Fort Lauderdale Candidate’s Law Suits Surface


The Fort Lauderdale campaign for mayor is becoming interesting.

A few days ago I was leaked some court documents pertaining to candidate Earl Rynerson.

Rynerson appears to have a history of being involved in litigation over money. 

He’s had fights over money with credit card companies.  He’s had fights over money with contractors.  He’s had fights with landlords.

Many of these suits were dismissed.  At least one is active in Broward County Court.

The current suit involves money Rynerson allegedly owes to Bank of America for credit card charges. 

Rynerson denies in documents that he owes anything.

A notorious collection firm filed the suit.  There are complaints about this firm’s tactics all over the Internet. 

So I’m sympathetic to Rynerson.

The court documents include Rynerson’s Bank of America bill.  On the bill are charges for gay porn, and that has generated a lot of whispering in this race.

What’s the big deal?

Porn is legal.  Rynerson is gay.  It’s a non-issue.

You can’t tell anything about Rynerson from a bunch of lawsuits, except he is often involved in lawsuits. 

Maybe he is just standing up against injustices. 

I tried to get an explanation from Rynerson.   He didn’t return my calls, but it is a holiday weekend.

Voters who are interested should ask Rynerson the reason behind these lawsuits. Then they can decide for themselves. 

I won’t be one of those voters.  I don’t even live in Fort Lauderdale.


12 Responses to “Fort Lauderdale Candidate’s Law Suits Surface”

  1. Earl for Mayor says:

    Good for you. You put the slander that is going around to bed.

  2. still questions says:

    Buddy didnt say the allegations were not true, so they are not slander. Because Mr. Nevins has the right to interpret these documents in any way he seems fit,does not take away from the fact that Rynerson had his issues. Someone should post these documents and let the people decide.

    I think these things mentioned are issues when you have a person on a platform that he is a person of “proven fiscal resposibility”

    You are correct if these matters were all dismissed then your assesment is correct. On the other hand if there are judgments against rynerson that seems to fly in the face of someone being fiscally responsible.” Many times in the court system many cases are dismissed when the person agrees to pay the debt they were sued over. Again, no big deal unless you are claiming to be “fiscally responsible”. Also, I used to work for a debt collection law firm and I can say of the thousands of cases but never one for charges the someone didnt make. The credit card companies are not going to open themselves up to a claim of bad faith by filing a case without having responded to a customer request for an investigation into the charges.

  3. Go Dean Go says:

    Vote Dean Trentalis as the First Gay Mayor of Fort Lauderdale.

    Proven leadership without all the baggage.

    Soon enough Earl is going to be investigated for his ethics violations for his illegal and misleading campaign signs.

  4. I.P. Freely says:

    Dean has none of the baggage? Lol

    Didn’t half of Fort Lauderdale accuse him of ripping off their deposit on a condo development that never got off the ground?

  5. enough says:

    If these guys have issues in the Courts then some reporter ought to do a story and let the people decide. Funny thing is that as usual it the bloggers like Smith and Nevins that scooped the SS.

  6. earl's reply says:

    Guess Earl’s people didnt want to respond to Buddy.

    Mark Goodrich wrote:
    Tim – My name is Mark Goodrich we met last week. I have been involved in politics for 22 years winning many Elections both Statewide and Nationally; and I am currently Earl’s Campaign Manager.

    I will promise to you now publicly that under NO circumstances will Earl Rynerson’s campaign for Mayor be about being the first gay Mayor. Quite frankly Ft. Lauderdale does not have the luxury to be concerned about should matters with our current budget crisis.

    I will also state that since I have been aboard we have NOT in any way said ANY unkind word about Dean nor will we. If anyone reads any e-mails regarding this campaign seeming to come from Earl – they should know that I swear on my two year old little girl’s life that I had no knowledge of it nor did Earl.

    We plan to run a positive campaign based on the issues and if we are going to “attack” somebody we will be up front not do it anonymously! That is right Jack Seiler fifteen year – out of work – politician from Wilton Manors, we will be attacking YOU!

    And Dean supporters we are sorry to say but Dean is not even mentioned in our 6000 word Campaign Plan.

    We will want Dean’s supporters to back Earl in the run-off so we are not that dumb to agitate the voters who we will want to support us on March 10th.

    Keep up the good work Tim.
    Reply to this

  7. Earl Is Wrong says:

    To Earl’s Reply. Jack Seiler is a well respected lawyer with a large law practice and many major law clients. I would estimate he earns $100,000s a year from his law practice. To call him a “out of work” politician is misleading, which is what we have leared to expect from Earl Rynerson’s campaign. Seiler is the only one with the proven experience running a small business (successful law practice), handling complex legislation and complex issues (legislator), understanding the state and where and how they can help Fort Lauderdale (legislator) and a resident of Broward County for many years, unlike Earl, who lived in San Francisco just a few years ago.

  8. Let the people decide says:

    Earl will not speak on these documents. If they are legit, public records then they speak for themselves and they should be published and let the people decide. I think the comments about Dean and his supporters just show how much of a jerk thi guy Earl is.

    Here is the link to one of Earl’s cases.,CIV,CIV,CIV&hidCaseNumber=COWE07004578&COWE07004578=CIV&PRC940002801=PRO,PRO,PRO&hidCourtType=CIV&hidGeneralType=CIV&ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$comcs$btnSummary=View%20Selected%20Case&&user_type=

  9. interesting says:

    one of earls cases with amex he is represented by scott rothstiens firm no wonder why information had been sow coming as everyone knows he calls the shots around here. looks like scotty is backing earl though I can blame him everyone needs a lobbiest awyer friend

  10. Sean says:

    Jack Seiler out of work? Not quite. Mr. Seiler is a very well respected attorney in addition to having served nicely as our State Rep. He would make a fine mayor for Ft. Lauderdale.

  11. prr says:

    I saw on the Broward Public Records site that Earl has a judgment against him for no payment of a 7 grand to AMEX. Thats not to fiscally responsible.

  12. domainmaster says: