Flip Flopper McCain Sacrifices Blacks, Gays & Immigrants

Guest Columnist

I cannot think of too many politicians whose record showed the day-to-day physical courage of John McCain, R-Az, when he was a POW in Viet Nam. 

He endured years of torture without a wimp.

He declined opportunities to leave early because he knew the offers were predicated on a propaganda ploy.  His father was a Navy Admiral.
All this makes it even sadder that McCain has regularly shown he is a political wimp who will flip-flop to promote his political ambition.

And this is a guy who ran for president!?!
In 2000 he stood with the scions of slavery and segregation when he announced his support for flying the Confederate flag at the South Carolina capital.  It was no coincidence that this occurred during that state’s Presidential Primary.  He later apologizedafter the election.
This year, caught in a tough reelection primary where anti-immigration fever gripped Republican diehards, he denounced the same immigration reform bill that he had voted for in 2008.
He is now leading the charge to block the Defense Appropriation Bill because it gives the President and the DOD Secretary the authority to lift Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell after a long-awaited study is released in December. 
Previously he had told Log Cabin Republicans that he was with them.
Apparently sacrificing Blacks, gays and Mexicans on his cross of political expediency is no big whoop for McCain. 
He just didn’t notice that his integrity went with the package.

19 Responses to “Flip Flopper McCain Sacrifices Blacks, Gays & Immigrants”

  1. Whoa Whoa Tea Party Man says:

    Now Sam gets it. We have been preaching for a year that “Republicans” like McCain were RINOs. It is guys like him with no fixed philosophy that has driven many voters like me into sympathizing with the Tea Party aims.

  2. Rastas says:

    Right on, senator: It is not the responsibility of the U.S. taxpayer, who has generously paid for the public education of illegal immigrants’ children, to underwrite their college and post-graduate studies as well.

  3. Thunder says:

    McCain is finally getting in step with a majority of the Arizona voters. But who knows what he really believes. He is a politician.

  4. James says:

    Being no real McCain fan (How could I after Palin?), I am humored by those republicans who call other republicans “Rinos.” Guess what Tea Partiers, we live in a very fragmented society. It’s simply a bi-product of a democracy. We have conservative republicans, liberal republicans, moderate republicans, liberal democrats, conservative democrats, moderate democrats,and a whole bunch of independents. Your “Tea Party” moniker is just a screwy way to try and relabel right wing nut buffoonery.You fool nobody. America is still a two party political system and always will be.

  5. Bob Adams says:

    John McCain’s main strength appears to be the weakness of his principles! But what do you expect from the Dr. Frankenstein that created today’s monster that is Sarah Palin??

  6. Floridan says:

    Rastas, guess what? In Florida even illegal immigrants pay taxes for their kids education. They pay sales tax on their purchases, and they pay property taxes on their housing (either directly if they own, or indirectly if they rent).

    If nothing else, you rightwingers are consistent — always look for the bitter, mean-spirited action, even if it doesn’t solve any part of the problem.

  7. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    What is the hurry to pass DADT-I mean let the service members decide this issue-They are the ones that have to work w/ with these guys and gals. again let the service members have a ballot or whatever suggestion box anything they want to voice there concerns. i think this should not be decided by some Senator or Congressman ,but from the ranks themselves. if they say all sped ahead then fine if they oppose, then its opposed. To many Suits making this call,let the Suits go in the trenches ,get shot at, etc. again let the Military personnal make this call.

  8. Rastas says:

    If nothing else, you rightwingers are consistent — always look for the bitter, mean-spirited action, even if it doesn’t solve any part of the problem.

    Dan, sorry brother, but no political party or faction has a monopoly on compassion. I’m compassionate too…for the many, many immigrants who have chosen to play the game by the rules, for our fellow Americans whose children would have to forfeit their college seats to admit the children of illegals (fess up now, Dan—you hadn’t thought of who was going to lose out if yet another favor was granted to the illegals, did you?) If we do things the way you want, Dan, the losers would be the very people our system is supposed to reward: those who obey the law, American- and foreign-born alike. How many of their children do you propose expelling from college to accommodate the offspring of people who have no right to be in our country? And what exactly would you tell these unfortunates about why they were being sent back home to their families?

  9. watcher says:

    how stupid and mean to make these children state-less and send them to countries that they dont know for the acts of their parents ..as if this country doesnt have enough enemies. these kids are educated and by all indications love this country and are willing to serve it….the right wing is so hung up on the purity of its philosophy that it has become simply mean and stupid

  10. Floridan says:

    Rastas, I see in your response you change the subject from taxpayers “underwrit[ing] the college and post-graduate studies” for the children of illegal immigrants, to the prospect of some native-born or naturalized kids being denied entrance to college.

    Right now, this is not a problem in Florida — there is excess capacity in the state’s higher education system (although not everyone can get into the school of his or her first choice). Now this may change is the state keeps cutting back on funding for higher education, a distinct possibilty given the “cut taxes first” attitude of our legislators. Adequately fund our universities and colleges and this potential problem goes away.

    Beyond that, I would imagine that most of the “illegal” kids we are discussing did not come to the United States on their own. Most probably came as young children and have grown up in America, attending public schools, playing youth sports and shopping at the malls. They are overwhelmingly American and should not be punished for the transgressions of their parents.

    Finally, why would you want to deny a kid who is otherwise qualified and opportunity to acquire a college education? An educated workforce is economically beneficial to our state and nation.

  11. Rastas says:

    Rastas, I see in your response you change the subject from taxpayers “underwrit[ing] the college and post-graduate studies” for the children of illegal immigrants, to the prospect of some native-born or naturalized kids being denied entrance to college.

    Actually, Dan, I was only following your changing of the subject: to how supposedly compassion is the monopoly of one political camp, i.e. yours. Are you dropping that claim now?
    As for the financial argument you make, any number of surveys show the enomous financial burden that illegal immigrants place on native Americans and legal immigrant taxpayers….if you don’t believe me, you might call one of the local hospital districts and see how you and I are subsidizing the medical care given to illegals for free. If we have excess capacity in our colleges, why not grant preferential in-state tuition rates to the children of legal immigrants and Americans who live in the other 49 states, and reward them for respecting the laws of our country? That would seem to me to be pretty danged compassionate.

  12. disenchanted says:

    dont we all love that catchy phrase MEAN SPIRITED seems like its used whenever someone feels they are not getting something for nothing. new math i guess. bah humbug……..

  13. watcher says:

    disenchanted…the “greatest country ever”,,,should not be assholes

  14. Floridan says:

    Rastas, you are right; neither camp has a monopoly on compassion.

    It just seems like the right restricts its compassion to the haves, while the left has compassion for the have-nots.

  15. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Florida. Don’t fall for the misguided notion that the left care about the have-nots. They view them as their voting blocks. The more have-nots they create and the more they keep as have-nots the better for them. It’s about votes. Their intent to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants is solely for the purpose of creating more votes.

  16. watcher says:

    the right cares for the poor …when they can deduct it

  17. Floridan says:

    What Would Reagan Do?, Since illegal immigrant can’t vote, tnere is no advantage in catering to them, if all you are concerned with is votes.

    Of course, if all your information comes from Glenn Beck, I can see why you woud think this way.

  18. Rastas says:

    What Would Reagan Do?

    We know because he did it: Reagan granted mass amnesty to millions of illegals, failed to deliver the promised crackdown against allowing new illegals in, and set the stage for today’s chaos.

  19. What Would Reagan Do? says:

    Who’s talking about illegal immigrants? The topic was have nots as in have no money and power, not have no brains as in Rasta and Floridian). If you are interested in the truth Reagan instituted amnesty after the Dems promised comprehensive immigration reform just like they promised big spending cuts if Reagan agreed to a tax hike. Reagan held up his end of the agreement and Dems delivered neither. Lay off the ganga Rasta. It’s shrinking your already miniscule brain.