Update: Fort Laud Comm Dean Trantalis Runs For Mayor To Fix Infrastructure, Control Growth





The worst kept secret in Fort Lauderdale politics is now out of the bag: Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Dean Trantalis is running for mayor.



Dean Trantalis 


An opponent of runaway growth who has been vocal about earmarking more money to fix Fort Lauderdale’s deteriorating infrastructure, many in City Hall have whispered for months that Trantalis was going to run.

He was encouraged to enter the race by residents who want to block the pro-development candidate Commissioner Bruce Roberts. 

On Monday, Trantalis made it official.

But his entrance into the race may have made it easier for Roberts to win. It could serve to split the anti-developer, anti-Roberts vote between Trantalis and candidate Charlotte Rostrom, who has been running for months.

Trantalis is the third candidate for mayor in the race.  The current Mayor Jack Seiler is term limited in March.

So let’s handicap the race:

  • Roberts has over $60,000 in the bank and the backing of much of the downtown lobbyist, development and business crowd. A former police chief turned commissioner, Roberts is being advised by the formidable Judy Stern. She is a lobbyist, but also a veteran fierce and tenacious campaign strategist with a history of picking winners. Any candidate backed by Stern should never be underestimated.
  • Trantalis has some backing in the business community, too. He also is strong in the gay community as an outspoken voice for LBGT rights for decades. He also has a major following among Democratic activists and ties in the legal/real estate world he can call upon for help. Perhaps most of all, Trantalis should get support from some residents outraged by the overgrowth, the ever-increasing traffic and the continuing sewer and water breaks that are a symptom of  the city’s worsening infrastructure.
  • Rostrom has a controlled growth stand like Trantalis. She has been a much more durable and sustained opponent of overdevelopment than Trantalis, who voted for some controversial projects during his tenure.  Yet Rodstrom has the odor of a perennial candidate, having failed in her last three elections — 2012 and 2014 for county commission and 2013 for city commission.  Maybe that’s why her candidacy has failed to excite the public to date. Still, with good name recognition Rodstrom can not be counted out.

There is a poll floating around Fort Lauderdale City Hall that shows Rodstrom winning.

Warning! Surveys taken so early when Roberts and Trantalis have yet to begun their advertising are notoriously worthless in predicting the results of the election, especially in a February race when the turnout will be minuscule.

Fort Lauderdale has primaries. Three candidates in the race may result in no one getting more than 50 percent, which is required to win the January 16 election.  The runoff, if needed, is March 13.

Qualifying for the candidates is November 6-13, so other candidates might still jump in.


72 Responses to “Update: Fort Laud Comm Dean Trantalis Runs For Mayor To Fix Infrastructure, Control Growth”

  1. Joel S. Slotnick says:

    Dean and I don’t always see eye-to-eye on everything, BUT:
    Dean has proven himself worthy of the title Mayor. He isn’t afraid to speak out and stand up tall for “The People”, not special interests, which is what we so badly needed in Ft. Lauderdale.

    He was the only one who came through during Hurricane Irma with a concern I had, while everyone else I tried to contact ignored me. THAT is what someone who cares about their city is all about.

    I, like many, will do everything in our power to get Dean elected.

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The voters elect officials. This is not about canndidates, developers or campsign consultants but about who goes to the polls. On my block we are down to maybe 4 resident owners while the other 6
    odd houses are rentals that change every yearor so. Will my new neighbors register ? Will they vote? If they dont read the Sun Sentinel do they know about blogs? Those are the real questions

  3. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    First of all the comment that Charlotte Rodstrom had the odor of a perennial canidate.Trantalis ran before for mayor against Seiler and lost.Another negative for Dean is the fact that not only did he support giving a comm.salary increase, he initiated it.Trantalis was also in favor of the Bahia mar project.So was Roberts.Charlotte was against it.A huge stand with the residents.Although i would have liked Charlotte to slide right back into her old seat,she is confident she can pull this off.Although Dean has the backing of very wealthy gay men from New York that will bank roll him heavy as for him to become first gay mayor.These gay New yorkers who i have met with will bsnk roll Dean and i mean heavy.Bruce Roberts with Judy Stern backing him puts him in a good spot.All of them better play nice,nice with former comm.Tim Smith.They all need this pocket.To the grand wizard you are charlotte worst enemy.All talk no action.Im wrong,then lets get movin….Also whoever prevails keep Scott Wyman.One, he knows to much.Plus he is a wiz on the computer..

  4. Commodore 64 says:

    If Judy was so smart she would have had Bruce buy up the good domain names for his campaign at go. Lol

    brucerobertsformayor.com or robertsformayor.com

    Hey brucerobertsformayor2018.com is well um, ok.

    One thing about Judy and is the contributing factor to all her recent losses, she doesn’t believe in anything related to social media.

  5. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Come on! Trantalis has his favoured develooers, lobbyists, real estate brokers and everyone knows it.

  6. Michael says:

    He is NOT a leader. In his years and years as a City Councilperson, Fort Lauderdale still does not have civil rights for GLBT Citizens. I can’t support someone who failed to lead in such an obvious issue!

    NO ON DEAN!!!

  7. Joel Timorit says:

    Charlotte is getting a bad rap here. She is the one who has fought against too many buildings for years. Dean is a Johnny-Come-Lately who told everybody last month he wasn’t going to run for mayor. DUMP DEAN. SUPPORT CHARLOTTE.

  8. Fishbait Moronne says:

    Why don’t you mention that Dean Trantalis leaving District 2 creates an opening for a development candidate? Whatever happens it will be hard to keep that seat inline with the wishes of the voters who are sick of runaway building.


    You just mentioned it.

    Possible candidates include activists Steve Glassman and Tim Bascombe, former Commissioner and blogger Tim Smith and Debby Eisinger, a former Cooper City Mayor who now lives in Fort Lauderdale.

  9. Need a decent candidate says:

    Who is Tim Bascombe and what is he an activist for? Does he sit on a City board? I know Glassman and Eisinger do.


    I believe that he is a food industry consultant with offices on Las Olas Blvd., who is involved in local charities, among other endeavors.

  10. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Dean Trantalis hasnt fought for Gay Rights? What insane aslyum has Muchael escaped from.Todstrom has NO MONEY and NO SUPPORT. Campaign NEVER WENT ANYWHERE which is why Dean Trantalus entered the Race. And, no Robert Walsh opposing Bahia Mar IS NOT GOING TO ELECT A MAYOR because outside if small groups in 4 neighborhoods itis NOT POISON as Plantation Broward Beat and Deerfield Beach Sun Sentinel belive.
    ONE CORRECTION it’s not abt 4owner occupied to 6 rentals but 4 owner occupied to 16 rentals.

    Oh yes a survey that Rodstrom can win? Dean has a survey HE CAN WIN! Ofcourse the same conartist probably did BOTH!

  11. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #8I think Steve Glassman would be a great commissioner .Also back to the mayor race.Any if them-Trantalis,Roberts,or Rodstrom would make a great mayor.I know, i know you got to pick one Robbie,bobby,slobbie.All three have their special qualifications.And each of them have their one set of negatives as well..Keep the emails coming,the phone calls etc.We will be heard.We are at an advantage Ft.Lau residents.We need more debates with the three musketeers….

  12. Makka Tinkle says:

    Charlotte Rodstrom is the candidate of the NIMBY in Las Olas Isles. Her election would result in a building moratorium and put thousands of out work.

  13. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #10 come on Dean Trantalis is a Pioneer in the LBGT.community.He put them on the map.Here in Ft.lau and esp.in Wilton Manors where his law office is.Your wrong the Bia Mar project upset alot of residents on the beach.They are a force to be reckoned with(and they vote-referring to beach.This another neighborhood pocket that each of these canidates needs).As far as #12 Charlotte recommends growth(jobs)just no more development east of federal.This is why we need several debates.First one with the three(3) should be before Thansgiving.Also word on the street the gay elite are planning a huge fundraiser for Dean as i type this.I stated prevoius they are going heavy for Dean.Lastly chatter about Bruce Roberts pension.Get it out there .Is it one pension.Is it two.etc.How much etc.Inciedently to be fair.He earned the benefit and paid into it fromhis own pocket.That being stated put the figures($)out there.And to be fair etc Charlotte Rodstrom husband had a heavty pension .One would say counterproductive.Flip the coin Char is running not John.Again lets get it out there.Tim Snith boy are u going to have a great turn out on Saturday with the13th st.festities..You my friend are the talk of the town.Capitalize in the hoopla..

  14. tell the truth says:

    The current slate of electeds and attorneys running again for elected office will not fix infrastructure of any kind and definitely will not control growth. The problems are way bigger than anything they can fathom after years of neglect since Naugle was mayor. Disbeliever? You will realize this come April 2018 when they have their first commission meeting.

  15. Bob Adams says:

    As for Trantalis and Rodstrom “splitting the anit-developer, anti-Roberts vote” lLet’s not forget that Fort Lauderdale stands alone as the only city in Broward that holds municipal primaries. Then, thw two top vote getters go head-to-head in the general election – no splitting votes there.


    Only if there is no winner in the primary. I wouldn’t count on that.

  16. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Steve Glassman has done NOTHING to qualify him fot public office.

  17. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Ok last night PnZ had the Bahia Mar heari g n vote. A FEW people came. Thevote wss 6to3in favour.One of Rodstrom’s hetetofore Rodstrom speakers SUPPIRTED Bahia Mar. There is NO substanial anti-development vote. Trantalis’ campaign is as hopeless asRodstrom’s. Outside of the 2nd CD the csnfidates are ALL PRODEVELOPMENT WHO ARE AHEAD.

  18. Polish Countessa says:

    Oh boy, let us all bow before his holiness, Mr. Miami Dade registered voter who goes around spewing tasteless vitriol at you mere Broward County mortals and injecting himself in your City Election.

    History Lesson about the Polish Contessa:
    In December 1987 Lewfrancisze Chudzikiewicz was elected to the Area Policy Board 4 in Manhattan which serves Clinton residents. “It is one of 33 such bodies in the City.”
    The City Board recommends which community-based non-profits should receive government money. “The Area Policy Board is a local extension of the Community Development Agency.”

    This is the totality of his actual government track record before he was unceremoniously banned from the McManus club in NY (don’t ask) and then somehow banned from Miami Beach City Hall (really don’t ask).

    I am not sure any candidate in Broward or Ft. Lauderdale for that matter would want to be saddled with an endorsement from the notorious Polish Countessa.

  19. Stuart says:

    Robert Walsh why don’t you run for office. Oh, that’s right you can’t as a convicted FELON!

    Dean failed on many fronts especially LGBTQ rights in FTL. Charlotte only cares about Charlotte. Bruce, former Police Chief, outstanding commissioner

  20. Stuart says:


  21. We Are Watching says:

    The City Commission Tuesday will commit the fraud of moving the primary election date to January and the qualifying period to November to favor select candidates like Bruce Roberts, who already have a big honey pot of $$$$.
    This is in violation of the City Charter and is against advise of attorney.
    Jack Seiler & company are just trying to rig the system.

  22. Update says:

    The City Commission SPECIAL MEETING is tonight October 23rd at 6:00pm not tomorrow.

  23. The Count of Doom says:

    Why is this guy haunting us? has been kicked out if NY Miami and now we have to listen to his guff?
    Seriously, not even registered to vote here.

    Polish Countessa is approriate,

  24. Tell the Truth says:

    @21. We are watching

    The sitting commission in 2011 did the same, moving end of qualifying to November 2011, a January 2012 primary and March 2012 election.

  25. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Really the attack on me was a pack of lies mus-statements traced to a crooked politicalconsultant.

  26. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    In reference to #21 im sure there will be a law suit brought forward.Probably on the grounds the comm.by majority had no authority to change the dates.I would argue they can change any date etc by majority vote.I don.t understand the rationality behind it.Will see.As far as Comm.Trantalis seat it looks like unless Tin Smith gets into race looks like Steve Glassman will prevail.

  27. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Wow what a difference a day makes.For district 2 we now have Tim Smith as a canidate for commissioner.This puts Tim Smith against Steve Glassman.Interesting i.ll say.Boy Smith has got Comm.Trantalis in a tizzie.Dean is running faster rhen me from my probation officer(yrs.ago).Wow I got to hand it to Tim here he.s brought some excitement into the election cycle.Although Steve Glassman will fight zTim tooth and nail.I misjudged Tim.I didn.t think he would run.Hmm.I was wrong.Good luck to both Glassman and Smith…

  28. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Everyone knew …Tim would run, crush Glassman at the Polls n carry District for Bruce. Charlotte Dean n Glassman have neither support base or money. They are all toast.

  29. Go away Polish Countessa says:

    @28 Weren’t you born in Tampa? If NY, Miami Beach and Ft Lauderdale won’t have you, can Tampa take you back?

    Smith didn’t cover himself in glory the last time he was Commissioner. He certainly seemed to make some shrewd land acquisitions though. He should seriously consider retirement.

    Trantalis is making a huge mistake running for Mayor. How will he launch a City wide campaign in time for January 16th with such an apathetic voter base?

  30. District II says:

    All smith has is a bike lane to nowhere a traffic circle and a very ugly sculpture thing. NO thanks. trantalis knows that smith cannot carry middle river.

  31. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #30I agree somewhat.Unless something drastic happens the way i look at it is-Steve Glassman will carry the beach and Tim Smith is very well liked by the majority in his neighborhood.Where they both need to work on is the rest of district 2.Whomever can ein over the rest of the district prevails.My take{oh i know im a loser,convicted felon-at least im self supporting and not a burden to the tax payer or on disability)they both need to hit the pavement running.Go to the other district Hoa.In particular Victoria Park.Basically,who prevails there-wins.Although this guy Chad Maxy could split the vote.Maxy here kinda screws things up.Helps Smith more thsn Glassman.He.s from Lake Ridge so he will probably carry Lake Ridge(MAYBE).See what i mean you got to hustle here.Tim Smirh get ready to defend your recent real estate transactions…

  32. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Commissioner Tim Smith was a successful Commissioner n businessman who stood up and ran agains Jim Naugle when he started hate n harssment campaign against gay men.He recently sold 2 of his businesses. He and his wife were preparing for a trip around the world. LOCAL RESIDENTS WENT TO TIM SMITH BEGGING HIM TO RUN. IT IS OBVIOUS STEVE GLASSMAN HAS GUTTER RATS ON HIS SIDE AS THE PREVIOUS BLOGS SHOW.

  33. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I live in South Middle River. Tim WILL CARRY DOUTH MIDFLE RIVER.

  34. Charlie King says:

    Tim Smith has no chance in District 2. Fort Lauderdale voters might be out to lunch, but they can still smell a self serving hypocrite a mile away. If I really thought Tim Smith had a chance in hell of winning, I’d run myself just to stop him and save the city from what many perceive as his pattern of avarice and self dealing. I’d even give Count Von Coco Puffs aka “The Polish Contessa” a puncher’s chance in a one on one matchup with Tim Smith. No one east of Federal Highway in District 2 would buy an once of what either of them are selling.

  35. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Charlie King stikes again.Its Charlie support of Charlotte Rodstrom is presicely why i can.t support Charlotte.As far as the Count here supporting Tim Smith ,be careful with his vocal support of you because he.s another one.Look at the comparison between the both King and The Count.One vehemently for Smith,the other one vehemently against.Although i envy both.They have plenty of time on their hands.Me i have to plan 6weeks in advance to take Thansgiving week off.Snd to boot i can only gey awsy that Tuesday -to Friday.Like i stated before i manage two businesses so im thankful to be able to deposit monies everyday as opposed to withdraw.These canidates be prepared how you can make our lives easier is yourk key to success.To King And Count i wish youn no ill will snd wish you peace and joy this upcoming holiday season.Robert here has.much to be grateful for….

  36. Call it like it is says:

    #34 is spot on. And #34 should run. But drop the Wave shtick.

  37. Chaz Stevens, Still Retired says:

    On a positive note, no more Jack Fucking Seiler.

    Take a moment and enjoy that image … no more stench coming from fetid fecal fuckface.

    I’d have dick nosed Seiler years ago, but it was tough to draw given all the ED…

    PS If you are all-in for Seiler, raise your hand and count yourself part of the problem.

  38. Woody Couts says:

    Dean Trantalis is the best choice for Mayor of Fort Lauderdale. He captures the imagination of our community with his energetic personality and proactive foresight to make our water and sewage systems the top priority for our neighborhoods. He cares about our quality of life issues and has always been responsive to issues that adversely impact our local communities. He has been keenly aware of the need for community policing, meaning having our law enforcement officers to patrol and to start randomly walk ‘shoe-leather’ down our neighborhood streets armed with body cameras to thwart crimes. He knows that the “walking dead” apathy that has been demostrating in the current Seiler administration is unacceptable for a modern City of Fort Lauderdale. He has the courage to strongly vet the unscrupulous developers and landlords from taking advantage of our community. He believes that healthy neighborhoods make healthy communities and humbly request the support from all citizens. An example of making healthy neighborhoods was his proactive efforts that closed down Crystalis Home for probationary juveniles in South Middle River neighborhood that were responsible for many of the crimes within this neighborhood. If you want a healthy Fort Lauderdale, a proactive caring Mayor, an improvement in your quality of life in a modern City of Fort Lauderdale, vote in favor of our friend, Dean Trantalis.

  39. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #38 You bring up some valid points.What is going to hurt Comm.Trantalis is Charlotte Rodstrom.They will split the angry vote like yourself.Both Trantalis and Rodstrom have very simular stands.Again,with both of them in the race hurts both of them.Which i have been saying for weeks now…

  40. just sayin' says:

    Come March 2018 three seats on the dais must be occupied by knowledgeable, not easily influenced by lobbyists, fiscally wise individuals with the courage to vote accordingly.
    Otherwise the next three years will be a waste of time and an even bigger waster of tax dollars.

  41. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Those that reported to me that Comm.Bruce Roberts pension was through the roof were wrong.After fact checking thoroughly Mr.Roberts pension from the police dept.after over 30yrs.of service is 5g per month.Thats 5k per month.Its not two etc.It is one.It has akways been one,not two.In seeing all this since i am not running my choice for mayor is Comm.Bruce Roberts.Hold on don.t pop the cork yet.This Wave is a disaster and needs immediate attention.We need to get more funding etc.The residents cannot be the oneto help fund it.Comm.Roberts has to address rhis sewer fiasco and improve the way the city manager communicates with the residents.Good luck..

  42. Charles King says:

    Hey Robert, Are trying to tell us old man Roberts checks from the government each year total $60,000 per year. I say bull! The truth will come out. And don’t people like Bruce take huge lump sum payments years if not decades in advance before they actually retire in the DROP? Hopefully Dean and Charlotte shine the light on this and the voters will get to watch to cockroaches dance.

  43. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #42 I made a request with the print nedia i will email the request and the answer(5k) to you in Sunday when i do my email forwarding.You will get it.Charlotte Rodstrom will get it.Bruce Roberts will get it.Judy Stern will get it.Dean Trantalis will get it.Norhing was ever stated about some lump sum.If i was bam-boozled essentially lied to than heads will roll….

  44. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ok Charlie i.ll call your bluff.I just made request with city clerk office in regards to this issue.The request is in regards to Comm.Bruce Roberts pension benefits.How much per month.And if any lump sum payment was paid out to Mr.Roberts.Again,i don.t BS.So there is absolutely no confusion this request will be made again.So you Charlie can be satisfied.If Charlie is right and i was bam boozled than i will deal with that scenario if need be….

  45. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Mary Fertig got 1 000 voters at best on her anti-development petition. Trantalis will get most of those plus the gay/lesbian community in the main – maybe 600 – he cant win a Mayor’s race in 2018 with less than 1600 voters he needs to find other groups or Roberts blows him away.

  46. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Count is right. Dean and Charlotte will split the vote…..

  47. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ok Charlie.Yes Bruce Roberts gets 5k per month.What u r referring to was his severance payout when he resigned.This is what i will find out.

  48. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Some of you are playing games.Fine we play games.Now we will find out to the penny how much comm.Roberts got with his severance from police chief.Also we will examine his performance review evaluations.Wheres my debates with these mayoral canidates.Do i eat shoe leather?Starting ti look that way.Very unfortunate for Comm.Roberts.Exact figures coming very shortly.Do i reasses. Maybe….

  49. Petition says:

    #45 The Broward County Supervisor of Elections Certified over 1,000 signatures of Fort Lauderdale registered voters on BOTH petitions.

  50. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Boy the calls all day in regards to Comm.Bruce Roberts in regards to this 5k per month.So many of(what i tell you about these angry voters) in response ro that figure and how wrong i was.Well,in my defense i ahould have been more specefic i asked how much was he getting and rhe response was 5k.What again surprised me was the devil in the details with this severance deal.To those rhat brought this to my att.records request made and im in receipt of request si this won.t take long.Alsi i was reminded that it was a.mutual decision that Roberts resign.I requested the performance review evals.as well.My endoresement for Comm.Roberts has veen rescinded.I will make new endorsement after i get all the real facts.Not just this 5k.Wirh the Wave,Roberts questionable severance and his overwhelming support of the city manager is to much to overlook.This mayoral race just by the feedback i received today alone is now between Comm.Trantalis and former city comm.Charlotte Rodstrom.I have come to the realization(unfortunately)that Comm.Roberts biggest thorn in his side is his campaign manager Judy Stern.To much overkill.To much lobby influence orchestrated by her.To much with the attitude who cares about rhe Wave.And to much emphasis on this go big,go fast.To pyt it in perspective Judy got to cocky,to Bruce expense.Money not well spent Comm Roberts(Judy Stern)….Shoe leather when marinated taste surprisingly very well…..

  51. Charles King says:

    Bravo, Robert. Hopefully you will layout the whole case between pensions, pre-retirement DROP payouts and severance packages and reveal just how lucrative serving his community has been to Bruce and why 3 months from turning 70 he just can’t walk away from the trough. Be sure to tune into my Citizen Presentation Tuesday Night at the City Commission Meeting entitled “The Two Bruce Roberts.” I intend to dig into this tight lipped 69 year old and all the miraculous changes this senior citizen has undergone in the past few month to succeed “Crooked” Jack Seiler in the mayor’s seat. “Crooked” Jack, Judy Stern and the rest of the crew thought it would a lark pushing grumpy grandpa old man Roberts across the electoral finish line, but I guess they didn’t count on 1/3 of the city’s sewer system failing 8 months before the election after have looted $106 million from it over the previous 7 years, necessitating $12 million and counting worth of very visible sewage pump truck services. “Crooked” Jack Seiler is the mayor of Turd Lauderdale and Bruce Roberts is his coconspirator and hand pick successor to continue ruling this city for the developers’ lobbyists and the fiscally voracious police union.

  52. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    For those that want a copy of my records request concerning Comm.Bruce Roberts severance package($)and his performance review evaluations when calling the city clerks off.its CLK 481-2017.

  53. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Those that are confused as to why the 360 with myself rescinding my support for Comm.Bruce Roberts here is why and boy did i want to give him a chance.

    In Sept.18 his campaig manager Judy Stern called me(11:44am)(last two digit of her cell 22-just so there is no your full of bs(never)anyhow she called to state mostly verisol comments about Bruce opponent Charlotte Rodstrom. Oh, basically catty comments that she was a liar (meow) and Bruce Roberts pension.(this again was her first mistake she should have gotten Bruce’s permission or at least made him aware of this call(.She went in to say its one pension and the sewer and water fiasco was the city atty.fault(sure blame the Black lady(think twice before u deny my records request).and that the atty.off.was taking to long approving contracts.

    Fine.I gave my support for Bruce.Then i received notice that Bruce pension 5k per month.Ok.Then the phone calls.

    Robert you were duped. Devil in the details. Made out like a bandit with severance. Then i texted Stern (Bruce i will be more than happy to show you back and fourth text between Judy and I).Oh whats the big deal.He left the police chief postion on his own accord(wrong) and that who cares about the severance happens wvery dsy(im paraphrasing)and that its normal pratice and read the newspaper back in 08.and 09.

    Then the calls.Roberts supports the Wave. Roberts supports the city manager. Roberts wants special assessment(like Hell) to pay for new sewer lines(while city man.raided sewer and water acc with Roberts blessing .Then the fund raiser that Stern orchestrated all lobbt money. Oh i know Judy who cares about rhe residents as long as rhe money is flowing in. Si then Bruce will rubberstamp everything.I eat shoe leather.Bruce Roberts to stay in this race or he is dobe in the Primary.1.Fire Stern.2.Petition to fire city man.3.Say no to the Wave If not bye bye and take Judy Stern w/ u….

  54. Charles King says:

    Robert, I am reminded of that scene in “The Blues Brothers” when John Belushi after being illuminated by a ray of sunshine exclaimed “Yes, I have seen the light.” I hope your moment of realization on Bruce, “Jack,” Lee and Judy was just as powerful. Hope you will join the force of the light down at city hall tomorrow night Robert. We plan on having a gay old time with the dais of phonies and liars on a number of issues. Hey, does anyone know if Ray Cox is aloud back at City Hall from his Seilertonian plea agreement designed to abridge his freedom of speech? He was certainly right about one thing, “the fix was in.” Should be some precious moments regarding the upcoming election, the pricey sewage situation no one saw coming and of course “The Books” and “their” commemorative activities performed up in Tallahassee on “our” behalf.

  55. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The candidates for Mayor are a former Police Chief,an attorney and a HOA president who servex as. COMMISSIONER…The three have VOTING RECORDS on which normal voters can base their votes. WHAT THIS OR THAT OTHER PERSON SAID IS VALUELESS NONSENSE.

  56. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    The allegiance and loyality is with the residents.Its not about this one or that one etc.I have to support what the majority of the residents want.They don.t want Comm.Roberts as their mayor.Its that simple.Nor do they want the Wave.And they also want a new city manager.Nor do they want lobbyist involved in ft.lau politics.Again,its that simple..

  57. Roberts would be a disaster says:

    Ditto what #56 said. Bruce Roberts is the last person this City needs at its helm for the next 4 years. He has presided over the infrastructure debacle and shell game budget for the last 8 years without objecting once. His change of heart on infrastructure over the last 2 mos is laughable. If you want a continued developer/lobbyist run government, vote for Bruce. If you’re tired of lobbyists running Ft. Laud City Hall, vote for either Dean or Charlotte. It is a very simple and clear cut choice.

  58. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The January Election will show what we know now,Mayor Bruce Roberts n Commissioner Tim Smuth n the WAVE n Bahia Mar will be approved. Anything else is hot air.

  59. Charles King says:

    Bruce Roberts and Tim Smith are the ultimate nightmare scenario for this city. Both are owned and operated by the police union goons. Is that what you want Count Von Coco Puffs, the 87% non resident police union running the city without even a career politician like “Crooked” Jack Seiler there who cares what people think. Bruce and Tim don’t and won’t care. They will be there to enrich the police union through pay, perk and pension increases, a new $80 million police station and to keep the accountability and clean record of body cameras off the police force. Also look for them to keep the constant events coming for the lucrative off duty details.

  60. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Speaking of Tim Smith running for district 2 in Fort lau.it was announced today that Tim Smith was given the FOP 31 endorsement from local union rep.Sgt.Tucker.I was also learned that the other canidate Steve Glassman was not interviewed.It was akso made aware that Mr.Glassman was out of the country.Sgt.Tucker was made aware of this but stated basically Mr.Glassman blew him(tucker)off.Tucker also expressed publicly that Mr.Glassman “was never a supporter anyway”.What i am going to do is petition the national chair that Mr.Glassman was railroaded.Was never given the courtsey of an interview.I am going to petition to the national chair to have Sgt.Tucker(yes)rescind his endorsement of Tim Smith until Mr.Glassman gets his interview.We don.t railroad candidates.We keep things fair.This endorsement was not fair.If they do not comply then necessary lawsuit will be filed for Sgt.Tucker fradulent actions.Keep it fair guys..

  61. Charles King says:

    Robert, When did you come under the notion that anything the police union does is fair? They are an overwhelmingly non resident government labor union designed to extract as much money from the property taxpayers of Fort Lauderdale as possible with the lowest level of accountability for the members. Steve Glassman should wear their snub as a badge of honor, and Tim Smith should be ashamed of himself for being their next in a long line of willing stooges.

  62. Woody Couts says:

    Politics are local. Dean Trantalis understands and respects this crucial aspect of how elections are won. I mention this because in my neighborhood of South Middle River, there is a diverse population. Good hard working Haitain Americans, whose voice is often not heard. Dean won the commissioner seat because 12 or so votes from these unrepresentative voices. He attends the local crime and community citizen gatherings and knocks on doors listening to and responding proactively. Our water and sewage systems are priority. Our streets safety are priority. Caring and attentiveness is the key. He responds immediately to address these citizens’ quality of life issues. One such example, a dedicated volunteer youth football coach, Dave Williams was murdered at Mills Pond Park in October 2016. Dean immediately addressed this horrendous issue that adversely impacted the citizens who use this park by showing up and comforting the families and by actively motivating law enforcement to increase patrols. These Haitain-American citizens, our neighbors, have been under represented from our present mayoral administration as well from the former Rodstrom commissioner control. Dean said, “I feel I speak for so many who have felt left out of the process, and I’m hoping over the next term we can build community, build consensus and build a future for our city,” District II encompasses a large track representing the very wealthy and the very poor. I’ve seen Dean at local community public forums West of Powerline Rd and South of NW 19th Avenue as well as the wealthier Los Olas neighborhood. All of us are valued. Our quality of life issues are all of ours to resolve. He knows politics are local especially our modern hometown of Fort Lauderdale.
    Dean Trantalis said his goals are to keep the crime rate low, the tax rate from increasing, to “provide safe and desirable neighborhoods” and to “foster economic development” My point is Dean keeps this commitment to his pledge he has repeatedly said in 2013, in 2015 and will continue to do so as Mayor 2018 and beyond.

  63. Mike Tucker says:

    Robert, generally we refrain from partaking in this rhetoric. There are simply too many inaccurate “facts” thrown around here one doesn’t even know where to start to correct them all. But the FOP has known you a long time, and am disappointed you would choose to rely on those inaccurate “facts” you read, instead of a 10 minute conversation with me directly. Then you could at least resume your insightful conversations here with all of the information, instead of the half-truths you and so many others shout about. Truth is, it remains amazing to me how much misinformation is shared on these sites by the nosiest few and touted as fact. This is why there is such little credibility with these few, and they don’t have a place at the table of solutions.

    Hope you are well though. If you need the contact info on the FOP National Chair or anything else, will be happy to send it to u, and wish you the best.

    We love our community, our citizens, and will continue to serve and protect faithfully.

    Mike Tucker, President
    Fraternal Order of Police

  64. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    South Middle River is SOLID for Bruce Roberts. Anything else is smoke

  65. Charles King says:

    Mike, Could you tell us as President of the FOP about the FOP’s stance body cameras?

  66. Just Saying says:

    Too bad Trantalis did not seek another commission term, let Rodstrom beat Roberts, and keep formers off the dais. FLPD are gonna go all out for Roberts, if Steve is lucky he will win in 2, and who knows who is running in the others. Either way next three years in Fort Lauderdale is going to be painfully expensive to fix the neglect of the last nine years.

  67. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Steve Glassman has NO support compared to Tim Smith west of North Federal Highway. As for East of North Federal Highway n the Intercoastal I dont know. As for the Beach I am told by multiple members of the BRAB n CBA, again little support. Even the Dolphine Dems are looking at Maxey which raises the issue of WHO DEAN WANTS TO SUCCEED HIM.

  68. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    ##66 correct.

  69. Criminals That Wear A Badge? says:


    Bruce Roberts legacy as Fort Lauderdale Police Chief of Police.

    How is the Federal Investigation of Fort Lauderdale Police going that you called for Bruce? Just more empty words?


    Rick Maglione named as interim FLPD Chief of Police until his DROP is maximized then he will be awarded an outrageous compensation package by the empty suit Lee Feldman. Here is a look into the window of corruption and abuse of power by this police departments command staff.



    Who are you going to believe a 13 year old or that shiny badge? Where were the advocates for this victim when she came forward?


    “A Fish Rots From The Head Down.”

  70. Charles King says:

    I guess Mike Tucker, President of the police union is not going to answer my question about the police union’s official stance on police body cameras. What a shocker?

  71. Corrupt Politicians? says:

    #69 & #70

    How about a pilot program mandating that the current chief wear a camera and ankle monitor.

    I will pay the cost of this program.


  72. Charles King says:

    I guess Mike Tucker, President of the police union is not going to answer my question about the police union’s official stance on police body cameras. What a shocker? Well, we’re waiting. Crickets from Mike Tucker and the dishonest disingenuous Fort Lauderdale police union he leads.