Fmr Sheriff Israel Looks Like A Winner


Regardless of what happens in the Florida Senate this month, there is a good chance the next Broward County sheriff will be Scott Israel. 

As The Who sang, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”  

The Senate will consider whether to give Israel his job back following the recommendations of a special master.  Israel was removed from office after accusations that he made mistakes in response to the Parkland and Fort Lauderdale airport mass shootings.

The state Senate this month must ratify the removal, or follow the special master’s recommendations and make Israel sheriff again.  

Whatever senators do, their actions may be meaningless by this time next year.  There is a very good chance that Democratic voters will nominate Israel in the August 18, 2020 primary despite anything the state Senate does. And Democrats almost always win Broward’s countywide elections. 

One reason for Israel’s good fortune is Sheriff Gregory Tony, his chief opponent. 

Tony is simply…underwhelming.

After months in office, Tony has not appreciable warmed to the art of campaigning.  He doesn’t mix well with the hoi polloi. He’s no natural schmoozer, not great at the personal contact and small talk that binds candidates and voters. 

With his Bronx accent, his man-of-the-people demeanor and his endless address book of movers-and-shakers, Israel is a veteran campaigner. 

Tony’s team will try to offset his campaigning shortfall with a massive advertising blitz paid for by Republicans and friends of Gov. Ron DeSantis.  

DeSantis is Tony’s rabbi, his guide, his political BFF. 

The governor lifted Tony from obscurity and placed him in the sheriff’s chair.

But it this same coronation of Tony by the conservative Republican DeSantis that has Democrats steamed. And some other Broward voters, too. 

Bolstered by the special master’s report that he was removed from office without cause, Israel’s team has picked up the partisan theme. 

“(Republican) DeSantis removed our duly elected Democratic choice,” one party activist said recently at a Democratic club meeting.  

Israel got a standing ovation at the same club earlier, while Tony received restrained applause. 

And then there is DeSantis’ recent fund raising letter for President Donald Trump. The solicitation has given Israel’s supporters even more ammunition.

“When I served in Congress, I fought back against the Democrats’ witch hunts every single day… I REFUSED to let them overturn the 2016 election and erase your vote from history….Now that Democrats are officially moving to impeach our duly elected president, my duty to protect him isn’t over” DeSantis wrote.

The governor wrote these words in a fund raising letter for Trump’s impeachment defense fund late last month. It was  outlined by 

So let’s get this straight, Israel supporters say.  

DeSantis believes it is wrong to remove the “duly elected president” Trump from office and “erase your vote.”

But he believes it is right to remove Israel from office and erase the vote of 571,044 Broward voters in 2016.

(Trump won 260,951 votes in Broward, less than half of what Israel won.)

To many Democratic activists, Scott Israel is a victim. 

The victim of a Trump-Loving, conservative Republican governor. 

Israel was tossed from office simply to fulfill a campaign promise that Republican DeSantis made to a group of Parkland parents, Democrats say. 

Maybe that’s true. Maybe not. 

The only story that counts is what voters believe next year. 

So far Democratic activists appear to be leaning towards the former Sheriff Israel. 

Today. This minute. 

Can a flood of advertising for Tony turn voters around? Again, maybe. Anything can change in an instant in politics. 

Just ask Tony. 

On January 11 he was a winner when DeSantis named him sheriff. 

On August 18, 2020, he could become a loser.

It’s highly possible. Stay tuned. 

20 Responses to “Fmr Sheriff Israel Looks Like A Winner”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Not so fast.The full Senate now has to vote.up or down to bring him back.With a Republican controlled House do u really think they would back-to-back stab the Gov.I mean really.It was one opinion to bring Israel back.Don’t bet the rent that he gets his job back..


    Even if the Senate upholds the governor and leaves Israel without his sheriff’s job, he can win it back in next year’s election.

  2. Floridan says:

    I think sheriffs should be appointed by the County Commission. But if we are going to have the people vote for Sheriff (and other elected officers), then there ought to be objective criteria for the removal of those elected officials. It should not be up to one person’s [possibly partisan] subjective opinion.

  3. carolina says:

    This horrible tragedy at Parkland might never have happened if the FBI, who had been notified about the upcoming tragedy on more than one occasion, had only contacted Broward Police. This is never mentioned, though. In my personal opinion- that is where the guilt truly lies. I hope that Sheriff Israel will be re-instated. This was not his fault!

  4. Smashmouth says:

    Ok Buddy we get it, you’re just another hired gun for Israel. I remember when you at least showed some semblance of impartiality in your reporting.

    As a democratic committee person for 8 years in this county I will tell you that an undercurrent of support for Al Pollock has begun to swell. Your failure to mention the other democratic candidates only proves that you are attempting to make this race about two candidates.

    Israel is just a 1.0 version of Tony 2.0. Both are former republicans who switched party’s. Israel very quickly placed a supermajority if his republican friends in the most powerful positions in the agency to the delight of the R’s and the disappointment of the D’s. His only initiatives were to take photo op’s with poor little black boys and girls whose parents need the help to keep them fed. It’s disgusting! If he really cared about them he wouldn’t have taken pictures with them. He would have respected their plight and gave them the dignity they deserved by providing these poor people with anonymity.

    Let’s talk about the special interests who are supporting Israel. The bail industry who only make more money because Israel promised to keep the arrests consistent for them.

    Have you even looked at his donors list? His former command staff personnel, Jamie McDonald, and Spath all of who will benefit more from him being in office.

    Israel is not the answer.


    Al Pollock is a legitimate candidate who deserves a look. I will be doing so in the future. Please remember, however, that Pollock worked for Israel as a commander of the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Israel even promoted him to the third-in-command under him.

  5. Louis says:

    I agree with Floridian to some degree and aspect on all points made. I do disagree with this article in believing or thinking Israel has a shot when you have an actual qualified candidate and from what I’m being told as a voter ALL of the employees want him. That’s Al Pollock. I first met him when he was cleaning Israel up and showing him how to dress for appearances. So if he got Israel to where he was common sense will tell you he’ll beat Israel. And I’ll bet rent on that.

  6. Chad says:

    Israel and tony. Of course Israel will smoke him. Israel and Pollock. Israel loses all day even on Sunday.

    We all agree temporary T shouldn’t even be in the seat. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. But we all have seen what Israel has done. Disaster. We all have watched tony reach his ceiling. Dismal. Now it’s time for someone new to set that ship straight. I don’t either of those narcissistic clowns winning over Pollock. Hence why this article supports Israel. Always has. Even with this crap you write Israel still won’t win. His only chance is over turning the suspension. Finish up his term and get the heck out of dodge. Those cops, firefighters, detention deputies, CPIS investors and civilians won’t select or allow the public to select another outsider. Pollock wins in a landslide. It’s his agency. It’s his time. Sorry but not sorry.

  7. Marily Terezinha Ceccon says:

    So many states had mass shooting… Where the sheriff was accused and attacked??? Just in Florida. I voted for him for his amazing job with the comunity. What a coincidence that he is democrat and the governor is republican, right?
    The criminal is in prision. But what this governor did to Scott Israel is disgusting. They almost destroyed his professional life but funny how the governor fought to keep selling war guns for mental ill and no background check.
    I will vote for Scott Israel again and again. Mass shooting is horrible and im sorry for the victims and victims families, but they need to blame the right people. The killer and the politicians who owe to NRA.

  8. Broward Native says:

    Buddy you clearly remain one of disgraced former Sheriff Israel’s top fans. It is unknown how the full Senate will choose to vote, but Broward voters are fed up! Following the Courthouse escape, rather than take responsibility, Israel blamed the County Commission for lack of funding. Following the Airport shooting Israel chose a “business as usual” attitude rather than take the necessary steps to enable his agency to rise to the challenges they were being faced with. And following Parkland he took his candy and nuts on national television to toot his horn about his “amazing” leadership further embarrassing the county and the agency. Other than passing out free turkey and high paying jobs to his cronies, please explain to us why he should be the chief law enforcement office of Florida’s third largest county.
    How can you expect Tony to fit in with the hoi polli when he doesn’t have the life experience to do so? The guy never achieved a rank higher than sergeant and didn’t complete a career with a small municipal agency. He was a knee jerk pick based on emotion by a political candidate pandering for votes. He clearly has nothing new to bring to the table as he month after month has demonstrated he is using the Israel playbook to run the agency. In due time, the voters will clearly see they have a better choice, and it won’t be either of these clowns.

  9. Randy Fleischer says:

    Scott Israel was elected Sheriff and re-elected as Sheriff of Broward County. He was removed 3 days into the DeSantis administration for political reasons. GUN CONTROL IS THE REAL PROBLEM!!!!!!
    I agree that Scott Israel will be re-elected Sheriff again.
    However, our current Sheriff just appointed Robin Rorapaugh, one of the best political operatives, back in Broward County, to be his Director of Government Affairs. He may not be a campaigner, but he has hired someone who knows how.


    I agree with this comment wholeheartedly.

  10. Haley says:

    Israel is a criminal and there is much that is not known publicly about him. For instance his brutality in the spring break era of fort Lauderdale where he brutalized college kids and locals in that area. He was sadistic and Savage. There w many files that were expunged that should never have been. Otherwise he would have never made Sheriff and his incompetency and neglect of duties would not have contributed to his agencies failure at the airport and in parkland. For those of Us who recall Israel in his early career he was nothing short of a violent brutal corrupt Cop. Using his badge to do whatever the hell he pleased. That has never changed over the years and parkland was just the culmination of his arrogance and narcissitical personality coming by back to bite him where it hurt the most. His well fabricated and false image as some Amazing leader. Narcissist can never admit fault they only double down to protect the mask they wear so covertly hiding their true identity…

  11. Randy the idiot says:

    Name a race since 2000 she has won, she was put out to pasture in Broward and losing with Aaronson to Bogen and Julie Harris judicial race.

  12. Rightwinger says:

    Not sure he looks like a winner. This pic looks at least 10 yrs old. At least all of his cronies are gone. And the community service is back at the districts as it always was. It’s each Chief and his staff that should represent their communities. Not bunch of political hacks. We can’t forget 85% vote of no confidence in 2018. If all the civilian employees could vote who knows. New Sheriff has made many new improvements. Like School safety, new training implementation. Also a new training center for late 2020. More than the 3 rooms seating 20 persons. Vision is what Sheriff Tony has. Wake up Broward. And the power couple is finally gone.

  13. right wing says:

    Israel may very well be re-elected in 2020. but he will have much less respect from the agency.what will become of those promoted under sheriff tony. he needs time to make the changes he feels are necessary. he just can’t replace line staff en masse. it can’t be done.i know he does have his support and he deserves a chance instead the constant daily harassment in various social media sites.the county commissioners appointing the sheriff would be a colossal blunder from that group of misfits.

  14. Just Saying says:

    Let me get this right about the political hires by Sheriff Tony. Tony’s campaign manager is Ashley Walker, who ran Louie Granteed’s disastrous primary run vs Israel in 2012 (Israel won 2-1) … and then he hires Robin Rohrapaugh to beef up his internal team, and Robin was the one who ran Wiley Thompson’s losing race (3rd place – 21%) for sheriff against Israel in the 2008 primary. Pretty sure Israel is laughing over both of those hires.

  15. Kevin Bolling says:

    Isreal needs to apologize, to his Retired Deputy Scott Peterson. Isreal cornered a Deputy and forced his retirement. 7 days after the MSD Event. Ten days after the event he sent a letter to the Governor, that stated that his Deputy was the only one with a gun.
    FDLE states that there were 11 guys with guns
    (two agencies) and no one on the scene knew where the POS was. I would love to sit down with you.

  16. Temporary T's Phone In Campaign says:

    @Just Saying #14

    And wasn’t it Ashley Walker and crew who were helping Parkland parent Ryan Petty’s disaster of a school board campaign as well? Their great strategy of having him run countywide instead of in District 4, right? Then they ghost him when things started getting difficult.

    Genius move having the male Republican run county-wide for school board instead of up in D4, which would have elected any Parkland parent after MSD, and then have Lori Alhadeff (a democrat female) run countywide in a real competitive race for school board.

    Scotty Israel and gang must be laughing their asses off at Temporary T’s political strategists.

  17. sick of politics says:

    Israel I hope not, he is a politician and media whore, Parkland Shootings FLL airport shootings, he couldn’t get enough TV coverage, watching him his words were empty no soul no leadership.

    Enough already he is a good schmoozer and that’s all, he is more a Schnorrer . We need a quality person running BSO not a politician.

    Go to the airport the BSO has a bunch of fat slobs that have the most miserable looks on their faces hate being there, they should go.
    They are Israel appointees for political favors, not law enforcement.

    Sadly the Dems its all they have is back scratchers .

    Broward cowards leader should never be in that position again, he is not a solid citizen in any way. We need better choices Israel is the worst one.

  18. Me says:

    If you support Israel being reinstated then you’re a Fuc*^ng IDIOT

  19. Rightwinger says:

    Me says, your are right on. Scottie and his entourage will have to keep their summer jobs. There is a new change here at the castle. Staff walking around with their heads up today. Get ready for August. 2020.

  20. David L. Rosenthal says:

    Scott Israel is a serial felon, a public menace, and an outlaw. He should be prosecuted.


    Please note that David L. Rosenthal is collecting money for his sheriff’s candidacy.

    Also note, Scott Israel is not a felon. The definition of felon is a person convicted of a felony. Scott Israel has never been convicted of a felony.