Former School Board Member Jen Gottlieb Drops Out of Hollywood Commission Race





Jen Gottlieb picked up the papers from the Hollywood City Clerk. She told she was prepared to run.

“Unfortunately, I withdrew today from the commission race because I have a career opportunity that didn’t permit my running. I feel bad because I was looking forward to representing my community,” she said.

A former Broward Teachers Union lobbyist when she won a seat on the Board in 2006, Gottlieb resigned in 2011.  She cited “family” reasons for her resignation.

Gottlieb’s resignation came roughly the same time a statewide Grand Jury criticized her role — without naming her — in pushing the construction of the Beachside Montessori School Village in Hollywood. Jurors called the $25 million school as unnecessary,  a “beachside boondoggle” and “a microcosm everything that is wrong with the board and district.”

Others saw Gottlieb’s role was simply advocating for new construction in her community, part of  her job as a Hollywood-based School Board member.


Jen Gottlieb

Jennifer Gottlieb: Picking up her campaign material from Hollywood City Clerk last week. 

The election is in November, 2016 for two even numbered commission districts and the mayor.



In the four-way race for Hollywood mayor, Patricia Asseff campaign Facebook group has a unique addition —  Democratic State Committeeman Ken Evans. 

That wouldn’t be noteworthy except that Asseff is a registered Republican.  A registered Republican running against Democratic Party stalwart Eleanor Sobel, the former state lawmaker, and two others.

Ken Evans joining the Facebook group might not violate his loyalty oath to the Democratic Party.  But it sure doesn’t look or smell right to the reader who forwarded me this page.

Evans said the inclusion of his name on Asseff’s campaign page is meaningless.

“I often ‘like’ people on Facebook that I have no intention of endorsing.  Unless you ‘like’ some of these groups, you can’t read the page,” Evans told


6 Responses to “Former School Board Member Jen Gottlieb Drops Out of Hollywood Commission Race”

  1. Evan Ross says:

    Buddy – People can be added to Facebook groups without their consent. Additionally, ‘liking’ a page or joining a group is not an indication of support. I ‘like’ the Rick Scott page, even though there’s little to like about Rick Scott.

    I think your remark about Ken Evans is misguided. I have no idea who he supports for Mayor, but assuming he supports someone because he is part of a Facebook group is putting the cart about a mile in front of the horse.

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    1. IF the Broward County Democratic Party has a “loyalty oath” who wrote it McCarran or McCarthy? The HUAAC?
    2, Mr. Evans is the first to scream Off With Their Heads if someone isnt politically correct in his eyes
    3, MORE LOBBYISTS IN GOVERNMENT? Boy isnt that a brilliant idea?
    4, I had to decide between Hollywood n Fort Lauderdale as my parents n grandparents on different sides had businesses n homes in each. There were pluses n minuses with both but I purchased in Ft Lauderdale bwcause the politicians in Ft Lauderdale were a step better like Bruce Roberts and Romney Rogers and to be fair John Preston Seiler and Dean Trantalis when they arent fighting who is the smartest guy in the Bette Davis Room in the Basement of Fort Lauderdale City Hall

  3. Unindicted Co-Conspirator says:

    Forget griping about Evans, anyone who is associated with Barry Harris needs to have their head examined.

  4. Truth be told says:

    From the glacial reception and snide whisperings made (by the men at my table) at Monday’s Deerfield Beach Democratic Luncheon at Century Village (she and Barbara Miller arrived late), it is a good thing Jennifer Gottlieb dropped out. As a former constituent, I cringe inside (for her and her children) when I remember the salacious details of that Grand jury report.

  5. moreofthesamecrap says:

    Shocking. Money is more important to Jen “Bon Bon” than her community? Just shocking.

    She went out in disgrace after being Board Chair and she should stay there. What people really should check into are those who were around her during that debacle. Beware, some are still employed at the School Board.

  6. Knows for Sure says:

    Patty Asseff is not a responsible Commissioner. She doesn’t return phone calls or emails. She voted to exempt vacation rentals from regulations that would protect homeowners in areas surrounding these “party rentals” in her own district.

    This is Hollywood’s golden opportunity to get rid of Patty Asseff once and for all. No way will she survive a five-way race with Sobel, Levy et al.