Former Senator Lags In Fund Raising




Former state Sen. Walter “Skip” Campbell political comeback is behind his opponent in fund raising.

Long-time Coral Springs pol Tom Powers is outraising Campbell in that city’s race for mayor.



Walter “Skip” Campbell in state Senate


Powers raised $64,746 as of Oct. 3.

Campbell raised $50,953. He loaned the campaign $25,000.

The campaign is attempted political return for Campbell, who served in the state Senate from 1998-2006.A civil trial attorney in the firm of Krupnick Campbell in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Campbell was also the 2006 Democratic nominee for Florida Attorney General, losing the statewide race to Republican Bill McCollum.

Earlier this year, Campbell said he was interested in regaining his northwest Broward state Senate seat, but instead ran for Coral Springs mayor.

Powers is a former Arizona police detective who was first elected to the Coral Springs City Commission in 2008.

Although municipal races are non-partisan, the Democratic Party is backing Campbell.  He is on the party’s official palm card, endorsement lists handed out at the polls.

Republican activists are supporting Powers.



8 Responses to “Former Senator Lags In Fund Raising”

  1. Realist says:

    Well if you subtract the $15,000+ dollars Powers has received from the special interest groups that have had or currently have business in front of the city, i.e. Motorola, all the garbage/recycling companies, George Rahael, and more) — Mr. Campbell would actually be ahead. Nice try Buddy, but the people see through this kind of stuff..

  2. Tamarac Talk says:

    Just an FYI, Campbell just entered the race this summer. Powers has been fundraising most of the year.

  3. unrealist says:

    why would you subtract the special interest money? If you subtract the $25,000 Campbell has given himself, then Powers would be ahead.

    The bigger point is that Powers has been raising money and running for 2 years, and the only significant funds he’s raised came AFTER Campbell was in the race, some from special interests in the city and more from enemies of Campbell’s.

    The most important point is that Campbell won’t waste it on yard signs and ads in the Forum.

  4. CS Resident says:

    Tom Powers is a joke! I was at the debate last night and his lack of intelligence was glaring. He wasn’t responding to what Skip was saying at all and kept saying that Skip was giving “misinformation” yet would repeat the exact same thing that Skip said. We have a choice between a retired cop with a high school diploma or a former state senator/attorney with a bachelors and law degree. Hmmm let me think there who is more qualified to handle a $100 million budget. I remember Skip from when he was a senator and he was always known as one of the top legislatures in the state. I don’t get how someone could vote for Tom Powers over Skip Campbell. It seems to me to be a “no brainer.”

    After seeing all of the candidates last night I’ll say this, if Laurette Homan, Lou Cimaglia and/or Tom Powers get elected we are “F”ed as a city. I really hope people do their homework!!!

  5. Marlin Mike says:

    My guess is that a majority of these comments are from either one of the local candidates, or from their family members. Correct me if I am wrong Buddy, but I think the point of the story is that Campbell should be doing a lot better in fundraising because he is a former State Senator. I think it goes to show that after one is out of politics for even a couple of years, they no longer have the political power than many former elected officials think that they do. And the fact that he is a Fort Lauderdale attorney, he should also be able to out raise someone like Powers. Either way, I think the writing is on the wall in this one.

  6. PFLA says:

    Democrat? Isn’t Skip Campbell the mastermind/sponsor behind the Scarlet Letter Bill which required unwed mothers to take an ad out in the newspaper listing all of her sexual partners before putting her child up for adoption?

  7. UNRealist says:

    @PFLA – Really? We are still talking about a bill that was passed 20 years ago that had a loop hole which was fixed 1 week later.. Come on…


    I think the bill was fixed the next year.

  8. pretty egregious says:

    UNRealist is definitely not a woman.