Floriduh: Scott Rothstein Still A Registered Voter



Ponzi scamster Scott Rothstein is in a federal prison, but that wouldn’t stop him from voting.

Rothstein remains a registered voter in Broward County.

“We can’t remove anybody from the voters’ rolls,” Mary Cooney, spokesman for the Broward Elections Office said.

She said that eventually the Elections Office would be notified by Tallahassee to remove Rothstein’s name because he had been convicted of a felony.

“The felon’s list comes from them,” she said.

Civic activist Andrew Ladanowski  found that Rothstein was still a voter and forwarded the information to Browardbeat.com and the Sun-Sentinel’s Anthony Man.

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5 Responses to “Floriduh: Scott Rothstein Still A Registered Voter”

  1. Alice McGill says:

    He will probably manage to vote in the election in Dania Beach in November. Lots of hanky panky with voting goes on there. Wouldn’t be a surprise at all. Felons vote, dead people vote, and blind people have there absentee ballots filled out by someone they do not know. Dania Beach is a hotbed of voter fraud.

  2. Sto says:

    He can always get an absentee ballot as he is decidedly out of town

  3. Señor Censor says:

    Frank Adderley is still the chief, Fort Lauderdale police officers & command staff still have not returned the stolen money they received {$394,000.00 plus tips}. Corruption… depends on your moral compass.

  4. just wondering says:

    what about dianne wasserman rubin, hubby richard rubin, joe egg, beverly gallagher, salesman (from miramar), etc., etc.? still all on the voter rolls I’ll bet

    hey Chaz – who did I leave out?
    Buddy –
    thank you for real news and viewpoints for citizens

  5. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    See what I mean. My voting rights taken away from me and now I have to wait almost ten years to get it back. Hell no. This is a perfect example of the gross management down @ that elections office. I mean this is a disgrace. Change is coming folks…….