Former Mayor Steve Effman: I Don’t Want Sunrise Attorney Job


Former Sunrise Mayor Steve Effman sat through last night’s marathon debate on the fate of the city attorney.

His presence raised the question: Is Effman interested in reentering public life and applying for the lucrative city attorney job?

Effman e-mailed me he was not thinking of applying for the job:

“No interest at all. But, thanks for asking.

Commissioners decided last night they would take applications for city attorney, forcing lawyer Stuart Michelson to reapply for the post he has held for two years.

Effman has a long history in Sunrise politics.  His wife Barbara Effman is the leader of the West Broward Democratic Club.

The New York City native was first elected to the city commission 1981 for a year.  He was re-elected in 1986-93. He was mayor from 1993-96.

Elected to the state House in 1996, he became a powerful member of the Broward Legislative Delegation as House Democratic Whip. 

He resigned in 2000 amid allegations that he had improper conduct with a number of divorcees who were clients of his law practice. The Florida Bar suspended him from Feb., 2003 to September, 2003, when he was reinstated.

He practices family law in Plantation.

Effman probably couldn’t get the city attorney job any way if Commissioner Sheila Alu has anything to say about it.  She plans to ask that any applicant have a clean Bar record for the past 10 years.  Since Effman was suspended in 2003, that would mean he wasn’t eligible for the job.

Alu and the Effmans are Sunrise political rivals.

One Response to “Former Mayor Steve Effman: I Don’t Want Sunrise Attorney Job”

  1. Sunrise Resident says:

    Steve Effman! I forgot what collection of snakes in Sunrise government since its founding. John Lomelo went to prison for taking bribes. John Montgomery, also had problems with the feds and served time. Steve Effman suspended from the Florida Bar for wacking his weenie in front of clients. Roger Wishner and Joey Scuotto were in the garbage industry while voting on it. Steve Feren got deals on a condo he voted on. The city did work on Irwin Harlem’s house for free. Fran Klauber got free club memberships for being a commissioner. Sheila Alu gets legal defense from Michelson and then votes for the city to hire him. I would move to Boca if I could sell my house.