Former Sheriff’s Candidate Finalist For New Job


There is life after losing.


Richard Lemack, the former assistant city manager of Hollywood and previous assistant police chief of the same city, made the short list for chief of police of Gainesville.

Lemark lost a close race for the Democratic primary for sheriff to Scott Israel last year 30.8 to 31.7 percent.  That defeat was despite spending $180,000 and having high-powered help from long-time consultant Barbara Miller.

Gainesville City Manager Russ Blackburn announced this week the five finalists from 93 applicants for police chief. Lemack was there along with police captains from Los Angeles and Houston, a major with the Gainesville Police and a chief of police for the University of Maryland.

Interviews are set for Aug. 11-12 after background checks.

5 Responses to “Former Sheriff’s Candidate Finalist For New Job”

  1. Let's Wish Him Well says:

    I didn’t like the character of the campaign he ran, but hope he does well with his future opportunities.

  2. Class Act says:

    Hope Lemack gets the job. He is a Class Act !!!!!!!!

  3. Judy's Big Stern says:

    Lemack can be considered for an actual job. Stern’s puppet, Israel, has to try to get a job from his “political” supporters.

  4. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I wish him well he is a true gentleman.

  5. Which One? says:

    With all the shady nonsense that goes on with the Hollywood PD, either Lamack is a complete and absolute moron, or he is in bed with them.

    Either way he is unfit to lead IMO.