Ft. Lauderdale Cops’ Video Fights Anti-Union Bills


Don’t fool with cops armed with avideo camera.

The Fort Lauderdale Fraternal Order of Police has a new video on YouTube calling on the Florida Legislature to reject two anti-union bills — House bill 1021 and Senate bill 830.

These are the bills which would forbid governments from making payroll deductions for unions.

These bills are simply raw politics at work.

The Republicans are out to cripple government employee unions because they generally back Democrats in elections.

Republicans have a different take.

GOP lawmakers say they are shielding governments from engaging in politics by deducting dues.  They argue that with technology and the Internet, unions could solicit money in other ways without involving government.

The reality is that unions will find it more difficult to collect dues and keep paid membership when they lose payroll deductions.  That’s the GOP’s aim, isn’t it?

The Fort Lauderdale cops are very late in the game.  The train left the station in the House where bill 1021 passed Friday.

Senate bill 830 has one more committee stop before it reaches the full Senate, where it is expected to pass easily.

The Fort Lauderdale union’s YouTube video is here.

15 Responses to “Ft. Lauderdale Cops’ Video Fights Anti-Union Bills”

  1. A Link says:

    Hey Buddy

    how about a link to the video?

    FROM BUDDY: There is one at the bottom of the story.

  2. The Big Circle says:

    So the unions deduct dues from paychecks, then the unions donate the cash to Democratic candidates, who in turn vote on pay, perks, and retirement benefits for the union members.
    I don’t see a conflict of interest. Seriously, none at all…

  3. Git R Done says:

    Hey this is great, then maybe the people who belong to the Unions will actually know how much money they really make, then if they want to pay the union, let them do it themselves! Great reporting Buddy and the website say’s it all.

  4. Mayor Jack says:

    I’m a prime example of why unions need to be controlled. I’ve got the GOP so far up my butt and then I turn around and negotiate with them. I’m willing to give them anything to stay in office.
    Mayor Jack

    FROM BUDDY: This is obviously not from a real mayor.

  5. electri says:

    The video is a lie cops retire ay $5000 a month either way for the rest of their lives an if not we the tax payers have to pay the difference. When does it stop how long do these unions dig into our pockets they allready make $71000 a year…where does this all stop…when we cannot give our houses away maybe then stop it………the union is a joke. The only 1 it supports is them selves

  6. Judy Stern says:

    Buddy- yes, the House already took action but as we both know it is the Senate action that will determine the outcome. Election night Moraitis made statements that he will be in tally to take on leadership and as a lawyer has taken a pledge to uphold the Constitution. He has failed numerous times to live up to that commitment. Does your son, Aaron’s boss have the strength and leadership to challenge Republican leaders to protect the best interests of the men, women, and children and the Charities well funded by the financial contributions our men and women of the public safety and teachers and trades provide through their union dues. Does Ellyn have the strength and skill to uphold the Constitution to ensure noninterference in a workers rights and home rule of a city and union to negotiate their contracts. FLPD already have paid for years a contribution to their pension, gave up COLA years ago, and capped their overtime not to exceed 40 hrs as credit to their pensions. All they are requesting from Ellyn and the other members of Senate, do not interfere in payroll deductions. It does not pay union dues (City of Ft Laud. Ordinance prohibits them from contributions to city elected officials campaign accounts, so why deny them the right to charitable contributions thru the ease of payroll deductions? Respectfully submitted, judy Stern

  7. Ilene Dover says:

    In reference to being “late in the game” – just goes to show that with something as important as the state budget, these bills sure are getting through the process with lightning speed.

  8. Fort Lauderdale Voter says:

    The police took their job under the promise that they would have certain benefits. The Republicans are now taking them away. The rank and file should remember this betrayal on Election Day and quit voting for Republicans!

  9. Joseph J Mercogliano says:

    I think the bigger problem with this Payroll Deduction bill is that the State is overstepping its authority but dictating to local goverments what they can and cannot do. At what point do they stop??????
    Presently, the State of Florida allows 350+ organizations that state employees can payroll deduct to. All those will stay but the union deductions will go…its purely political.
    Not all of union dues go to political activities…alot of it goes to worthwhile community programs like in my FOP Lodge(ie: Toys at the Holidays, Thanksgiving dinners, ssholarships, etc. to name a few)
    In my city, we pay the city a small fee to do this service so there truly is NO reason for this bill.
    This will not “bust” the unions as with electronic banking, we will be able to have the dues collected right from our paychecks without unduly burdening the citys.
    Joseph J Mercogliano – President
    Fraternal Order of Police – Plantation Lodge #42

  10. Broward Politico says:

    Everything this Republican Governor and Legislature do is contrary to all the bs they espoused during the campaign about getting government off the people’s backs.

  11. S only says:

    If the legislature wants to abolish ALL payroll deductions to outside interests, fine. But this is so blatantly anti-union, and so single minded, it’s pretty anti-American.

    What are the Republicans afraid of? Maybe being defeated next time around? This is surely going to get “workers” energized for the next election. And if it doesn’t—then, well, I guess we deserve what we elect.

  12. Ugghhh says:

    I generally support our First Responders but after reading Ms. Stern’s comments, I am forced to agree withthe Legislature. Why does Ms. Stern care about this issue? Because if union dues are reduced groups like the cops in Fort Lauderdale cant pay her big bucks to help elect those they want elected or keep the one’s they like in office. It is because of the legacy of shady deals and out right corruption of those she has got elected, Jenne, Eggelletion, Wishner, and many other “good democrats” that the people got fed up with her ilk and voted in Republicans.

    As for her comments about George Moriatis and Buddy’s son, this is typical Stern, throwing mud at people’s family or those that beat her fair and square. Ms. Stern the people are tired of your nasty attacks which is why you have won very few elections recently. Do the Fort Lauderdale cops a favor and shut your trap.

  13. Floridan says:

    I suppose United Way deductions are next.

    No? I wonder why not.

  14. Reprobait1 says:

    For all you like-minded Republican union police and fire friends of mine, now it’s all coming home to roost. Now your own party is sticking it to you. This is going to make my Easter holiday full of hearty chuckles with you right-leaning Republican police officer friends of mine. Now you get to bend over and take it. And you voted these clown in! LOL

  15. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Not so fast Gov.rick Scott. I think if the employee has no objection to having their Union dues taken out of their paychecks then it should not be a proplem.. Gov.scott since most unions go Democrat this is his way of sticking it to the Unions. Here in Fort Lau. the men & woman are putting in 8% of there pays to their retirements while Scott wants the State to pay 5% clear across the board. So these local police are going to be paying 3% more than the rest of the State? This system ha sbeen in place for years. Again another attempt on Gov.Scott’s agenda. Don’t vote for me or support my admin. and I’ll make your life miserable. I agree with Judy Stern’s take on all this. Also to note that he brought back the “Jim Crow Laws regarding convicted felons now having to wait 5 years to get there Civil Rights restored while Gov.Crist sighned Exucutive Order(April07)giving all Felons back there Civil Rights. another example that alot of that demographic (felons) vote democratic. See why I mean. I have petioned the Elections Off. to present to me all the felons that have been turned down to file a Class action Suit against his(scott) decision regarding this. See you in Court. Keep fighting Union.Worst case scenario you draft up paper work and just take the dues out of their checking acc. similar when you have say a gym membership. They take it right out of your checking acc. You got to stay one step ahead of these guys.