Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Teel’s Biggest Problem: John Rodstrom


County Comimssioner John Rostrom has been around Fort Lauderdale politics a long time, so I always respect his views on city elections.

John and Charlotte Rodstrom

Rodstrom his wife is City Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom has a prediction in the March commission race:

“I think Teel’s finished.

He think the incumbent Christine Teel will be beaten by challenger Bruce Roberts, the former police chief.

And he’s helping out behind the scenes, telling folks that he wants Roberts to win.

Is Rodstrom doing more?

Rodstrom was asked about the talk in the Broward County Government Center that he was pressuring lobbyists to donate to Roberts campaign.

He was very careful in his answer.

“I’m, not going to comment on that. Charlotte is not involved in any way, Rodstrom said.

At the heart of the county commissioner’s love affair with Roberts:  Rodstrom says his wife wants to fire City Manager George Gretsas and so does Roberts.

Teel has other problems, as Brittany Wallman wrote today on, here.  Russ Oster, who is fast becoming the supreme trickster of Broward politics, has his committee running negative ads against her.

Like Wallman, I can’t prove who’s paying for Oster’s ads.  I would look to the usual suspects — a developer upset with Teel’s position on a project and maybe some of John Rodstrom’s lobbyist friends.



5 Responses to “Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Teel’s Biggest Problem: John Rodstrom”

  1. power couple says:

    John’s been shooting mouth of all over town how he and the missus are going to get Roberts elected and Judy Stern is going to get Dubose elected and they will have the three votes to fire the city manager.

  2. Rodstrom's Mouthpiece says:

    Power Couple is right. I heard Judy Stern bragging at lunch about getting three votes and being able to run the Fort Lauderdale Commission after the election.

  3. Teel Is Right says:

    Mrs. Teel has been a strong voice against over development, especially in her neighborhood. That is why developers and lobbyists are backing Roberts. I can’t believe Rodstrom, who claims to be for controls on development, is against Teel.

  4. Race For Sale? says:

    Rodstrom was poking around the race in the northwest section, telling candidates he would raise money for whoever would agree to fire Gretsas. Did he ever settle on one?

  5. Rodstrom's Wife Is Hot says:

    do you know your wife is way too hot for you?