Former Commissioner: Julio Gonzalez “Coddled Criminals”


Former City Commissioner Tim Smith of Fort Lauderdale has opinions.

He blasts those opinions across the Internet in one of the better Broward websites — Tim Smith’s Fort Lauderdale.

This weekend Smith charged that when he was previously on the bench, judicial candidate Julio Gonzalez “coddled criminals”.

Gonzalez lost his seat in 2008 and wants it back.

With early voting already underway, having “coddled criminals” is quite a charge.

Smith reprints a dramatic post from four years ago detailing how Gonzalez thwarted efforts to chase criminals and druggies out of a Fort Lauderdale neighborhood.

Interesting story.  It is right here.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez is doing no better with his financial reporting than he has done in the past.  His latest report gives an address for the loan to the campaign as the defunct firm of scamster Scott Rothstein, where Gonzalez worked for a time:

2012   F2       07/10/2012    10,000.00 GONZALEZ, JR. JULIO            401 E. LAS OLAS BLVD., STE. 1650         FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33301                ATTORNEY             LOA                        

18 Responses to “Former Commissioner: Julio Gonzalez “Coddled Criminals””

  1. Tick tock says:


    I wonder how long it will take for Florida Elections Commissioner Babs Stern aka “Lil Judy”, daughter of Julio’s paid campaign manager Judy Stern to come on here and start accusing people of being close to the line of defamation when speaking ill of Former Judge Julio Eduardo Gonsalez.

  2. Broward Lawyer says:

    I have practiced criminal law in Broward County ever day for the last 25 years including 5 as a prosecutor. Anybody that says Julio Gonzalez was soft on crime doesn’t know what they’re talking about. They must be soft in the head.

    Judge Gonzalez was fair but tough. He took nothing for granted. He made the prosecutor do their job. He held defense counsel to high standards. You had to prove your case in his courtroom and he gave defense counsel the chance to defend their clients.

    That is why he was voted the most respected judge in the entire courthouse by lawyers, not just by defense lawyers but prosecutors as well. He is always a gentleman, a gifted lawyer, highly admired for his service on the bench.

    Tim Smith is not a lawyer and has no idea what he’s talking about. Politics may explain his views but let’s also not forget his legendary hatred for homeless people. His opinion means nothing to me because I saw Judge Gonzalez in action and have no doubts about his ability.

  3. A regular guy who votes says:

    Let us remember the only vote that matters is not from some fancy lawyers poll but that of the voters.

    Julio lost big in 2008 despite the love of his fellow attornys, why?

    Because the voters who do not have the opportunities to live in fancy neighborhoods like Broward Lawyer where police give more attenion to crime, know what it is like to be victimized by car and home robberies by vagrants and transients invading their neighborhoods.

    The glaring example you have here is Judge Julio cowtowing to Howard Finkelstein to protect criminals over that of the rest of our comunity.

    I read the recent story on here about Judge Julio’s grandfather who a Judge found guilty of littering or something and Julio claims it is the Judge’s fault because a child was not permitted to be an interpreter. What?

    It is clear this is a pattern with Gonzalez, coddle and make excuses for the bad guys. Maybe that goes over well with upper crust attorneys and Howard Finkelstein but not for the rest of us struggling to get by and have to worry about having what little we have stolen from us.

    I bet Broward Lawyer would not sing the same tune if there were homeless and other transients terrorizing his/her neighborhood. Must be nice to be like Julio and Broward Lawyer to live in fancy neighborhoods where you dont have to deal with the problems of the rest of us.

    As for the rest of us, the silent majority who are tired or coddeling of criminals etc, election day is one place we can make a difference.

  4. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Is Judge Gonzalez homeless? Is this the ultimate Tim Smith “twofer”?

  5. Stern Palm Card says:

    clicked the link to the Tim Smith article, looks like in the comments section the 2012 Team Stern palm card is out…

    Tim Ryan
    State Attorney Candidate Chris Mancini
    Judicial Candidate Melanie Golden
    Judciial Candidate Julio Gonzalez
    Judicial Candidate Mickey Rocque
    Judicial Candidate Ilene Lieberman

    Looks like they forgot State Rep Joe Gibbons (D-JAX/Hallandale)

    I wonder when the Joe Eggelletion palm card is coming out?

  6. Many Holes inThis Story says:

    First, lets get a few things straight:
    1. If the Public Defender was involved, it was a CRIMINAL CASE. That means someone got arrested.
    2. Smith has left out that part of his story that an arrest was made,and probable cause was found PRIOR to the “stay away” order being issued. In a criminal case Julio would ONLY be able to tell a defendant to stay away from a victim (not vice versa, since the judge has no jurisdiction over a victim).
    3. It is apparent that Smith’s neighbor was ARRESTED for something and therefore ended up in front of Julio (and why would he be using the Public Defender? hmmm…)
    4. It is standard procedure that once probable cause has been found that a judge order the accused to stay away from the victim(s) until a more in depth hearing can be held.
    5. It seems as though Julio has done everything right so far in this story.
    6. Smith has left out of his story (seems intentionally) the issue of his neighbor’s arrest, because that would probably undermine his intent to smear a judge.This was cleary not a civil restraining order case, this was a CRIMINAL CASE!
    7. When I first read Smith’s post, I thought Julio just plucked some poor bastard off the street and gave him a restraining order.
    8. What happened at the April 17th hearing? Smith left that part out too.
    9. How did his neighbor’s criminal case turn out? Was it dropped? Did he take it to trial? Did he take a plea?
    10. According to Smith’s logic, a homeless person with a criminal record can never be a victim?
    I am disappointed Buddy, that you did not see all of the holes in Smith’s story from the get-go.
    11. Finally, I am sure that Since Julio’s conduct was soo aggregious Smith contacted the Judicial Qualifications Committee to complain about this outrage Julio perpetrated on his neighbor. How did that turn out?

  7. Tim Smith says:

    Buddy … always enjoyable to check out your blog….thanks, Tim Smith

  8. Loser says:

    I read the blog on Tim Smith’s blog about Julio Gonzalez. First, does Smith know anything about following the law, it’s my belief the guy does not even have a college degree. From what I recall, Gonzalez entered a temporary domestic violence injunction based on the allegations presented under oath by alleged victims and is set for evidentiary hearing within 15 days and when all evidence was received the injunction was dismissed. Buddy you are too good to buy into Smiths BS juice that his small group drinks.

  9. they dont get it says:

    Go out and be critical of the of joe sixpack homeowner who doesnt get to live in the fancy neighborhoods like Weston, Pembroke Pines, Parkland etc. It is easy to come down on the side of transients etc when those nice communities dont have to deal with the blight transients can bring to a community. Keep going on about technicalities of the law, that is going to get a lot of votes. Keep thinking Commissioner Tim has a small group of followers and again you will see again why Julio is a Former Judge. Those fed up with crime and the coddeling of criminals is no small radical group and goes way beyond party lines.

  10. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Any word out of the mind of Chip LaMarca regarding the latest carnage in Wisconsin?

    Hey Chip… Still going with the idea of sikh’s packing some heat?

    BTW, sikh’s aren’t Muslim, but I imagine to you Tea Party fucks, they all look the same.

  11. Loridans1 says:

    There are some real idiots out there. The reason Julio lost in the past election was….Racism. Prejudice. Call it what you want. A woman with zero qualifications saw an opportunity to be a judge. The only thing going for her was a big, fat, Jewish surname. Yep, run that last name against Gonzalez. It’s even easier than running vs. a Black. No need for pictures, just print that Jewish name, loud n’ proud, vs. …an Hispanic!

  12. Dear Chaz says:

    Damn you, I just destroyed another keyboard, spitting out my coffee reading/laughing at another of your posts…

  13. I Get It says:

    I get it, you don’t. Judges must follow the law, not advance wants and needs. Why dont you find out the facts, not the skew. For that you must go to the politicians. If as you call him commissioner Tim (that was 2 or 3 commissioners ago) was so smart and has such a large following we would be calling him mayor tim, county comm tim, gov tim. I know he ran for mayor and lost and applied for county comm and was rejected.

  14. Oh Timmy says:

    Does Timmy Stevens ever express himself without resorting to the profane.
    He is and will always be in the minor leagues, living in his parent’s extra room, and playing on Mom’s computer.

  15. what a pretender says:

    This guy Tim Smith should really pull his head out of his butt and get some fresh air more often. His article was a piece of crud and he is an abrasive little bully. He must need a lot of attention.

  16. Monica says:

    Tim Smith is a royal dipshit and idiot.

  17. what a pretender says:

    He and Chaz can go take a flying jump off a short cliff

  18. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Exactly how high is a short cliff? Are we talking like “curb height”?

    At best, I am thinking I might twist an ankle and/or spill my beverage.