Fort Lauderdale Candidate: Not Just Somebody’s Little Wifey





Newly-minted candidate Heather Moraitis wants voters to know she is so much more than a state representative’s little wifey, living in the shadow of her husband.

Heather Moraitis is a consummate and political savvy networker whose roots run very, very deep in northeast Fort Lauderdale City Commission’s District 1.

State Rep. George Moraitis’ spouse, Heather announced she wants to be District 1’s next commissioner. The election is next February.

Already those who were considering running for the open seat are having second thoughts.

“She will walk right in,” predicted one political consultant with experience in Fort Lauderdale.


It’s a long time to February.

At this point Heather is surely the one to beat.

Born in Holy Cross Hospital — “In the district,” she notes. – Heather grew up in New Jersey where her father had gotten a job in an electric plant.

She went to the University of Florida, getting a Master’s in education. She also met George, who was from a longtime Fort Lauderdale family and graduated the U. S. Naval Academy.

They married.



Heather and George Moraitis


Heather moved around as George followed his Navy career. Eventually the couple sailed back to Fort Lauderdale.

She has lived in their home 15 years.

Here is why the political world says Heather will be tough to beat:

* Name ID.

The Moraitis name has been on the ballot in northeast Fort Lauderdale since 2010. No doubt some remember the name from George’s tough election and reelections.

* Political experience.

Heather ran George’s first campaign in 2010, helping him beat more experienced candidates and campaign professionals.

“George was unknown and had little access to money,” Heather recalls. “I was the source of free labor.”

Since then, she has been George’s most fervent campaign volunteer and most valued campaign advisor.

* Access to money.

George’s tenure in the Florida House, meeting all the usual GOP sources of money, gives Heather a heads-up in fund raising. At least some on Heather’s lengthy list of contacts should contribute, too.


Heather is known as someone who will work 24/7 towards her goal. Fort Lauderdale political observers expect relentless campaigning from her until Election Day.

* Her network.

Heather has been extremely active for years.

She was president of the Junior League of Fort Lauderdale, a group of influential and usually well-off women.

She is a longtime member of the vote-rich Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in the district. She was a teacher at the church’s 905-student Westminster Academy and then its director of development. Democrats may pale at her connection to the ultra-conservative church, but almost every adult in the congregation votes.

Heather says her church membership is not an issue: “If elected, I will govern equally for everybody regardless of their belief.”

Her news release states that she has been involved in “Leadership Broward, Lifeworks Leadership, Women in Leadership and Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fort Lauderdale, and … the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, Navy League Fort Lauderdale Council…She currently serves on the board of the Coral Ridge Isles Homeowner’s Association. Since 2008, Heather has volunteered for the YMCA of South Florida. She is currently working for the YMCA as the Director of Capital Development.”

Lots of votes in those groups. Lots of potential campaign cash.


Why Run Now?


The 45-year-old says that she considered running for commission in the past. The time wasn’t right.

George is term limited in 2018.

Her daughters are “at a stage where they are busy with their own lives and not as dependent upon us…I have one daughter (18) headed to the University of Florida now and a second one (16) soon to follow. I felt the time was right now,” she says.

Her positions are vague at this point.

Her news release stated:

“My family drives in the same traffic that frustrates all of us, and we have the same concerns about economic and neighborhood sustainability that residents all around Fort Lauderdale have. We have a great town, and now is the time to take our challenges head-on with a collaborative, common sense approach. That is the way to get things done.”

Concerns and no specifics. Fort Lauderdale voters have heard it before. Unfortunately many candidates blather about preserving the city’s lifestyle. Then once in office, they become the tools of developers and lobbyists.

Maybe the campaign will flush out Heather’s positions on development and how to maintain the city’s crumbling infrastructure. She does have an opponent, Broward County park manager Caleb Gunter.

The election is nominally non-partisan. Still, many voters in this GOP corner of Broward County will no doubt find out that both candidates are Republican.

Rumors abound that another credible candidate will enter the District 1 race. There is a lot of money riding on a Fort Lauderdale commissioner who can vote on future development.

The question is whether anybody will take on Heather and all her advantages?

Put another way, why walk into a buzz saw?




13 Responses to “Fort Lauderdale Candidate: Not Just Somebody’s Little Wifey”

  1. Beverly Whiteppl says:

    You GO GIRL. Hope to see you at BWRC-F meeting. Good article. Great picture.

  2. Reader says:

    It’s Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, not Coral Springs.


    Of course it is. Sorry. My mistake, which has been corrected.

  3. Lane Diet says:

    Since she is a Christian, the God-less Scum-Slantinel will try to bring her down.

    Stay strong and ignore them. only about 5% of the population read the rag anyway, so don’t give them a second thought.

    I remember a time not long ago when there was only one male on the city commission. The men have not done a great job of late so it will be good having a strong female on the commission.

  4. Talks like a politician says:

    The Fort Lauderdale City Commission District 4 seat is being sought by a former mayor and commissioner from Dania Beach who left his commission seat in Dania before his term was up for greener grass in Fort Lauderdale. He is a property appraiser and owns a real estate company. Campaign contributions are overwhelmingly from developers.

    Could it possibly be that he would be a tool of developers and lobbyists?

    Fort Lauderdale desperately needs commissioner who represent their constituents, not their own personal interest. Quality of life is important.

  5. Just One Vote says:

    so she will support the one billion dollar (give or take a few million dollars) water ad sewer bond after her election (along with bruce as mayor), new federal courthouse, new police station, continue the $340MM police and fire bond till 2032, The Wave, etc., etc.
    Good luck. Can’t wait to see her on the dais (after reading all of the back-up) before she votes.

  6. @Talks like a politician says says:

    Uh the other candidate in that race Ben Sorenson just recently moved into the district from Hollywood and his campaign is being run by lobbyist Judy Stern who seeks to control the Commission and continue her reign of terror over the citizens of Fort Lauderdale. She also runs Bruce Roberts campaign who is running for Mayor. Don’t vote for anyone that Judy Stern represents, she is a a toxic pox on our City.

  7. Old Timer says:

    Why are so many people against Judy Stern? She never stole a freight train.

  8. Here Is Why says:

    Judy Stern is like the black mold in the courthouse. She is poisonous to those breathing the same air as her.

  9. sick of politics says:

    If Heather is anti Judy stern I’m all in , Judy Stern is worst than Black mold, more like terminal CANCER , she owns The Mayor , Roberts and McKennzie, she sits in every meeting coaching the Dias, pure curruption at its best every ting brought to vote is a yes By Roberts McKennzie and Sieler, she owns and operates them, a disgusting POS and cross her your as dead as opposing Hilary Clinton, a viscous monster but what do I know, she how she pushes her weight around she a fat COW said the Commissioner of Hollywood, Roberts has no chance of being himself with her steering his opinion or vote just another puppet of the Queen of Greed, if you want to go to a Commission Meeting she is on her phone telling the Commission what to say and vote. Heather we could use a Solid Women not controlled by this Witch,

  10. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow Judy Stern this, Judy Stern that. I mean if she sold Avon she would be less of a bitch to some of you. Yet these comments you won’t reveal who you are. Why? I mean she is this, that etc. Show your face. I would have more respect for you. This is about Moratis’ wife not Judy stern. Now will Heather here be just another wifey as indicated or will she prevail and make a difference. One thing she better get on board is this policy that Mr.Feldman wants to charge these condo towers double for their sewer hook ups. Get on board Heather-no way. Show us you are one of us,not just another pretty face..Tell Mr.Feldman and the rest no waaay. Comm.Roberts this is primarily going to effect your district that you reside over right now. Tell Feldman no way. Its like sock it to the residents. More fees, more money he wants all the time. I’ll tell you Comm.roberts this looks bad for you. Tell Feldman to lay off some of his inner circle(senior manag.fellows-raking in over 100g,plus Feldman salary w/ all the goodies is worth over 300g-come on). So Heather where you at w/ all this. Show us your on our side and I guarantee to you a ticket to that dais…..Also enough w/ the police recruits not going to be able to have tattoos. So if you have a tattoo you get cut see ya. No way. Stupid policy .I say w/ this sewer charge(doubling it Lee . I say don’t use the toilet shit on Feldman’ lawn. Again enough w/ Judy Stern. Whats your stand on this Heather….

  11. Beth says:

    Your headline is offensive. Perhaps when you write about her husband, since she helped him get where he is, perhaps you should write that he is just her hubby. You wouldn’t do that to a man and you certainly shouldn’t do it to a woman.

  12. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    To Heather get busy. Be careful Mayor seiler doesn’t run for that seat “to keep the gravy train going”. I mean he really could do just that since the AG postion failed by the people that I talk to. To win Heather you need to not support the Wave(go July 11). Tell Feldman that the policy no tattoos for police recruits is stupid(come on Bruce). Lower these damn fees. I meant to say Storm water fees to double for the condo towers(support the Galt). Way to costly. Mr.Feldman will tell you its only 50bucks a year.(it adds up)I mean it slike 50 buks all the time. Look at your bills to live in Fort Lau. the city man. has raised every fee possible.Water, sewer.storm water fees. Fire ass. I mean this is how you lead just charge more money. Sock it to the residents(no way Lee-your going). Show your complete disgust for Comm>Mckinzie(been saying since last Nov. he wa sunder investigation. You play by th erules. You don’t use your campaign acc. as your personal piggy bank. You live in th e district you govern over. Lock him up Tim Donnely..Be one of us Heather. Smile ,look nice. Help you neighbors. Do this and you will prevail(unless Jack seiler runs for that seat. Will see..) Great week. Very productive. (PS big joke huh Atty >Everett.(oh I know if Mckinzie had consensus to give you more of a raise he would. (Hmm). No more than the 3% . Maybe Mckinzi can take campaign monies to giv e you more money.).So there you have it. Stay on your toes Heather Moratis. Great week…

  13. Virtus says:

    I met Heather when we were both members of a charitable board. She is dynamic, smart and she always was the first to volunteer to lead projects. More importantly, she followed up with passion on her commitments.
    I always thought that she would be the one running for office before her husband.
    She will be a shining star as a commissioner in Fort Lauderdale.
    As for the Sun Sentinel, and it’s likely endorsement of any Dem, the Sun Sentinel is a non-factor in Coral Ridge. That fact and the lack of credibility of the hyper partisan O’Hara makes the Sun Sentinel essentially irrrelevant to O’Hara’s presumptive endorsement of any opponent. In fact, O’Hara’s opposition to Heather would likely be to the advantage to Heather.