Former Obama Fla Campaign Chief Ashley Walker Gets Big Promotion




Broward County-based political consultant Ashley Walker has become the first woman to be named a partner of Mercury, a worldwide public strategy firm.

The Florida State Director of Obama for America’s 2012 re-election, Walker is currently strategic advisor for a number of super PACs including one supporting the U. S. Senate bid of U. S. Rep. Patrick Murphy. She is also active in local campaigns and in the current campaign cycle has been advising judicial candidate Lea Krauss and state Senate candidate Jim Waldman. 


Ashley Walker

Ashley Walker


Mercury describes itself as a “comprehensive suite of services that includes federal government relations, international affairs, digital influence, public opinion research, media strategy and a bipartisan grassroots mobilization network in all 50 states.”  It has offices in Washington, DC, New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Tennessee, as well as international offices in London and Mexico City.

Walker joined the firm in 2013.

“Over the last three years, Ashley has grown Mercury Florida into a thriving business,” Mercury CEO Kieran Mahoney said in a news release. “She has been an incredible addition to our team from day one…”

Walker was quoted as saying, “I am honored to accept this new role, and join the talented partners of Mercury. The firm has been on an incredible trajectory for several years, and I am excited to work with our global team to continue to grow our reach and brand around the world.”

In addition to running the president’s successful Florida re-election, Walker was the Deputy State Director for the 2008 Obama for America Florida campaign. She was raised in Elwood, a town of 8,600 in Central Indiana one hour away from Indianapolis, and graduated from Florida State University.

She is married and plans to continue living in Fort Lauderdale.



2 Responses to “Former Obama Fla Campaign Chief Ashley Walker Gets Big Promotion”

  1. Layne Walls says:

    It doesn’t really feel bipartisan to me

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I read a lot of political n sometimes lobbying Layne Wells hssnt seen AS MERCURY HIRED AN NRA LOBBYIST LIASION AT THE SAME TIME MISS WALKER WAS HIRED.