Fort Lauderdale Candidate Glassman’s Ad Misleading


Warning misleading campaign ad alert.


Fort Lauderdale District 2 candidate Steve Glassman’s latest campaign piece features a big masthead of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.  It quotes the newspaper as stating: “Glassman is a worthy candidate.

“There is a reason why the Sun-Sentinel thinks Steve Glassman is a worthy candidate and so many of our friends and neighbors have endorsed him.

It might lead a voter to think the Sun-Sentinel endorsed Glassman. 

It didn’t.

The newspaper, along with the Miami Herald, endorsed Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom. 

The ad is misleading, along with the phony “Daily Times newspaper on the front praising Glassman.  There is no Daily Times.

6 Responses to “Fort Lauderdale Candidate Glassman’s Ad Misleading”

  1. Steve Should Lose says:

    Steve Glassman has never given voters one reason why they should vote for him and not Charlotte Rodstrom. Charlotte has stood up against developers and lobbyists since joining the commission. Glassman?

  2. A good Service says:


    Articles like this are a valuable service and you should do more of them. Too bad the regular media doesn’t do this any more.

  3. Village Idiot says:

    Thanks Buddy, I wouldn’t have known there wasn’t a local newspaper named the “Daily Times” if it wasn’t for you.

    Gimme a break! That was no more “fake” than the Seiler mailing pretending to be a magazine named “Fort Lauderdale Profiles” or Rynerson’s misleading claim to have been a “San Francisco City Commissioner” when he was just a citizen appointee on a city board.

  4. Steve Should Lose says:

    Remember to vote for Charlotte Rodstrom today

  5. Charlotte Rodstrom Took the High Road and Kept her Promises says:

    Dear Neighbors and Friends,

    Tomorrow (Feb. 10th) is election day in Ft. Lauderdale. Every vote counts because, based on the past, only about 10% of the residents vote in municipal elections like this one.

    Three years ago we elected Charlotte Rodstrom to fight excessive development of massive, high-rise, high-density buildings, to encourage developers to construct people-friendly size buildings compatible with our neighborhoods and protective of our environment, to enhance and safeguard our quality of life, to keep taxes low by controlling budgetary spending and to work with police and community members to alleviate crime and make our streets safer. And what we asked her to do, she did. Few elected politicians remember what they promised as candidates, Charlotte is the exception. For the last 3 years she fought for us. WE MADE THE CORRECT CHOICE THEN, WE NEED TO DO IT AGAIN.

    And so we encourage you to vote for Charlotte Rodstrom for District 2 Commissioner. She certainly is best qualified to represent all of us. Here are some of the people (and companies) who agree with us and, therefore, endorsed Commissioner Rodstrom :

    Fraternal Order of Police, Ft. Lauderdale, Lodge #31

    Ft. Lauderdale Professional Firefighters, I.A.F.F. Local 765

    The Sun-Sentinel editorial board

    The Miami Herald editorial board

    Mel Rubinstein (former President of the Central Beach Alliance, former member of the Beach Redevelopment Advisory Board, Treasurer & Board Member for Birch Crest Condo Association)

    Judy Scher (President of Birch Crest, former Vice-President of the Central Beach Alliance, former member of the Beach Redevelopment Advisory Board)

    Mike Moskowitz (Current Member of the Ft. Lauderdale Planning & Zoning Board)

    AND NOW IT IS YOUR TURN. Hope to see you and all our neighbors at the polls.

    Thank you and have a good day.

  6. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    How did mike moskowitz, a parkland lobbyist for the panthers etc end up on the ft Lauderdale planning board in 2009? Did he live in ft Lauderdale then?