Former Judge Robert Lance Andrews Dies




Former longtime Broward Circuit Judge Robert Lance Andrews has died.

Andrews was  a graduate of the University of Georgia Law School.  He was an assistant U.S. attorney in Miami for three years before his appointment to the bench, according to a Miami Herald article in 1982.

Before that, he spent three years as a special agent with the Secret Service, tracking counterfeiters and bond thieves, “nonviolent types who present a challenge,” he told the Herald.  His duties also included protecting Dr. Benjamin Spock, the best- selling pediatrician and Vietnam War protester, during Spock’s presidential candidacy in 1972.

Andrews was appointed to the county court in 1972 by Democratic Gov. Reubin Askew.  He was appointed to the circuit court in 1988 by Gov. Bob Martinez, a Republican.

He retired in 2008 after suffering a stroke.

Here is the e-mail distributed to judges today:







8 Responses to “Former Judge Robert Lance Andrews Dies”

  1. sad but not surprising says:

    The passing of a man who served admirably as a Circuit Judge in Broward County for is announced by the Court Administrator with barely and accolade. On the other hand Judge Rosenthal resigns after being a mediocre judge for a couple of years, she is brought down by her repeated lying and Chief Judge Weinstien sends an email himself to all the Judges basically saying her resignation is an insurmountable loss to the Circuit.


  2. Kathy Di Bona says:

    GOd Speed, Lance! You served us long and well and proved a great friend to so many. I will always remember your sweet twinkling eyes, and great wit. And, oh that stash! Will miss you. Such a dear soul. ?❤️

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    If the Chief Judge of Broward County really said it is an “insurmountable loss” he has neither the judgement or temperament to be a Judge, even in Traffic Court! Is he really this dumb or so-politically tied to sleazebags he thinks the public or anyone with an education would believe getting a drunk with a less than brilliant career off the bench is a “loss”? No wonder, despite Mr. Nevins’ gentlemanly attempts to “class them up”, too many Judges you read about in the newspaper are little better than the bottom of moral and ethical barrel – the County Commissioners.

  4. taught me well says:

    When it came to the law, Judge Andrews did NOT play. When it came to life, he played with a wonderful sense of humor and the best mustache in Broward history.

    To the family, thanks for your loved one’s service to our County – please accept our condolences.

    I could not agree more with ‘sad but not surprising.’ Somehow the courthouse has become more about politics than the law.

    Buddy, kindly keep us informed on the date and time for the services. Thanks to you for letting us know.

  5. Zowie says:

    Can someone post the Weinstein email here about Rosenthal so we can compare for ourselves?


    According to JAAblog, the text of Chief Judge Peter Weinstein’s e-mail is:

    “I am sorry to report that Judge Lynn Rosenthal has decided to resign her position effective October 31st. This will allow sufficient time to work out coverage for her division.

    Judge Rosenthal has worked diligently in each of her assigned divisions and I know I speak for many of you that she certainly will be missed. I would like to wish her the best.


  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    During South Florida’s epidemic of cocaine use in the ’80s, Andrews struck down Broward Sheriff Nick Navarro’s policy of random searches of bus passengers for drugs. “This is not Hitler’s Berlin, nor Stalin’s Moscow,” Andrews wrote in an opinion cited approvingly by the Florida Supreme Court, which upheld his decision.

  7. sad but not surprising says:

    Read the obit of this great Judge who was a credit to the Circuit. The Chief Judge had time to mourn Rosenthal via email and only had the Court Administrator send out a bland email about Judge Andrews.

    The loss that should be mourned in the Broward Judiciary should be Judge Andrews not Judge Rosenthal.

  8. Scowl says:

    Steve Bousquet did a very nice job with the obituary in the Tampa Bay Times. I’m glad that Buddy and Steve covered this story.

    With regard to Judge Weinstein’s email about Lynn Rosenthal, he wrote that he speaks for “many”. Don’t read the word “many” as “most”. Many, if not most of her colleagues found Judge Rosenthal to be obstinate, and unaware of the privilege she had been given as a judicial appointee.

    Judge Weinstein was recently re elected to a second two year term as Chief Judge. Just a few months into that term, morale is remarkably low. There are numerous hard working judges at the courthouse. The Chief needs to focus on them in his emails.