Fort Lauderdale Bureaucrats Used Tax Money For Commission, Employee Parties




Fort Lauderdale Community Redevelopment Agency is so lacking in financial safeguards that thousands of dollars in tax money was spent on a farewell event for a City Commissioner and a retirement party for a city employee.

It cost the CRA $8,000 for the “farewell event” for the unnamed City Commissioner and more than $14,000 for the unnamed city employee’s retirement party,  according to Fort Lauderdale City Auditor John Herbst’s examination of the finances of the CRA released Friday.

Partying with public money are perhaps the most striking abuse found by Herbst.   It certainly was not the only misuse of the CRA finances that he found.

“This operational audit of the City’s Community Redevelopment Agency concluded that the City and CRA lack adequately designed controls to prevent and detect errors in budgeting, procurement and compliance with relevant statutory requirements in a timely manner,” the report states.

The CRA is a multi-million arm of Fort Lauderdale’s government. The agency collected roughly $8 million in fiscal year 2015 to use in three areas of the city — Central Beach, Northwest-Progresso-Flagler Heights and Central City.

The stated goal of the CRA is to “eliminate slum and blight in our targeted redevelopment areas through the implementation of each area’s community redevelopment plan; foster dynamic and vibrant commercial and residential environments and expand economic opportunities in our community,” according to the audit.

CRA staff often diverted money from those goals, Herbst found.

“Tax increment funds were spent on events that were not included in furtherance of the Community Redevelopment Plan. The events were as follows:

  •  A city employee retirement party, which used in excess of $14,000 of CRA funds.
  •  A Commissioner farewell event, which used in excess of $8,000 of CRA funds.” is sorry we weren’t invited because $14,000 for a retirement party and $8,000 for a “farewell event” sound like a blast! At the Sun-Sentinel, we were lucky to get a handshake from our bosses.  Of course, the Sun-Sentinel is a private business and not spending other people’s money.

Other examples of irresponsible spending included:

  • The CRA “may be” overpaying for the operating costs for two routes of the Sun Trolley community bus service on the beach and in the northwest section “that did not benefit the community redevelopment areas.
  • A duplicate vendor payment in the amount of $4,970 went undetected.
  • Vendors were also found to have violated their contracts with the CRA.

The complete report can be read below. It’s an eye opener.



56 Responses to “Fort Lauderdale Bureaucrats Used Tax Money For Commission, Employee Parties”

  1. Charles King says:

    I’m going to take a wild guess here in regards to this Friday document dump. I’m guessing that the $8,000 “farewell event” for an unnamed City Commissioner was for Bobby “the dream” DuBose and I’m going to guess that the $14,000 retirement party was for the unnamed city employee was Greg “the living legend” Brewton who now makes his living as a lobbyist “friend of Jack.” Maybe one of our elected city commissioners or our misguided mayor that attended these pricey events can confirm if my suspicions are correct. Hopefully there weren’t too many other similar events in this price range that they could confuse them with.


    This is clearly a flagrant misuse of public money. If commissioners and the mayor knew about it and didn’t do anything, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Lindy says:

    This is terrible and I hope you follow through and keep us up-to-date of the consequences of their actions…..if any….

  3. Know when to fold em says:

    Truth be told, the CRAs have had very little to increase development in the re-development areas. Most of the projects that have been built would have been built anyway. What has happened is that the tax revenue from these areas have been shifted into these “slush funds” and have been starving the general fund of this revenue. As new development comes online, the new revenue (increment) is not shared with the taxpayers in the city to pay for police protection, traffic impacts, or parks and other expenses. That is the dirty little secret of the CRAs. End the slush funds that are being used for public corruption and put those funds back into the general fund or the city and county.

  4. Ann Jello says:

    When will you publish the names of the:

    *city employee retirement party recipient?

    *the commissioner farewell recipient?

    Was the $4,970 duplicate vendor payment returned?


    Mr. King’s comment above speculates on the identity of the party recipients.

  5. Charles King says:

    Weren’t Mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler and his toady City Manager “Little “ Lee Feldman authorizing these pricey city events with their very attendance? Who did they think was paying for these goodbye parties, the property taxpayers out of the general fund? That might be less illegal but no less unethical. Time for John P. “Jack” Seiler, “Little” Lee Feldman, Bruce Robert, Plantation’s own Robert McKinzie and even Romney Rogers to faded into our checkered history of unethical men doing illegal things while in office. Hopefully there is a “King Tide” in 2018 that washes all this garbage out to sea and give us a chance for a fresh start for a city not run by the special interest developer lobbyists, nonprofit government parasites, the growing subsidized underclass or the greedy nonresident public sector employee unions, the greediest and least accountable being police and fire.

  6. The racist king says:

    Charlie King crapping on black people, nothing new there. Same guy who didn’t want the name sistrunk boulevard reaching federal highway because he thought got it would be a blight on his Victoria park neighborhood.

  7. mrkneeley says:

    We wrote about this back in March.

  8. Charles King says:

    Hey the CRA Audit is on the agenda for Tuesday’s daytime Conference Meeting at Fort Lauderdale’s City Hall. So if you want to speak and demand some answers publicly from Mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler, City Manager “Little” Lee Feldman and the rest of the secretive and crooked crew, here is your chance. Sadly Commissioner Dean Trantalis is out of town and will be missing the meeting so it is only citizens that will be there to ask embarrassing questions of “Jack” and his runaway government effort to create a cushy Club Gov for themselves at property taxpayers expense. Do these people really seem trustworthy of an additional penny sales tax on everything to buy?

  9. Need more public discosure says:

    If indeed #1 is correct here is a description of the “event” from none other than the January 2015 GORIVERWALK magazine.

    “Hundreds of Greg’s colleagues, friends, and family members celebrated his retirement on Dec. 19, 2014 – The Fort Lauderdale City Commission deemed it “Greg Brewton Day.” The event took place at none other than The “Greg Brewton Sustainable Development Center” at Lincoln Park on Sistrunk Boulevard”

  10. We don't know Jack says:

    Back in July our NW CRA approved a motion to be sent to the CRA Board “informing them that the Advisory Board has strongly requested greater transparency in the CRA budget process so they can make educated, informed decisions about the budget. The Advisory Board also requests a full breakdown of the CRA budget”

    Seems pretty clear. And before people chime in that there were groups and factions, this motion passed unanimously!

    Guess what happened next?

    To avoid anything subjective let me give you the exact quotes from the Approved CRA Board meeting minutes from September 7th, 2016

    “Tentative Community Redevelopment Agency Operating Budget and Community Investment Plan Allocation for Fiscal Year 2017”

    “Chair Seiler asked Jonathan Brown, Area Manager Northwest Progresso Flagler Heights Community Redevelopment Agency (NWPF CRA) if the CRA Advisory Board had approved the Tentative Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Operating Budget and Community Investment Plan Allocations for Fiscal year 2017. Mr. Brown stated the only thing the CRA Advisory Board had discussions regarding were related to the proposed administrative marketing expenses with the Mosaic Group, but they did not have any input regarding the other operating expenses and were not provided this document.”

    The CRA Board proceeded to discuss the budget and CIP. The discussion ended with this quote.

    “Vice Chair Trantalis requested all items that come before the City Commission be presented and vetted to the appropriate City Advisory Board.”

    The CRA Board voted 5-0 to approve the tentative budget and CIP that the Advisory Board had not seen and was not presented.

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  11. Miss Marple says:

    This is disgraceful – no one would dispute that but let’s look back at the $70 million fine levied against Broward Health. Do you hear anyone ranting about that? People are apathetic and our elected (and appointed) officials operate with impunity. You don’t really expect heads to roll over this do you?

  12. Who yo daddy says:

    So, it was “Little Al” (he’s about 5′ 2″ in height, thus the name) was director of CRA during this misallocation of funds. In an honest city, if this was discovered, he would be fired, and under investigation for misuse of public funds, by the district attorney. But what happened to little Al, he was promoted to deputy director of sustainable development. Crime pays, folks.

  13. Charles King says:

    How inappropriate was it for Mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler and his gang to name the building department building after Greg Brewton while he was a living person and a current city employee only to have the Albion Staffing scandal, which just happens to be on tomorrow’s agenda for a closed door secession, erupt after his $14,000 retirement party leading to the firing of his successor Jenni Morejon for doing nothing more than continuing his polices of inflating temporary staff’s pay. Then Jenni after be fired for this supposed cause was hired by “Jack’s” cronies in the Downtown Development Authority for keeping her mouth largely closed. This Mayor and his toady City Manger are so corrupt and dirty especially when it comes to the Northwest Progresso Flagler Village CRA that if anyone ever did their sworn job on the enforcement side of things they could easily see their precious government careers come to an abrupt end. If you are wondering what has become of the living legend Greg Brewton, he supplements his generous city pension by being a lobbyist lobbying the city commission as a friend of “Jack’s.” And his name still remains on the building department if you were wondering. As for Bobby DuBose his government career continues up in Tallahassee, he most definitely is the Commissioner sporting the $8,000 farewell party. I spoke to the two past Commissioners to say “farewell,” one got no party at all and one got a $2,5000 party that he had to pay for himself in the end. There most certainly is a there, there. Keep on this story Buddy, there should be some new details out tomorrow as to the depth of the corruption.

  14. Ha Ha Ha says:

    This corrupt CRA has also been paying $80,000 per year (since 2012) for fireworks… your tax dollars literally going up in smoke… but the very best part of this new Sun-Sentinel article has got to be Mayor Jack Seiler’s statements! It seems that Mayor Seiler is just shocked – shocked!! – that CRA dollars were paying for these huge parties!

  15. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Jack Seiler was elected Mayor n King n others couldnt get their candidate elected. End of story.

  16. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    First of all I am glad that the city auditor discovered this. As far as this cra monies going for parties etc, and then monies going to city commissioners saying so long. I mean this is why the county should take over all CRA’s. Will they be any better, I hope so. Charlie brings up some very good points. However, to say that the mayor is corrupt, I’m not buying that. Well, to correct the problem have Dubose(who they are all referring to this party that we paid for), yes Mr.Dubose pays the cra back, and then this party for Greg, take the money out of somewhere. I mean it has to be paid back, I would think. Story stinks. Just as bad when the coffee place over on 13th, got what was it alomost 100g for his coffee place(CDBG-sound familiar). I should call the mayor and state I want to put a barbershop, and want the city to pay for it, he’d say kick rocks, which is what the comm. should state for parties, etc. Also paying alomost 12g for legal expenses for another comm. I mean I’ve gone up against almost ever slum-lord in town, its like me sayin oh mayor etc, take money out or th e CRA to pay my debts. Its true. Charlie is right here…

  17. cametoflonthemayflower says:

    This CRA has been grossly mismanaged…there have been three alarming audits within the past two years.

    The last audit found the City had bilked the CRA trust fund through “service charges” that paid the City, in some cases for vacant positions outside the CRA. At the time, Mayor Seiler said: “I think we’ve created an agency that doesn’t have anybody where the buck stops. We’ve got….24 people with their hand in the pocket….24 people that are cooking in the kitchen…with nobody that’s the head chef……”

    So there was no head chef….(other than the Mayor/ CRAboard chair and the City Manager/CRA Executive director).

    It does seem like there’s no one in charge..and $41 million could be lost due to mismanagement of the funds.

    On Tuesday the Mayor and Commissioners will likely vote to give a two million to wealthy developer and serial campaign donor Dev Motwani. The Florida Bulldog just did an interesting story on Arthur Falcone, the Motwani’s partner in several of their mega deals…….

  18. Taxpayer says:

    Who authorized the spending for the parties? Lee Feldman? That’s a person who should be held accountable.

    And then these Ft. Lauderdale officials want us to vote for a sales tax increase so they can have more funds to misspend. Nope. Vote No on the penny sales tax increase.

  19. Native Taxpayer says:

    #11 Miss Marple you are spot on—could never understand why the rampant white collar crime against the taxpayers in this County from Broward Health to the School Board was not an issue in the recent Broward SAO race. The Sun Sentinel has reported that no one knows who authorized the 22k for the parties. This is unacceptable. We are all on notice and responsible to stay vigilant and demand answers. Thank you Buddy for reporting this. I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  20. Charles King says:

    It looks like another scathing Sun Sentinel article came out today of Mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler and his 8 years and counting corruption clown crew doing what they do in the CRAs which is throw a lot of parties and violate state CRA statues jeopardizing very large sums of money in the neighborhood of $41.8 million in redevelopment dollars. If “Jack’s” crew of empty suits and accountability dodgers can’t even find someone to own up to authorizing the illegally paid for parties, how do we expect them to be competent enough to follow the law properly in the CRAs like they are richly paid to do. I for one thought it was very curious Al Battle’s name didn’t come up in today’s discussion. It seemed anyone possibly culpable was by design not in attendance at today’s meeting. Not Al Battle, not Bobby DuBose, not Greg Brewton, not Jenni Morejon, only Lee Feldman who said he knew nothing about it. Yeah right. If this kind of obfuscation is alright by Mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler and he is not going to demand the truth, you have your answer as to where all this mismanagement and corruption is coming from. Most fish stink from the head. And just an aside to Sen Sentinel reporter Larry Barszewski, If you could get to the bottom of what they did in the closed door secession today regarding the Albion Staffing Scandal that forced Jenni Morejon to resign for simply carrying forward “the living legend” Greg Brewton’s overpaying of temp policies that got the building department named after him as a living employee and a $14,000 retirement party on the CRA’s dime. Greg now lobbies the city with his head held high on things such as going easy on the vacation rental industry and speaking on behalf of Bahia Mar as a valuable friend of “Jack.”

  21. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Look at the videos of Charlie King telling outright lie after lie at Commission Meetings n being out of order rude n crude. JUDGE FOR YOURSELF.

  22. Fort Lauderdale Needs A New Mayor says:

    Jack Seiler went to the parties. Who did he think was paying for them? The CRA is part of the city commission & Seiler is head of the city commission. He is responsible for this mess. Don’t expect him to take responsibility. If you have been following him you know that is not in his DNA.

  23. Charles King says:

    Hey Count Von Coco Puffs, what planet are you living on? Mayor John P. “Jack” Seiler was out of order and rude to me, the speaker. He was a little grumpy after a long day of this website, the Sun Sentinel, myself and a lot of other voters and longtime residents busting up all day for his 8 long years of corruption and mismanagement finally coming home to roost.

  24. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Jack Seiler if he could run for a third term would be the Tim Smith/Charlotte Rodstrom/Dean Trantalis/Mary Fertig/Steve Glassman/Charlie King Leisure n Venetian Condo clown car no matter what Buddy Nevins Larry Barszewski n now Daniel Sweeney write without worrying about context to background.

  25. sick of politics says:

    Lew, you are a fool why dont you go back to NY . Charlie has balls unlike you and your angry old nasty spew of bullshit, you offer nothing but uglyness

  26. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    First of all good reporting on S.S Larry B. This 321-you judge yourself, in regards to your mention of Charlie King, your past performance , you are just as bad. Bobby Dubose should pay up the 8g, and Mr.Brewton should also pay up. Only concern I have on the comm. esp. Mayor Seiler -who did u think was paying for these parties.???Also why wasn’t the public invited, what only the who’s who. This happened to Comm.Trantalis yrs. ago when he had his bon-voyage party,(Chima-ring a bell) and he had to end up paying for the shin-dig, so whats the difference…..

  27. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewiczb says:

    Born in Florida
    Family in State since 1722
    In Ft Lauderdale since 1919 as residents n business owners

  28. Charles King says:

    Just to inform Count Von Coco Puffs, “Crooked” Jack Seiler already ran for a third term. We are living through it now. Get a clue Count!

  29. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Go to the videos of City Commission Meetings as Charlie King gets caught in lie after lie and resorts to rude crude insults.

  30. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    #28 com eon Charlie give it a rest. Mayor Seiler is not corrupt. We have had are differences over the yrs. but its always about staff, etc. never personal between me and him. In a way Charlie I feel your frustration. I told the mayor yrs ago to put u on an advisory board, but u and him are toxic together(shame). Let smove on the mayor will fix this mess. My take Dubose pays up, and so does Brewton. Simple, if not file suit Charlie. Do it the right way. leave the name calling out of it..

  31. Just One Vote says:

    @28 Charlie King
    Jack could run for District One commissioner and get elected. And Robert could get to play mayor.
    Only problem is he won’t get to be the lead dog on the sled.

  32. Charles King says:

    Robert, Bobby DuBose and Greg Brewton aren’t paying anything back. They are in this to get the money flowing in their direction, not the other way around. And as far as Count Von Coco Puffs, name one supposed lie I got caught in. “Crooked” Jack Seiler was the one misrepresenting to the public. Check it out for yourself or better yet tune in a month from now when I sign up for a Citizens’ Presentation to recount the entire incident with the police where I had to call up the chain of command to get them to do their job and arrest a falling down drunk driver that crashed into a telephone pole in the city park across the street from my house at 8:24 am in the morning September 29th. I trust he will be less inquisitive of me than he was of my neighbor.

  33. Charles King says:

    Just One Vote, you are suggesting the old switcheroo to side step the very valid reasons behind terms limits? I don’t think we have to worry about “Crooked” Jack taking a lower position like that. “Crooked” Jack’s political career is like a shark, it must move forward or it dies.

  34. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    # 32 Hi Charlie, I don’t think its necessary to do a citizens Presentation on this 8g, and 14 g. Presenations should be done when you want to bring a matter to the comm. attention. Trust me they are fully aware of your concerns and this matter. What I don’t understand is the price tags. What could have possibly cost this much for these parties. Was it they rented out space etc. live entertainment, what?. Now that the auditor found this(thank u-earn that quarter a mill salary) so now they fix it. For you Charlie to say the mayor is corrupt is a cheap shot. I know th e relationship between Seiler and King is more than sour, and the mayor throws it to. So who is right, wrong, u get it. Bruce Roberts Charlie he didn’t even know u before u started your participation. He never had an issue w/ u. The mayor yes he has been very cool w/ u from the inception. Roberts however had no indifference w/ u what so ever, neither did the FOP director,until u stated that Comm.Roberts sits around all day waiting for his gov’t retirement check. He started as a cop and went all the way to top cop(chief). He earned that check. No welfare free hand out for Bruce. I was shocked when u stated that Charlie. Also credit given to the shape he is in. His mother is also Italian, and he is a good son. You will get a better reception from the comm. if you leave the cheap shots at home. I envy Charlie gets to go to all the meetings etc, while I have to work 6days a week, and a half day on Sunday just to make ends meet. Charlie here, w/ the Rolex, is not only only privellaged ,but has all the free time in the world(see what I mean). Do a records request Charlie and see where all thi s money went for. Do this and gives u more clout etc. Keep the name callin up and well u will keep getting th e same reception.

  35. Lead by example Count says:

    “I really wish people who think about governmental issues and political philosophy instead of all this personal stuff. I think people’s private lives are that, PRIVATE! I would even say that comments about things OTHER THAN THE SUBJECT OF ONE OF MR NEVIN’s ARTICLES or a GUEST COLUMN are tacky, and an imposition for those of us interested in public affairs and reading a blog by a professional reporter, of which we have too few.”

    Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz
    October 1st, 2015 at 11:17am

  36. Charles King says:

    Robert, Bobby DuBose’s $8,000 party was in Carter Park and Greg Brewton’s $14,000 party was in Lincoln Park. Both standard “bread and circuses” operations. That’s probably why they thought they could get away with paying for them with CRA funds. As for Bruce Roberts, he is the police union and nothing more. Why would you elect the police union to be mayor of your city?

  37. Fedup with this Commission says:

    Charlie is on to something…Robert, not too sure why you weigh in but, had these parties not been found out about they were paid for by CRA, stolen money. Dont hold your Breath, Dubosse and Brewton wont remimburse a penny . we need people like Charlie he cares about doing things right , and King Jack as an Atty should not be a Jackass and might try being a leader for a change, without a corrupt agenda.

  38. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    And Mayor Seiler is still Mayor.

  39. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ok thank you Charlie. Ok, so party at parks means they didn’t pay a dime to hold the functions there. Where’s the paper trail, where’s the accountability. What was spent to total 8g and the 14g. #37 I alaways involved. I have moles in city hall that trust me(proven). Just cause i.m too busy working doesn’t mean I don’t talk to a select few on a regular basis. Again I/m always there. To #35 Mr.Count who are you to dictate policy here, at city hall ,anywhere. Trust me sir I know more about u than u think(never a good thing). Back to Charlie show us where all this money went….

  40. sick of politics says:

    There you go again Lew, you and your rant, do you have anything else to do but make comments about things you have no clue about? Are you Jacks media filter? Jack is Mayor and he’s the clueless one, it starts at the top, if he wants to BLAME LEE FELDMAN for everything thats irresponceable. Again Lew do your home work before you open your yapper.

  41. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Go the the videos n broadcasts of Ft Lauderdale City Commission and see how full of manure the critics of Mayor Seiler or otgers are. Judge for yourselves readers

  42. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The Seilers gave us the Orange Bowl n Holiday Park. The nameless bloggers give us flustration for their ignorance


    Just a clarification: The Orange Bowl and Holiday Park were here long before Jack Seiler was around.

  43. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Mr Nevins I said SEILERS i.e. Family His grandfather Ernue Seiler FOUNDED BOTH. If you were a native lije the Mayor n I you would know this


    My mistake. Thanks for pointing it out.

    Regardless, the fact that the Seilers have been around here forever does not have anything to do with the tax money the CRAs wasted. Nor does it have anything to do with Fort Lauderdale’s many problems today.

  44. sick of politics says:

    And the beat goes on, Lew is still spewing his angst about what who knows, he is one sick puppy, the Commission is still approving millions of dollars of spending, the CRA is still being robbed, and now looks like the Fire bond as well is a new slush fund. Bruce Roberts calling people that speak on these matters ignorant and negative, at the counsel of the Queen of Scum Judy Stern, he’s wasting his time at the run for Mayor, and becoming a real politician as well, now lashing out at people exposing the fraud of the City miss management of money and getting caught. Hopefully justice will be served soon, Fort Lousy is a City of Corruption, look at the Commission 3 lawyers , a former police chief and a guy that lives in Plantation, Guys like Charlie King ask for the truth and get canned lawyer answers, GOD HELP US!!!!!!! VOTE all of them out we need honest people not these Bandits

  45. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Sick of politics attacks four overwhelming elected officials three lifelong 3rd generation residents

  46. The Count of Doom says:

    I wonder if your mind is in tact Lew do you ever speak from fact or are you one of Jacks mouth pieces defending his illegal actions.
    When you have the facts then you can speak, do your home work McKennzie lives in Plantation, and is homestead there… Roberts gets his marching orders from Judy Stern another POS. The empire is crumbling and you are an idiot. Sick of politics is spot on and speaks the truth….

  47. Blah Blah Blah Count nit wit says:

    Mr angry at the world, when are you such an authroity on accounting? constant spewing of B S is all your about, it gets louder everytime, you shoot from the hip, and say that all of the advisory boards are meaningless, you ungratful old fool there are people serving on these boards for over 10 years giving their time, what have you ever contribute, besides your big yap? You have no life and make inflamatory remarks about everything do the world a favor know what you speak of shut up old weasel.

  48. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Although the boards of Authorities in the City of Ft Lauderdale have real n legal powers the boards n committees are meaningless as they are merely advisory.

  49. Jules Warren T. says:

    The Count talks about anonymous writers. His name isn’t really The Count. Is that the name on his birth certificate.

  50. New York Times on Flooding says:

    NY Times today won’t help the tourism. What are you going to do< Mayor Jack, or do you have to ask the Tate's first. I’m backing you for Attorney General to get you, Feldman out of town forever.

  51. Beachite says:

    Years of Seiler, Bruce Roberts, Lee Feldman & company ignoring the flooding results in this:

    Tourists won’t come to a place that is underwater. Seiler, Roberts and Feldman are no leaders and are Developer Whores who have sold out the beach for pieces of silver while the rest of us are fighting sea water in our cars and streets.

  52. Charles King says:

    To the fat and happy corrupt morons who inhabit the Fort Lauderdale City Commission (“Corrupted” Jack Seiler, Romney Rogers, Bruce “the bald” Roberts), news flash the New York Times doesn’t write articles about Cordova Road in Romney Roger’s neighborhood, they write them about the world famous Las Olas Blvd and its Isles that connect our beach to our downtown. Get your priorities straight or get ready to face the voters in your next elections that will certainly see voter turnout higher than the pathetic 7% turnout that elected you do nothing, head in the sand bozos. If only someone wanted to bulldoze the Las Olas Isles and build condos I bet you’d listen and act then. You three are lower than the dog poo floating down the streets at high tide.

  53. Venice of America resident says:

    Forget tourists. How about anyone wanting to sell their house?

    Hope they all bought “As Is” and can’t sue for non-disclosure.

    Seawalls, pumps and valves don’t fix this.

  54. city activist robert walsh says:

    …. show me again how Seiler is corrupt etc. As far as Bruce Roberts. Wait, he is in great shape(keep it up). Oh, I know Charlie gets a crappy reception at the podium, and I know the mayor is hostile towards Charlie, but to say he is corrupt,which you can’t back up,makes u look silly Charlie. Stick to issues. Dean Trantalis, since u encourage his behavior etc, put him on an advisory bd. That way he can bring his ideas to the table,instead of his rants against the mayor. I know its reciprocal ,but still does not make it right.Mayor fix this mess w/ the 14g, and 8g(just like u fixed the 401a mess)…..

  55. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The Mayor does not involve himself in City Financial decisions which are done by the PROFESSIONAL staff as per the City Charter


    The mayor votes on every major financial decision made in the city including the budget. In addition, many believe he is pulling Lee Feldman’s strings behind-the-scene.

  56. Charles King says:

    What reality is Count Von Coco Puffs living in? And as for “Crooked” Jack Seiler, he is the maestro of Fort Lauderdale’s corruption, fraud and mismanagement. These two incidents of him showing no interest in getting to the bottom of who authorized these two parties only serves to highlight the underlying and fairly obvious truth to the 87% of the electorate that don’t vote in the city’s deliberately off cycle elections in March. Just image if they showed up to vote for someone not full of BS and blarney March 13th of 2018 for mayor.