Former GOP Chief Is Back As Candidate




Former Broward GOP Chair Richard De Napoli has resurfaced…as a candidate for state House on Florida’s West Coast.

De Napoli is running in District 74, which includes most of Sarasota County. He immediately received an endorsement from state Rep. George Moriatis, R-Fort Lauderdale.

The seat is currently held by state Rep. Doug Holder, who is term limited out.

“From property insurance to Medicaid and from education to pensions, Florida faces serious challenges that require methodical and thoughtful planning,” said DeNapoli. “I’ve spent my entire career assisting moms, dads, seniors, and working Americans plan for the future. I intend to use that experience to help meet the challenges facing Florida’s future.”

DeNapoli, a lawyer, was treasurer of the Broward Republican Party in 2010 and was elected chair though December 2012, when he chose not to run for re-election after one term.  A Hollywood native, he now lives in Nakomis.

There is one Republican candidate already running for the seat He is Julio Gonzalez, a physician.


Richard DeNapoli and family


6 Responses to “Former GOP Chief Is Back As Candidate”

  1. Ana Gomez-Mallada says:

    Under his leadership, the Republicans dropped to being the 3rd. party in Broward County, behind Independents.

    There were questions regarding the collection and handling of money both during his tenure as Treasurer and as Chairman.

    Complaints flowed to the State Party which took the highly unusual step of sending a team to Broward to interview dozens of people. The verdict: “…weak and ineffectual leadership…”

    One Executive Committee meeting where people were being considered for membership was allowed to devolve into more like an Auto de Fe than a modern meeting.

    Other executive committee meetings were marked by people being ejected, arguments over who can take pictures and other nonsense.

    Imagine what he can do for Sarasota … or even Florida!

  2. Enrique says:

    The Republican party is lost. They have turned their back on minorities, gays, and educated professionals. No one cares about the Republican party, hence that is why we are leaving in droves. The face of the Republican party has been destroyed by the local party, Rick Scott, Anitere Flores, Erik Fresen, Gatez, and Weatherford. They have conspired with the private prisons, Citizens Insurance, FPL, and the phony virtual schools.

  3. David Gobeo says:

    Richard did a tremendous job in Broward through increased organization and fundraising. He modernized and supported local candidates. I’ve never seen someone work so hard for what he believed in. He will serve the state proudly.

  4. Kent Brockman says:

    “ans I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords”

  5. Karen says:

    Richard wored hard all right. He worked really hard at getting himself elected Treasurer. Then getting himself elected – just barely – Chairman. He helped nobody but himself.

  6. BREC MEMBER says:

    @ David, can you kiss your buddies A$$ anymore?! Richard, divided the party and most Republicans lost their elections because of his arrogance. Anyone can raise money and be part of a social club but it’s your leadership that unites us and helps win elections!