Former Judge Eric Beller Wins Big At Poker





Eric Beller quit his Broward County Court judge job a year ago for a better opportunity.

He found it last week at a Hard Rock Casino poker table.

Beller won $164,438 in the WPT Poker Showdown Championship.

He earned roughly $140,000-a-year as a judge.

A fervent poker player, Beller was eliminated in 5th Place of the tournament.

This Internet post from the Hard Rock spells out how he was knocked out of the contest:





After putting $100,000 in to kick start his campaign and hiring the fabled judicial race consultant Anthony “Tony G” Gargiulo, Beller won in a tough fought election in 2004 against Robin Sobo Moselle. He served until March 1, 2016, quitting for a better job.

Michael Davis, a former Senior Assistant Attorney General, was appointed by Gov. Rick Scott to replace Beller.

Beller, who handled traffic tickets and traffic criminal cases as a judge, is now Chief Financial Officer of The Ticket Clinic.  He helps run the 26-office law practice which handles thousands of traffic-related cases every year in Florida.

Beller was wearing t-shirt from the The Ticket Clinic during the tournament.  It’s a far cry from his former work garb:



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  1. Nick Sortal says:

    Nice one, Buddy! Our beats intersected and you nailed me. Not surprised….


    Thanks, Nick.

    Nick Sortal covers gaming in South Florida for the Miami Herald and I worked with him at the Sun-Sentinel and for a time, he actually sat next to me.