Former Senate Candidate Nick Loeb In Serious Accident


If his personal life had less problems, multi-millionaire playboy Nick Loeb would have been on today’s state Senate ballot in northeast Broward and Palm Beach County.

Instead Loeb is in intensive care in Los Angeles after what the media is calling “a horrific car crash.”

Nick Loeb and new squeeze, stuner Sofia Vergara


Loeb’s accident is getting a lot of play because he is dating actress Sofia Vergara. 

Vergara was the consolation prize for Loeb.  His disintigrating marriage to  Swedish babe Anne Loeb caused him to drop out of today’s state Senate GOP Primary  against Ellyn Bogdanoff and Carl Domino.

Here  and here are my previous stories about him.

3 Responses to “Former Senate Candidate Nick Loeb In Serious Accident”

  1. Loeb Is The Man says:

    Who needs the State Senate when you have Sofia Vergara?

  2. Rastas says:

    Amen to that.

  3. James says:

    That sucks. I hope he recovers quickly.