’s going to be a destination.” (What a phony)

    @25 CoUnt CocoLattee:
    Splane too me duh political electoral history of FTL corrupt “what’s in it for me” expectation of the elected?

  27. Charles King says:

    Well before we anoint Dean the God sent patron saint and folk hero of the city’s geriatric anti-developmentalists cult it might pay to examine the circumstances surrounding Bahia Mar. The Tates own the lease for the next 47 years and the all-important boat show has a lease for only the next 3 years. To my understanding there is no requirement for the Tates to renew that lease. That my friends is leverage. To put it crudely, “When you’ve got them by the **lls, their hearts and minds are soon to follow.” Unless good ole lobbyist surrounded John P. “Jack” Seiler and his ruling super majority of Commissioners is willing to hop in the car with Dean for a reckless game of chicken with the continuation of boat show in Fort Lauderdale on the line, I suggest they follow Romney’s prudent suggestion for an updated and true appraisal of the value of the land and lease, especially since nearby Pier 66 just went on the open market for $200,000,000 the other day. The prudent move is to drive a much better bargain for the city on the lease than often double dealing, third rate journeyman City Manager Lee Feldman was able to accomplish at his round negotiation table, apparently without even the benefit of an updated and true appraisal. My guess is the project will be getting built as guided by city staff and proposed despite the seductive siren calls from the self-important and idle rich across the very wide intracoastal waterway in Idlewyld that would like nothing better than to see another major city project (Aquatic Center) driven into a financial ditch to preserve the kitchen window views of about 15 houses on Idlewyld Drive of the 125 houses in Idlewyld altogether.

  28. transparencyfirst says:

    The Count is a delusional narcissist that can’t help but want public attention. The statements he makes are so contradictory that it’s ludicrous. The Tate’s may be part of the Republican Jewish Coalition, but apparently their ideology isn’t so strong as to overrule the practical benefits of them and their cronies making campaign contributions to our Democratic mayor. Bummer when facts get in the way of a narrative. Face facts; Tate isn’t someone either better or worse than the hated “out-of-town developer” – he is the same. None of them care about what’s best for the community and are happy to stick it to the residents so long as the last dollar is squeezed out of a project. And by the way, there is nothing wrong at all with that attitude, but it absolutely requires our elected officials to act with some backbone to make sure that public interests are protected. That there was outrage expressed by the community at the City Commission meeting on the 2nd should have come as no surprise to Tate if he had actually done the outreach that he said he did.

  29. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The anti-development broken down sad failed old White Guys looking to get money from a Dean Trantalis doomed race for Mayor based on mis-direction on his record don’t help his elwctoral chances with racist attacks on the 30 percent Black population of the city including a big section of his own District west of Andrews Avenue.
    It is not helpful to attack the single African-American Commissioner using sheer racist postings.

  30. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Transperenct first hides behind a FAKE NAME as Fake as his mis-representations of a family of LOCAL BUILDERS since 1934 here. Not to mention their SIGNUFICANT DONATIONS to NOVA on whose Board J Kenneth Tate serves.
    Donate millions and be attacked by a FAKER WITH A FAKE NAME!

  31. Just Curious says:

    Just curious, are you a real count in some way? What are you a count of?

  32. Count L F Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Give me a break! My historical work and ancestry is all over the internet since archives in the US and Europe when digital!

  33. jim nez says:

    Thanks Dean…………… now we have to tank the Galleria project if the commission has any moolies.

  34. Who Got the $$$$$$$ says:

    @32 CoUnt CooCooLatteeHazeenut

    Your break is granted.

    Prease indulege your reading audince as to where this hIstoricaL data is Archived, iS it on tha sHelves of the publix Library? I have knot ben able to locate aNythinG of Significance. thAnk yoU for yout time in advance.

  35. Just Curious says:

    The “count’s extensive ancestry work” says he really doesn’t know for sure who he’s related to much less being a count.

  36. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I above commenst regarding this”Count” say sit all. I said before I would have more respect for him if he found the Nazi train w/ all th e goodies aboard it. One other comment that he posted say what you want about Judy Stern there Count , one thing she is not is white trash(Honey -boo ring a bell), nor is she white trash w/ money. My suggestion replace the back pack you carry and get a new pair of shoes, to go w/ that big mouth of yours(get him Barbie)…

  37. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I have never met or seen Mrs. Judy Stern and therefore have no knowledge of the lady in question except she has a well accomplished daughter according to this blog.

  38. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The sheer ignorance of Fort Lauderdale Broward County Florida by so-called “community activists” and “bloggers” is astounding.
    1. The Greenwood Tates and Roks arw not Like Other Developers because they have been here since 1934 and give Millions to charity.
    2. The Tates and Mr Rok are the Owners of the Lease and the City HAS to deal with them.
    4. subjectively I met one of the Local People” People, i.e. old White Guy who hates the world and jeeps telling my Commissioner to oppose EVERYTHING MINDLESSLY althogh he did not know me.

    Wonderful example of why my native South Florida has become a transportation and planning mess. Lives in a condo he brought cheap n uses his beach condo has his low tax legal address. Actually lives in Maine n a third home where he was a low level civil servant. His pension IS MUCH MORE THAN HIS HIGHEST SALARY WHEN HE WORKED!
    He is so well “informed” that he still thinks the Aquatic Center is the Hall of Fame Pool! He wants NOTHING DONE ON THE AQUATIC CENTER SITE or any where else EVEN ON PRIVATELY OWNED LAND AS OF RIGHT although he WANTS DEVELOPMENT IN MAINE SO HIS PROPERTY INCREASES IN VALUE!
    The City should make the best deal with their leasees and ignore the selfishly ignorant