Fondo’s Fumble: Broward Sheriff Candidate’s Night Robo Calls Wake Up Voters






Broward Sheriff candidate Jim Fondo went out of his way to annoy voters last week.

Robo calls promoting Fondo’s campaign have been pouring into Broward homes after 9:30 p.m.

Among those awoken by the calls were 100-year-old Lottie Albert, a beloved Democratic activist. Here is her daughter Doreen Albert’s  Facebook comment:

Doreen Albert

August 11 at 9:52pm ·

 “I just received a robo call from James Fondo, it is 9:50PM, it woke Mom and scared me when the phone rang so late. How many more reasons do I need to vote for Scott Israel?”

The calls continued through this weekend:

Fondo's Fumble
 heard about the robo calls from others.

One woman told that her house received a Fondo robot call that was not only after 10 p.m., but for a registered Republican. This is a total waste of campaign money, since Fondo is running in a closed Democratic primary against incumbent Sheriff Scott Israel.

These calls have been occurring across Broward all week and Fondo has done nothing.

If Jim Fondo can’t manage his own campaign, how can we trust him to do a good job as sheriff?

3 Responses to “Fondo’s Fumble: Broward Sheriff Candidate’s Night Robo Calls Wake Up Voters”

  1. Come on buddy says:

    This move is out of the Roger Stone playbook for winning elementary school elections. What a surprise pro Israel supporters got called and disturbed, lol. Reminds me of that video during Lamberti vs Israel 2 when a young girl claimed to have an affair with then candidate Scott Israel that got blamed on Lamberti. Interesting that upon becoming the top law enforcement official in Broward County, Israel took no steps to find out who that girl was.

  2. Dirty Scott says:

    How do you know it was actually condo?

    FROM BUDDY: is available for Jim Fondo’s side of this seamy story.

  3. young mikey says:

    Finally Sunday was a night we didn’t get interrupted by Fondo. Loser