Update: Foley Says No Comeback After Sex Scandal


Mark Foley,  the Republican poster boy for House scandals, told his radio audience Tuesday night that he will not reenter politics to run for West Palm Beach mayor.

Foley had been publicly considering a run for the mayor’s office.

He announced on his Palm Beach County radio show that “after talking with his partner and family, he had decided it was ‘not the right time to re-enter public life,'” said the Washington Post.

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Palm Beach Post staff writer Andrew Abramson says that former Congressional Bad Boy Mark Foley will announce tonight whether he will run for West Palm Beach mayor.

Mark Foley

Foley was a Republican star in Washington until he was embarrassed and resigned after his sexually explicity messages to congressional pages surfaced.

He served from 1995 to 2006. 

He earlier dropped out of the 2004 race for U. S. Senate.  I had something to do with that.

After the gay media and then the New Times outed Foley for having a long-time sexual relationship with a man,  Sun-Sentinel Managing Editor Sharon Rosenhause ordered me and others to begin looking into Foley.

Sharon Rosenhause


Word that the Sun-Sentinel’s political writer/columnist — me — and other Sun-Sentinel reporters were asking about Foley’s sexual life quickly reached the congressman.  

The truth is that Foley didn’t care about the gay media and the New Times.  He did care if the mainstream media started poking around.

Foley then did a bizarre thing: He called a news conference to denounce the Sun-Sentinel story before it even ran.

“Foley said he called the telephone news conference with selected reporters because he thought the South Florida Sun-Sentinel was preparing to publish an article about the rumors. The Sun-Sentinel was not included in the conference,” the paper wrote at the time.  

The truth is that the Sun-Sentinel was far from publishing anything. Frankly, I doubt whether we would have ever published anything because the Sun-Sentinel was then extremely conservative when it came to sexual matters.

Foley didn’t know that at the time.  All he saw in his mind was big headlines from a major newspaper charging he was bisexual or gay, which would be a killer in the GOP primary.

It was really Foley’s news conference that brought the matter into the light.  Foley quit the race a few months later, blaming his father’s illness.

Now he is thinking of a comeback.

According to Abramson, “some believe Foley could win because of the weak field in 2011 to replace Mayor Lois Frankel, who is termed out.

Read the rest here in the Post.

3 Responses to “Update: Foley Says No Comeback After Sex Scandal”

  1. Chaz Stevens, Author says:

    A comeback after a cum back?

  2. Politico says:

    Bad Chaz!

  3. Chaz needs employment says:

    Foley is a nice guy and I always thought that he represented south Florida well. I wish him well.
    As for Chaz Stevens’ comment above,
    Chaz is his own worst enemy. He is crude and classless. Though, he doesn’t know it, no one takes him seriously about anything. The above post says it all…