Former WFTL Talk Host Seiderman Dies


Rick Seiderman, a radio host on WFTL-AM when that station had round-the-clock Broward-oriented talk shows, has died.

It is believed Seiderman was in his late 60s or 70. 

No cause of death was available and services had not been set as of Monday afternoon.

Seiderman lived in Parkland.  In addition to his broadcasting career, he had been a stockbroker and an activist in the Republican Party.

Seiderman  was one of the talk hosts who made WFTL-1400 AM a short-lived Broward institution.  From the 1980s to the mid-1990s, WFTL was a staple of local political news and interviews.

“Rick Seiderman helpled drive the radio station,” remembered Norm Kent, a lawyer and a top-rated morning host. “He drove liberals like me nuts, but he helped drive the station.”

Hosts like Joyce Kaufman, Al Rantel, Steve Kane, Kent and Seiderman lit up the airwaves.

“We were the place for Broward politics,” Kent said.  “All the candidates and politicians were on.”

Former WFTL program director Kane said Seiderman fit right in.

 “He was a strong conservative voice. He was very entertaining,” Kane recalled. “He understood the show business part of it. He was politically incorrect, which we loved.”

One of the best features of the station was the when Seiderman stayed after the end of his show to share the start of the Al Rantel Show. The banter between the conservative Seiderman and the liberal Rantel made great radio.

Rantel went on to success on a Los Angeles radio station.

“People loved that crossover hour, said Pat Hurley, a former broadcaster on WFTL. “Rick was beloved by all of us at the station.  He was a big thinker of big ideas.

In addition to WFTL, Seiderman had stints on WIOD-AM and other local stations.

Seiderman relished clashing with liberals on air, loudly and outrageously attacking them. 

“With his overbearing, bombastic personality, he became a presence on the air,” said Kent.

One of Seiderman’s favorite targets was immigration and immigrants.

Seiderman really was a conservative true believer. 

After leaving radio, Seiderman continued broadcasting on the Internet.  His site remained active Monday with the following statement: “May this site live on, Rick, as just one of countless reminders for those who loved you.

I knew Seiderman.  He was happy to share his contacts in the Republican Party when I worked at the Sun-Sentinel. 

He helped set up my first interview with Jeb Bush, when Bush was contemplating running for governor in the early 1990s.

Seiderman was an a larger-than-life, effective spokesman for his causes. He will be missed by many.

18 Responses to “Former WFTL Talk Host Seiderman Dies”

  1. Tom The Listener says:

    Radio news and talk have disappeared in South Florida. Neil Rogers was the last and he wasn’t even broadcasting from Miami. There are no local talk stations and hardly any local news on the radio anymore. I miss WFTL.

    FROM BUDDY: Steve Kane still broadcasts on WWNN 1470 AM from 7-9 a.m.

  2. I miss the line up... says:

    It was a great line up in the old days. They had Rantel, Hurley, Seiderman, Kane, Kaufman, Kent, Mark Worthing and Al Night on the boards.
    Those were the days…


    As “circus” ringmaster Steve Kane, and Norm Kent said, Rick helped drive the “buzz,” advertising revenue, and fun of the Golden Age of WFTL. He was a frustrating colleague at times because we usually came from different political views but he was bright, articulate and entertaining. Often overlooked was his successful investment career and spot-on analysis of sometimes complex economic issues. He shall be missed.
    Mark Scheinbaum
    Panama City, Panama

  4. Deby Weinstein says:

    Sources have reported that Rick Seiderman was last seen at his residence on Tuesday. When police made a forcible entrance to his home over the weekend, they found Rick deceased with several empty bottles of pain medicine around his house. His remains were taken to the medical examiner for an autopsy.

  5. Lynne says:

    Rick Seiderman was a brilliant and articulate talk show host. Over the years he persuaded many colleagues, friends, and listeners that his conservative philosophy was the correct one. He was known for his passion for politics, Harleys, women, and cats. I can attest that Rick was also a true and caring friend who will be missed. The world feels so much emptier without him.

  6. Brianus Craig says:

    Joyce Kaufman also broadcasts locally on 850AM from 2-5PM. She has a wonderful local show.

  7. Radio Buff says:

    Al Rantel was the real talent on WFTL. He recently ended 10 years on KABC in Los Angles because of health problem with cancer and recovery from a fall. I hope he comes back to South Florida because he was great listening

  8. Deby Weinstein says:

    After almost 70 years of life one would think that a funeral would be longer than 28 minutes. Even worse to have only 43 mourners attend. Buddy Nevins didn’t even attend the service. What a shame to go and have your grave overlooking a trailer park. At least it wasn’t Kokomo and Steve Kane’s ACLF.

  9. Nat Trayger says:

    I counted some sixty mourners at Rick’s funeral. There was no death notice until Wednesday, the day after the service. The word was spread by phone and email. There were people from all walks of life there and I thought that the service was dignified and appropriate. Rick was a friend and he is one of the most unforgettable people I have ever known. I hope that he finally gets to talk politics with Ronald Reagan.

  10. Pat Hurley says:

    I like to think that Rick was greeted at the Pearly Gates by Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Abraham Lincoln, Milton Friedman, and Willam F. Buckley… with broad smiles and back pats all around; each bidding him a hearty welcome.

    He’ll never really be gone as long as we remember him. Rest In Peace my friend. And thanks for all the memories.

  11. WFTL RIP says:

    I surely would have attended the service, however I received notice at noon only two hours before.
    If proper notice would have gotten out, the service would have reflected a man who had many friends and loved ones.

  12. Ruth Surrey says:

    Rick will be missed by more people than he could have imagined. He was a great inspiration to me and we even went (with my son) to the Capitol when Ronald Reagan died and stood on line together for hours. He spoke his mind and did not let anybody sway him or intimidate him.
    We will never forget him and I sure hope he’s with Ronald Reagan now and Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater talking about the state of the country.
    Sleep Well Rick

  13. beth says:

    Please come prepared to share your best Rick Seiderman story.We will provide the Beer and Soda from 1:00 PM
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  14. Larry Brendler says:

    I am devastated. I just found out today, August 24th about Rick. It seems I was out of town when he passed. Back in the WFTL days, I lived for Rick’s shows everyday. He was so informative, and truly entertaining. He made a huge difference in my life, and I was always hoping he would come back to radio in a big way.
    Since he’s been off the air, I have thought about him so often, and especially every time I hear “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak. It was Rick’s theme song. I will miss him forever.

  15. Paul Stanton says:

    Rick was one of may favorite radio hosts. I had the honor of interviewing him once and also the pleasure of calling into his show many times. I always enjoyed calling Rick’s show, especially when we didn’t agree on something and “got into it” on the air… That was always a blast. He was a good man and I will miss him.

  16. Norm Feinberg says:

    Just discovered this sad news.He was an unforgetable personality,and I remember nights at the OD shack having unusual conversations on any subject with him.All these years have not dimmed any of it!

  17. Hugo Trocchio says:

    Immigration is bad but only for immigrants home countries. Countries that accept immigrants and “open their doors” can only benefit. Clearly in every basket there have to be a bad egg but still it helps a lot and helps to developpe the economy.

  18. Cliff Dunn says:

    RIP Rick. We had some huge laughs, and even at the end you confounded everyone, supporting and voting for President Obama. Everything I learned about political ethics I learned from you. Ave, collegus!