Former Judge Needs To Change Fla Bar Profile




Somebody needs to update their Florida Bar member profile.

Ian Richards hasn’t been a Broward County judge since January.  He lost his re-election in November.

This is his profile on the Bar website today, Feb . 2:


Florida Bar -- Ian Richards



12 Responses to “Former Judge Needs To Change Fla Bar Profile”

  1. add to that says:

    he may want to take down that website too. I don’t think the Fl Bar allows lawyers to maintain a website intimating they are a Judge.

  2. Señor Censor says:


    I heard that Ian Richards has some overdue library books in his possession also, maybe Sam will take the case to get the fine reduced.

  3. laugh now says:

    Judge Carlos Rodriguez ruled against tossing Fort Lauderdale Commissioner McKenzie off the ballot because it was alleged he lived in Plantation. Holness is a big supporter of the person running against McKenzie. Holness is also a big supporter of Ian Richards. Ian Richards knows how to win against a Hispanic surname. Richards vs Rodriguez in 16 book it.

  4. Kevin Cerino says:

    Why is this news and but Steven Feren’s profile isn’t?!ut/p/a1/jc_LDoIwEAXQT-pthRaWo6mkRazxgdCNYUWaKLowfr_42LioOrtJzs3cYZ41zA_dLfTdNZyH7vjYvTxACM3dBrawxEHlOl3ZqgSEHEE7girnxJMMNktoDlOr2qgtF7RM_8sjMoRf-T3zn8RJNQO5BXKtp0AxeYNIRTj-HTx_eJ2Il7ycdg2C6e8_WXgh/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?mid=298956


    Thanks for the tip. It now is news.

  5. Kevin Cerino says:

    Giselle Pollack is still listed as a judge also:!ut/p/a1/jc_LDoIwEAXQT-pthRaWo6mkRazxgdCNYUWaKLowfr_42LioOrtJzs3cYZ41zA_dLfTdNZyH7vjYvTxACM3dBrawxEHlOl3ZqgSEHEE7girnxJMMNktoDlOr2qgtF7RM_8sjMoRf-T3zn8RJNQO5BXKtp0AxeYNIRTj-HTx_eJ2Il7ycdg2C6e8_WXgh/dl5/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?mid=339830


    Thanks for the tip.

  6. @KevinCerino says:

    Steve Feren was barely ever a judge.

  7. Lt Dangle says:

    Mr Buddy
    Here is another tip, call Adderley ask him why these officers are being investigated.

  8. Oh really says:

    Dale Holness or the person on this blog don’t speak for Ian Richards. Richards speaks for himself. Why is it that Buddy and company can’t forget about Richards? He lost now move on. Must be a slow news day.

  9. The Guess Who says:

    Listen, there’s a reason Richard’s profile made this site and others did not:

    Buddy has sources that feed him information. He is not known for doing a tremendous amount of follow up or his own research. He also has people he really likes (for example, Mark Bogin) and people he really doesn’t like (for example, Nan Rich.) I don’t know his position on Ian Richards, but it’s likely he’s in Column B, not Column A. If you’re a liked person, you get the good news and none of the bad. If you’re a disliked person, you get all of the bad and none of the good.

    We’ll see if Buddy posts this comment, he can always respond.


    However, let me write this one more time. Any politician on any given day can be praised or criticized by Nobody has a free pass.

    Nan Rich was criticized her when she ran for governor. It was a race she could never win. I believe she could make a fine county commissioner.

    Mark Bogen has made the right moves to date. When he does something I believe is wrong, I will write about it.

    I personally like Stacy Ritter. That doesn’t stop me from writing stories she would view as negative on occasion.

    And of course, I have sources. You write it like that is a bad thing. Every journalist has sources. I have a wide range of sources.

    But I really have wasted a lot of my time explaining this to somebody who hides behind the name of a 1960s-era Canadian rock group. I don’t know why I bothered. It’s not like your comment left me “Shakin’ All Over.”

  10. Alice McGill says:

    The former Mayor of Dania Beach still has a Facebook page calling himself the Mayor of Dania Beach. I guess some cannot let go of their lofty posts.

  11. Oh really says:

    I spoke with Beverly at the Florida bar.
    She said the former Judges don’t change
    their title on the website she does.
    She has been behind in making the changes. However, she will make them soon.

  12. Zig says:

    This story should have been titled:
    Former Judges Feren, Pollack, and Richards still listed as judges on their Florida Bar profile.
    One wonders why Richards is being picked on.