Former GOP Star Al Lamberti Endorses Democrat For Sheriff






The grudge match between defeated Republican former Sheriff Al Lamberti and the current Democratic Sheriff Scott Israel continues.

Lamberti resurfaced in recent days to openly support a candidate opposing Israel’s re-election — James “Jim” Fondo.

Al Lamberti

Former Sheriff Al Lamberti (right) at a campaign kick-off for Jim Fondo earlier this week. 


Fondo is a Democrat. Four years ago, Lamberti was the most prominent local Republican office holder in Broward.

So much for GOP loyalty.

But does Lamberti’s endorsement in a Democratic primary — there are five Democrats running, including Israel — mean anything?

Fondo’s brand of Democrat is not like many other Broward Democratic voters. He is rabidly pro-gun. Rabidly.

From Fondo’s Facebook page:


Fondo Facebook



There is little doubt that Fondo has a law enforcement background. He was a Broward Sheriff’s Office Captain and 30-year police veteran.  He is also a Lamberti partisan who retired after Israel won the 2012 election.

A challenger needs issues to convince voters to reject a popular sheriff. Fondo has an all-too-common problem among candidates – no concrete reason to vote for him.

Fondo was quoted in the Sun-Sentinel mentioning two vague criticisms of Israel:

The moral at BSO is “not good” and the sheriff had too many administrators.

Israel will run on a solid record.

He backs body cameras for deputies. He has a special unit that targets Broward’s most violent criminals. He promoted a small civil penalty for the possession of small amount of marijuana.

One of his most meaningful achievements was embracing diversion programs for some juvenile offenders. These programs allow kids to avoid criminal charges when they are guilty of non-violent minor crimes.

There is one more matter I must mention. Compared with Lamberti’s tainted administration – all the connections to Ponzi-schemer Scott Rothstein that came out after he left office – Israel is a saint.

So just what is Lamberti’s endorsement worth?


Fund Raiser For Satz


Fort Lauderdale lawyer George Castrataro is just one of the many in Broward’s legal community — outside of the Broward Public Defender’s Office —  supporting State Attorney Mike Satz.

Castrataro, a probate and real estate attorney and a specialist in LGBT law, says this about Satz:

“I am so proud to support Mike in his campaign for re-election. During his tenure, Mr. Satz has responded to Broward’s diverse crime problems by instituting and expanding specialized prosecution units that deal with public corruption, career criminals, sexual battery and child abuse, as well as elderly abuse and domestic violence. He is an amazing man and great leader in our community.”

Below is a picture of Satz that explains the fund raiser, which is at Warsaw Coffee Company, 815 NE 13 Street, Fort Lauderdale. Castrataro can be reached at

Mike Satz and Fund Raiser

19 Responses to “Former GOP Star Al Lamberti Endorses Democrat For Sheriff”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    1. I respect Mr Fondo’s service but his view on guns is dangerous as without guns shooters cant kill
    2. Mr Satz in general has been good but praising him for fighting political corruption when Broward Health is a sewer as this blog demonstrates makes that claim open for discussion plus all the County Commissioners with lobbyist husbands n relatives n advisors who for an observer are there simply to line their own pockets except Tim Ryan.

  2. Broward Voter says:


  3. james t kirk says:

    the choices for sheriff are really not good.

    the current sheriff panders to the incompetent who cannot pass and promotional test w/o special factors.

    former sheriff’s promoted people
    based on cronyism.

    can any of these people actually with a straight face and say they earned it ? or did everything the right way ???

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Is Commissioner away? He has first hand knowledge of how the County Sheriffs office operates.
    And, yes Mr Grunzenberger should also opine.
    Frankly know little about law enforcement except the well respected Fort Lauderdale Police Department and on this issue Commissioner Castillo have first hand knowledge that would educate all of us.

  5. Memories says:

    Mike Satz has presumably, hopefully come a long way from his terrible homophobic 1980s record. For those who don’t recall, Satz has an ASA busted in the 1980s who was closeted, and had been arrested for trading drugs for sex. Satz then decided the best way to avoid hiring people who might trade drugs for sex was the add a question about sexual orientation to his office’s pre-employment polygraph test so as to weed out and not hire any gay people. I think he kept that question in his polygraph exams for almost a decade. Seems his reals views, even if he hides them well, would be grounds for the LGBT community to get rid of Satz.

    Shame on the LGBT people holding this fundraiser, and shame on the Dolphin Democrats for honoring him this coming weekend. It’s easy for Satz to be pro-gay in Broward in 2016. But he was not there in the 1980s when he could have made a difference. In fact, he was on the wrong side of history.

  6. Snott VV Rothstein says:

    Peel back the onion on “Fondo” “a slug from the long gone era at BSO”

    When you mix Benjamin’s ($100.00 dollar bills) with LEO’s & Politicians you get “Total Corruption”

    Adderley was instrumental in implementation of Scott W Rothstein Bodyguard/Security Detail that employed FLPD Command Staff & Officers they were paid with stolen money (est) $394,000.00 + tips. Has that stolen money been returned by any of the LEO’s? Have another free cigar and a snifter of Cognac, Frank.

    Rothstein, 47, provided “gratuities to high-ranking members of police agencies in order to curry favor with such police personnel and to deflect law enforcement scrutiny of the activities of [the law firm] and defendant Rothstein,’’ according to the charges filed against the now-disbarred lawyer.

    The charges don’t identify any police officials or departments. But sources familiar with the federal investigation said Rothstein gave the gifts to Broward Sheriff’s Office Lt. David Benjamin and Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley—including meals at a local restaurant.
    Adderley declined to comment through a spokesman, but he recently told The Sun-Sentinel that he paid for his own weekly meals at Bova, a restaurant owned by Rothstein, and for sporting events he attended with the attorney.
    Benjamin could not be reached.
    Rothstein hired dozens of Fort Lauderdale police to guard his home around the clock, as well as Bova and the law firm. He paid $45 an hour—the going rate—for the details, starting last year after the murder of an attorney at his firm, Melissa Britt Lewis.

    By surrounding himself with police, Rothstein created an aura of legitimacy for investor clients. Visitors to his office would have seen the large photo of Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti with the hand-scrawled thank-you note, in addition to numerous photos of other powerful figures such as Crist.

    the rest of the story:

  7. Howard the Moron says:

    Jimmy was in charge of dealing with public corruption under Lamberti. That was effective. He was so successful that the felons Benjamin and Poole both worked for him. I guess he does know about corruption. Oh BTW, I will be discussing the REAL public corruption cases that were brought to your attention and you said Lamberti said not to pursue them for obvious reasons.

  8. Not by the hair of my Jimmy Chinn Chin says:

    Finally the white – er, I mean the right candidate for all of us who left BSO in disgrace – disgust, we left in disgust. Isreal made us all leave in disgust, but we’ll be back.

    It’s going to be me, Al, Tom Wheeler, DeJesus, Fustero, David Benjamin, Louie Granteed, Jeff Dillard, Bill Lewis, Adam Black, Wimberley, and the whole gang back in charge when Fondo wins!

    We’ve been tightening our belts for too long, watching these liberals tell good cops that they can’t arrest people.

    I thought this was America.

    The PBA is coming with us too, Jeff Morono will have some choice grunts for all those IUPA ingrates.

    Vote Fondo to take our County back!

  9. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    For those who do not live in Ft Lauderdale we have a wonderful local gentleman named Frank Adderley who is our Police Chief and as he lives in a middle class neighborhood HERE IN THE CITY goes to all kinds of civic events to LISTEN TO RESIDENTS IRREGARDLESS OF THEIR BANK STATEMENTS. He is being smeered by bringing up the Scott Rothstein Scandal when at the time HE LIKE EVEN THE PEOPLE WHO BRING IT UP thought Scott Rothstein was a brilliant lawyer or businessman who was a major philantropist like everyone thought of ENRON Madoff or Ivan Boesky.

  10. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Memories wrote (@5):

    For those who don’t recall, Satz has an ASA busted in the 1980s who was closeted, and had been arrested for trading drugs for sex. Satz then decided the best way to avoid hiring people who might trade drugs for sex was the add a question about sexual orientation to his office’s pre-employment polygraph test so as to weed out and not hire any gay people. I think he kept that question in his polygraph exams for almost a decade. Seems his reals views, even if he hides them well, would be grounds for the LGBT community to get rid of Satz.

    Shame on the LGBT people holding this fundraiser, and shame on the Dolphin Democrats for honoring him this coming weekend.

    Exactly! Shame on the LGBT people holding this fundraiser, and shame on the Dolphin Democrats for honoring him this coming weekend. They should be organizing fundraisers and rallies for his opponent instead.

  11. Joe dipasquale says:

    I’ve known sheriff Israel for 4 years now….I helped him out on his last campaign threw a fundraiser in NJ for him…I own a condo in Hallandale for 6 years now…..scott is doing a great job as BSO sheriff…..So let’s get out to vote and let’s keep SHERIFF ISRAEL in office….

  12. The final score says:

    In the end DDP comes away clean of the stink of corruption and LaMarca looks like a corrupt piece of shit via David’s hand pick lawyers at Berger.

    Well played DDP and to a guy they once called Sprinkles, who is laughing at all his naysayers roght now.

  13. Stormwatch says:

    Lamberti looks all smiles now that FBI isn’t going to try and indict him.
    Stack, Butterworth, Brescher, Navarro, Cochran, Jenne, Lamberti, Israel.. I’ve seen em all. I’m old enough to remember when Ed Stack set-up Herbie Burke at the nudey bar on Federal Highway across from the old Highway drive-in theatre.
    Navarro and the chicken man should have gone to jail. Jenne did. He wasn’t even a police officer. Neither was Butterworth or Brescher. Cochran and Israel are the best 2 we’ve ever had.
    Lamberti had ties to Rothstein. His endorsrment will hurt more than help.

  14. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Stormwatch, would you agree that Nick Navarro is the biggest clown ever to hold the position of Broward County Sheriff, for at least 384,000 rea$ons?

    2 Live Crew Wins, Public Gets Legal Bill
    December 8, 1992|By BARBARA WALSH, Staff Writer

    The final chapter in the 2 Live Crew saga drew to a close on Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the obscenity case.

    The high court`s ruling means two things. First is that the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling stands: 2 Live Crew`s rap album ‘As Nasty as They Wanna Be’ is not obscene.

    Second is that Broward County taxpayers will have to pay legal fees and expenses for 2 Live Crew`s [ACLU] attorney, Nova University law Professor Bruce Rogow. Rogow estimates the county`s tab for fighting against the censorship of the album will be $250,000.

    “This is the price you pay for fighting these things out,” Rogow said. “Maybe this will inhibit others from trying to do the same thing. The larger lesson is that it`s real hard to suppress art. The First Amendment offers serious restraint against governmental power.”

    Rogow will submit his bill to Broward Sheriff Nick Navarro, who led the battle against 2 Live Crew and its sexually explicit album.

    If Navarro disagrees with the bill or refuses to pay it, the matter will end up back in court, Rogow said. …

    At that time, Navarro said of the $104,000 he spent on investigating 2 Live Crew: “Cost isn`t a concern.” …

    This is the second time Rogow has been awarded attorney fees in the 2 Live Crew controversy.

    In the summer of 1990, Rogow collected nearly $30,000 from the county after he asked the court to stop Navarro from threatening to arrest music store owners if they sold 2 Live Crew`s album. …

  15. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    I’d like to say to Big Al Lamberti where’s Rothstein’ duffle-bag w/ all the loot. They BSO under Laberti escorting Rothstein to the airport w/ what duffle bag filled w/ money(lots). Laberti inner circle took the fat slob to the airport so where’s the duffle bag Al????. As far as State atty. Mike Satz good luck, how you do it all at seveny something, I tip hat off to you. My take its exercise, keeps him going. Very impressed w/ the shape he is in. Robert here oh you’ll see me in th e gym everyday(I could eat a cardboard box)I don’t know if come smy nerves to work out so I told end up on the six o’clock news. Speaking of Satz ‘fund raiser at the Warsaw Coffee place . Wow 100g of cRA monies allocated from Ft>alu city comm. 100g of tax payer money . Yep CRA monies. Broward Comm. are you seein this when are you taking over these city CRA’s????

  16. Too soon to comment says:

    I’m disappointed in your attack on a candidate you seem know very little about and you statement about “GOP loyalty.” I guess we’ll see similar statements about the fundraisers being held at the GOP Ranch of Ron Bergeron where he has hosted several Israel events that have ben attended by GOP donors Case, McDonnell and others. Before you criticize Fondo for being “rabidly pro-gun “ why don’t you contact him an interview him on his stance on the Second Amendment and see if he can articulate a “concrete reason to vote for him.”
    What I do know is Fondo is a life-long Democrat, unlike the flip flopping sheriff, had an extremely clean IA history, unlike the current sheriff, can produce his IA history, unlike the current sheriff, and as far as connections to the Ponzi schemer Rothstein, you better take a look at the sheriff’s current administration before you criticize Lamberti’s command staff. Just because Benjamin went to prison doesn’t mean FLPD employees weren’t heavily involved. Bottom line buddy, of course Lamberti is going to endorse the most viable opponent to file so far and why wouldn’t Fondo take it. Do knock him for it. Besides, I think the voters and the employees are sick and tired of BSO being nothing more than a political machine instead of a law enfacement, public safety agency that should be looking out for the citizens of Broward County, not themselves.

  17. Snott VV Rothstein says:

    The fallacious argument that Frank is being smeared by others is without merit, his actions to attach himself to SWR were self-induced through greed or stupidity you make the choice. BTW get his cell number next time you see him at a civic event, SWR had him on speed-dial for his beck and call.

    Below is the bio of the illustrious Frank Adderley, touting such an esteemed highly educated and brilliant individual accomplishments, always at the top of the class. Training including BA, Masters, the FBI Academy, DEA task farce, FBI & DEA’s Executive Leadership programs, not to mention years of on the job training. Hoodwinked by a two-bit attorney. Is it raining?

    Chief Franklin C. Adderley is a native of Fort Lauderdale and the youngest son of Bahamian immigrants, the late George and Frankielee Adderley. Chief Adderley was raised in the Fort Lauderdale’s Northwest Community. He attended Broward County Public Schools and is a 1979 graduate of Stranahan High School. Chief Adderley joined the City of Fort Lauderdale Police Department in October 1980. He was the youngest cadet in the 81st graduating class of the Broward County Police Academy.

    In 1985, Chief Adderley became a Major Narcotics Detective where he worked on the United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Task Force. During this time, he authored 31 court authorized state and federal wiretaps. He was recognized as an expert in the distribution of crack cocaine in federal court, and was named Officer of the Month in February 1986.

    Chief Adderley was promoted to Sergeant in 1993 where he served in Patrol, Street Narcotics Unit, and the Office of Internal Affairs. In 1996, he was one of two supervisors in charge of the Street Narcotics Unit that was responsible for the apprehension of over 2,500 felony suspects without receiving any Internal Affairs complaints.

    In 2000, Chief Adderley was promoted to the rank of Captain where he served in Patrol, the Community Support Division, and the Special Investigations Division. In 2006, Chief Adderley was promoted to the rank of Major making him the first African-American to hold such a rank in the Department’s history.
    Less than a year later, he was promoted to Assistant Chief where he oversaw investigations, which encompassed 164 investigators assigned to the Criminal and Special Investigations Divisions.

    On June 1, 2008, he was appointed as the first African-American Chief of Police in the history of Fort Lauderdale. Chief Adderley oversees a department which includes an annual budget of $100 million, 515 sworn police officers and 190 civilian employees.

    Chief Adderley received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology from Florida Gulf Coast University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Florida International University. He is a graduate of the 206 Session of the FBI National Academy, Graduate of the 52nd Session of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s Drug Commanders Course, Criminal Justice Executive Leadership Program at Florida Atlantic University and a graduate of the 33rd Session of the FBI’s National Executive Institute.

    Chief Adderley is the past President of the Broward County Chiefs of Police Association (BCCPA) and serves on the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Dangerous Narcotics and Drug Committee. He is a member of First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale, a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Sigma Alpha Chapter and his hobbies include golf, tennis and running. He is the proud father of one son.

  18. Anonomyte says:

    No to gun nut whackadoo Fondo and to the former BSO officers under Lamberti.

    And no to Satz. Time for someone new in that job. How old is Satz, 73? Not that I am against senior citizens, but isn’t it time to let someone more youthful, say in the their 40’s or 50’s work for Broward residents?

  19. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    You are honest you believe others are. THIS IS WRONG? The NIGHTCRAWLERS LIKE SNOTT VV ROTHSTEIN are pathetic.